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I have to disagree on the not having a destination wedding. Family from two different states. You have to pick one, right? So one family has to travel and the other doesn't. Make 'em all travel. We got married in Hawaii and it was awesome. We also had a reception in both states for those who couldn't go. Vacationing en masse with 20 family members and friends was absolutely unforgettable. I highly recommend it! And we videoed the ceremony for those who had any desire to see it. :D
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I doubt the letter writer will read this comment way down here, but I see no one else has suggested this and I know a lot of people don't know about it. There is a birth control option available at Walgreen's called VCF - Vaginal Contraceptive Film. It's on the shelf with the condoms. Insert it 20 minutes before go-time and voila. No smell, no mess. It's a miracle. Been using it for 7 years and no accidents.
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FAP - I agree with Azul - try weed. It's really awesome at letting you really feel everything going on and it's quite erotic. I hope you get there!
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Dan - you might add the address of the governor's mansion in your request for donations to Planned Parenthood in Indiana so people can make donations and have him notified that they are in his honor.

Mitch "Jackass" Daniels
4750 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208
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@44 - Why are you scanning the comments looking for Palin references? Seriously? Get a life.

NSNA - try some weed. You may find your libido is more alive than you think.

And for the record - Palin is a moron - the reason she gets talked about so much is because our corporate media won't let us forget about her. Her and her one-way communication style should be enough to make her irrelevant, but the 32%ers out there are just in lurve. Ugggh.