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Apr 7 Mike Silva commented on When Will Christine Gregoire, Rob McKenna, Pete Holmes, and the Shits on the City Council Apologize to Mike McGinn?.
Never. Because Seattle, like the rest of present day America is a hotbed of elite failure, where accountability is only for the poors, and you never have to say sorry, so long as you soldier on smugly spinningly wrong.
Jun 26, 2013 Mike Silva commented on Is It Really So Awful to Imagine the Death of Conservative Supreme Court Justices?.
Yah, sorry about Scalia. When I was at Berkeley working in the law library as an undergrad he came in to preside over moot. Boalt always seemed to get a Supreme.

Anyhow, enter me, late to a final lecture before the end of semester, clocking out, bursting through the library entrance, and about to bound down the multi-story not-so-grand spiral staircase. Then someone back at the main desk called after me. I looked back to yell I'd see them tomorrow, while still running forward toward the stairs, only to quickly turn around to see that I was about to barrel straight into a portly man, with a taller skinnier man behind him.

He'd apparently not been paying attention either, judging by his gaping eyes as he turned his head around and our eyes met…about 6 inches apart. We both grabbed on to each other, and launched down several stairs, with him underneath me.

I got up, utterly embarrassed and apologizing profusely.

Then I noticed the strangely official lapel pin on the skinny man, who was trying to help both of us up, but mostly the fat guy. Hmm… Only to start to realize, hey, there's something familiar about this fat guy.

Then it hit little liberal Berkeley me like a ton of bricks. Holy fuck. I'd just surfed Scalia. With a Democrat in the White House. (Cliinton. 1995ish.) And I hadn't killed him. What the fuck? What the fuck was wrong with me missing that kind of opportunity!

Dear America, Women and their Vaginas, Brown People, Al Gore, and all that is Right and True, I apologize for not realizing sooner who he was as we slide-bounced down the stairs, and maybe just pushing down on his head a little or something.

As for the fat fuck. He was pleasant enough to me. He also apologized profusely for not looking where he was going, asked if I was OK, and tried to reassure me that he was all right. But true to form, it didn't seem like he was so worried about my well being per se, more that he was worried that I would be mortified that I had careened into his oh so magisterial self. What Conservatives call empathy really does always come back to being about them.

I do think back from time to time on it and what-if. Scalia toast in 1995. How great would that have been?
Jan 1, 2013 Mike Silva commented on Congress Is Broken. So Let's Make it Bigger.
I've been arguing for this solution for about 20 years. Glad to see it catching on. The founders were sorta smart and thoughtful people. Not perfect, but pretty damn good. They had small House districts for a reason. And it wasn't just because the US population was less.
Jul 7, 2012 Mike Silva joined My Stranger Face
Jun 8, 2012 Mike Silva commented on Elderly Woman Hit By Car Inside the Striped Crosswalk.
See? SPD writting up jaywalkers really does protect pedestrians from accidents, where cars are at fault a majority of the time. Just like violating minorities' civil rights leads to less crime and a willingness of minorities to come forward as witnesses.

Oh, wait.

Stil, DOJ leave SPD aloooooooone!
Jun 7, 2012 Mike Silva joined My Stranger Face
May 30, 2012 Mike Silva commented on More Shootings: Three Dead and Two Critically Injured at Cafe Racer, One Killed in Separate Shooting Near Town Hall, Photo of One Suspect Released.
@122 According to who's moral code?

None that conservatives honor. They use the shock doctrine to grab power, avoid accountability, and dodge reform.

Our police force is arguably a conservative organization. I don't discount the tragedy and pain for the families involved today one bit. I merely point out that there can be an agenda in the messaging around these things.

What I will admit to discounting is the need of some people in these comments to appropriate the victimhood of other people...and get suckered in the process. Were you not alive for the past 10 years? You can feel for other people and still ask questions. An inability to do so is not the moral high ground, it's an intellectual deficiency.

None of these people have offered a convincing argument how SPDs Twitter post was particularly effective at keeping anyone safe, though they bleat on about me being an asshole. The closest we've gotten is @85, but @85 attributes a straw man argument to me.

To @85, I've not said that police forces are useless. Quite the contrary, I want it to be useful while obeying the law in the performance of its duties. Further, yes, actually police can be expected to go around with a bullhorn telling people to stay indoors. It's pretty routine stuff when someone is loose in a specific area, even if their exact location is not known. And saying that does not mean that I'm not sorry that you are being inconvenienced...even, or that I am not happy you are safe.

@79 has suggested that friends called friends in the area. That's great, but not a conclusive argument that the call actually did anything more than what the police in the area already could do. Guess what. The police in the area had already locked down Roosevelt. The parents with children there weren't going to get anywhere near if they tried. Because the police there were actually doing their job. Am I full of shit? Or are you full of stupid? Being belligerent while being wrong doesn't make you right. Take your outrage and shove it.

It's pretty obviously the local media is loving the 'shooting rampage' headline. (It helps that white people are getting shot in these incidents, rather than blacks. That's not hyperbole. Again, see Westneat's column on what other shooting stories have happened lately and not made headlines.) Ditto for the SPD who will find it useful. Yes, we are having a blip of shootings (which would probably be less likely to be a problem in the first place if we had stricter gun control laws), but @103 makes a good point about statistics. The blip is horrible and happening, but this statistical anomaly doesn't mean we are in the midst of a persistent trend. Could be. But could just as easily not be. None of us know. Though the people prone to hysteria will pretend like they do.

Oh, and one way it could become an established trend is when sickos see headlines and want the same attention. So good job hysterics. By eating up the news and appropriating other people's pain, you are probably making it more likely to happen again. Bravo. But hey, if it makes you feel better to shout me down, keep going.

May 30, 2012 Mike Silva commented on More Shootings: Police Warn Seattleites to "Stay Out" of Active Scene on Roosevelt Way, Say There Are Two Dead at Cafe Racer, Report Second Shooting Near Town Hall With One Dead.
@78 Good point, but you are likely to be attacked by hysterics for trying to impart any bit of context into the discussion. The mob is drunk and thirsty for more outrage.
May 30, 2012 Mike Silva commented on More Shootings: Police Warn Seattleites to "Stay Out" of Active Scene on Roosevelt Way, Say There Are Two Dead at Cafe Racer, Report Second Shooting Near Town Hall With One Dead.
@66 Yes, just like how you " feel" that what I say is a conspiracy theory. Only problem being I support what I say with an argument, and you apparently don't read, or argue, but just say "bullshit" and keep feeling. Hint: you are not the reasonable or reasoned one.
May 30, 2012 Mike Silva commented on More Shootings: Police Warn Seattleites to "Stay Out" of Active Scene on Roosevelt Way, Say There Are Two Dead at Cafe Racer, Report Second Shooting Near Town Hall With One Dead.
@60 I'm not full of shit. When you clean up your little yellow puddle, read @55 then feel free to make an argument.

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