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Thanks, Aaron, for setting the record straight and thanks, Jenn for writing this article. Between the two, the whole picture comes closer to being in focus.
The 67-year-old Seattle music institution I work for, Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras, is working with Seattle Public Schools to change things so that more kids have access to instrumental music. As a student of Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian percussion and a bass player in many different types of bands, I want to see kids have access to all kinds of music. Working for a youth symphony organization, even one with four orchestras working with kids at different skill levels, it has become brutally clear that this is an expensive art form. To successfully audition for our orchestras, kids almost have to have had private lessons. By providing free group lessons in partnership with the classroom teachers in schools serving low-income communities (the District has instruments to loan to kids whose parents can't afford to buy or rent them, although not enough), buy augmenting those lessons with before and afterschool sessions, and by trying to be systematic about the whole thing so that something remains if the grant money runs out; we're trying to level the playing field a bit.
In Portland, I'm told that the PTSA's pool their money so it can be equitably distributed around the city. It may take something like that to improve the situation in a big way here in Seattle. I don't see how the District how can increase the budget for the arts any time soon.