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Feb 4, 2011 dumbscreenname joined My Stranger Face
Feb 4, 2011 dumbscreenname commented on "Reject the cynical tactics of the ACLU of Washington.".
The ACLU is a positive force in defending the rights of all people, including Rush Limbaugh, because they value the rights of all. What the ACLU has attacked your bill on, and which you have not addressed is, what happened to Due Process. The Federal Constitution requires that Due Process be provided before rights are infringed, but your proposed new law would eliminate the need to have an actual trial before infringing rights. Instead you wish to create a class of citizens who are not entitled to legal representation before having their 1st and 4th amendment rights infringed. The difference between Gov. Gregoire's amendment to the state constitution and your current bill, is that one is constitutional, and the other violates Due Process. Bad law cannot be justified by it's purpose, because it can and will be challenged in the courts and overturned. This bill will cost the state millions in legal fees, when everyone but the A.G. knows it is wrong.