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Feb 1, 2011 efgonzalez commented on Barbara Bush—George Bush's Daughter—Supports Marriage Equality!.
- I love Dan's post about this, because I was having the same thought in my head. I agree with @18 when he/she says that every little bit of support helps in the changing of public perception. Voices of dissent have their impact, though admittedly Barbara jr.'s voice isn't that important to many conservative voters.

What I have issue with is this whole idea that gay equality needs to be more "mainstream". As a gay man of color I am usually hesitant of any desire of going mainstream, because that often means buying into usually white, heteronormative, hegemonically masculine, judeo-christian bullshit of what constitues a loving or legitimate relationship. It also often means leaving behind people who do not fit into the mainstream mold, such as our transgendered brothers and sisters, femmes, butch dykes, queer people of color and poly's and bi's, etc. Equality should be about accepting a person as a fellow HUMAN BEING, not about having them conform to what someone decides is mainstream or acceptable.