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Mar 15, 2014 MaxtheCommunist commented on Gaydolph Hitler, World's Most Notorious Bi-Phobe, Helps Out a Young Bisexual.
@Totally Gay for Bad Man Name Queering--I am appalled to say that I just saw your little comment today. Tell me, have you seen the picture of the first official bisexual meeting that took place at the White House this past year (late fall)? Please say yes. It is on my FB page--posted there months ago. Will have to refresh for all our delectation.
Mar 15, 2014 MaxtheCommunist commented on There Is No Morality Without Religion.
Being a Nichiren Buddhist, I am only somewhat aware of the founding of that school of Buddhism during the Kamakura period in 13th century CE Japan--an extremely violent and destabilizing period for the feudal Japanese. Basically, there were many schools of Buddhism and each school had its religiously motivated political agenda and its own political connections tied in with the political power plays of the times. No separation of church and state, or rather Buddhist school and state. Even Nichiren attempted a state solution promoting his school over all others--and he suffered greatly for it. Google "nicheren and isle of sado". Basically, he was an asshole about everyone just following the Lotus Sutra above all other Buddhist sutras. Now, I say that with love and appreciation. Am I not one of the faithful? And I had the good fortune of running into a gay Baptist seminarian who talked with me a little bit about Nichiren and the Kamakura period. I described Nichiren to him as a reformer in his times. And he said, "So, he sort of sounds like Luther." "Yes," I replied, "He was very much like Luther." "Oh, said the gay Baptist seminarian, "he must have been a huge asshole." Indeed--now Google "luther reformation/counter-reformation." In any case, put politics and religion together and you get terrorists bombing the name of Buddha, Allah, Mithras, Jesus, Thor, Loki, etc., etc., etc.
Mar 14, 2014 MaxtheCommunist commented on Gaydolph Hitler, World's Most Notorious Bi-Phobe, Helps Out a Young Bisexual.
"Ms Listerud--So, finally, someone on your team claims Mr Savage. What took you so long?"

Speaking for myself, vennominon, I am a most intermittent reader of Mr. Savage's work. And I'm an old school bisexual, out since 1986 to all friends and immediate family and out in every workplace (except a couple more extreme places--from which I hastily moved on!). So, I recall the days when Dan said vagina was so unappealing because it reminded him of a split open can of ham. And he also snarked that his column could encourage lots of fellatio among everyone, but never cunnilingus. Plus, then as now, he says a lot of unpleasant, biphobic things. Not to be rehearsed here. Like I said, I'm not a consistent reader of his work and I am uncertain whether he'd take my suggestions as to this or that statement being biphobic.

But nevermind. Above all, we must not jump the gun here. I have submitted a little bisexual tease for Mr. Savage's delectation. He has not actually said, "I used to detest the vaj. Now, I not only dip my dick, I dive face first into one." Yes, it's usually sweeping statements like that catch my attention. I was amused by Gaydolph though, that milkshake brought me to the yard.

Finally, as far as "claiming" goes, I'm not sure he would want to belong to any bisexual/pansexual community. I can't claim someone who doesn't want to belong in the first place. I will say this, though--had a little conversation with Faith Cheltenham, president of BiNet USA, who was interested in having this poem posted at HuffPo. She told me Mr. Savage might be interested in joining because he might be experiencing some shut-out from the more conservative proponents of the gay marriage crowd. I hardly know. It's all wild speculation to me.
Mar 13, 2014 MaxtheCommunist commented on Gaydolph Hitler, World's Most Notorious Bi-Phobe, Helps Out a Young Bisexual.
TO: Mr. Daniel Savage, Esq.
FROM: Ms. Paige Listerud, aka Max the Communist

Dear Sir,

Having caught my brief attention
There is something I must mention.
Are you dipping, dabbling, lapping,
In fine pussy while you’re babbling
‘Bout its wetness getting wetter,
Schooling it to ejac better?
Sir, if sir you wish I call you,
Bisexual teasing might Uhaul you
To the ancient Pan’s dark lair
Or . . . might I go and find you there?
Acting out, bi-furious fop, spanking
Bis until they stop—what? Hiding?
Are you pranking?

Ha-ha! I see your guise quite queerly.
Gaydolph Hitler, quitting early
Taking time to switch his clothes
Into Gaydolph’s red, red hose,
Reindeer riding bucks or does or
Hybrid critters in curious clothes.
Spreading wide your former stand—
Ruining John Aravosis’ brand.
Oh, Danny Boy, all is forgotten
Though my heart was broken often
BI I came out in ’86—
Scurrying crazily to pick up sticks
Of anything that could help me
Make it better. Much would whelp me.

Cuts unkind from gay and straight
This catholic novice faced the hate
And bore your terrible mistakes.
Marched BI in every Pride Parade
With insults hurled from every side.
Were they bolstered by your pride
That cut me deep and made me feral?
Fuck biphobics! Give ‘em both barrels!!
Shock any mono in the face that
Dares to make me feel disgrace.

Well, peace. If you are truly sorry,
Paige shall forgive and leave all worry.
Let new Dan rise and say the name
He has elected—Pan the Savage Resurrected?
And though I will not kiss your ring
Oestre hymns merrily shall I sing.

Jan 8, 2012 MaxtheCommunist commented on Do New Hampshire's Bigots Know That Bisexuals Can Legally Marry In All 50 States?.
The religious right may want all bisexual men and women married off in opposite-sex marriages, but they don't necessarily want those bisexuals out of the closet and marching in Pride Parades--both to promote their own visibility and to show support for the LGBTQ in general. Whenever we can, we're glad to disappoint them in that way and we encourage more bis to come out, no matter what the relationship they're in, to freak their shit out some more.

As for me, I know quite a few bisexuals married to/in LTR with same-sex, trans, and genderqueer partners. We all need marriage equality but let's just say that those bis, along with lesbians and gay men, are in the most immediate need of marriage equality.

So the religious right wants to use images of out bisexuals, BDSM folks, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and other gender variant hotties against the whole LGBTQ. Allow same-sex marriage and you unleash the tide of pansexual pandemonium. Surprise, surprise--nothing new about that hyperbolic strategy.

The thing is, how does the creator of the above collage know with absolute certainty that the people on the left side of the photo aren't bisexual? The husband, the wife, the kids could all be bi/pansexual. Let's put some bi symbols on their t-shirts. That should start a sex panic.
Jan 8, 2012 MaxtheCommunist commented on Letter from a Bisexual Plunged into "Invisible Darkness".
Hmmm . . . interesting that a bi-identified person would not find language like "same-sex marriage" inclusive. Bi the way, just so you know, for the last few year bi activists like Sheela Lambert, founder of the Bi Writers Association, have been pushing for the media and public officials to get away from the language of "gay marriage" and use "same-sex marriage" instead, so that bisexuals would be more aptly included in the movement for marriage equality and not erased.

So I guess, Shaunita, that you can blame bisexual activists for the language that the governor uses. I suppose you think bi activists have not gone far enough? Frankly, the issue of bi visibility is fraught with all kinds of semantic pitfalls, sometimes without any conscious intent. In my opinion, "marriage equality" is a great statement--by implication, it includes gender variance more than "same-sex marriage"--but I still don't think that in all cases it makes gender variant bisexuals significantly more visible. Something to work on.
Jun 26, 2011 MaxtheCommunist commented on Bisexuals.
Dan very badly wants his bisexual critics to acknowledge that many gay men and lesbians come out as bisexual first, then transition to gay and lesbian identities.

He seems to have no knowledge/recognition of people who come out as gay/lesbian first, then transition to bisexual, pansexual, or queer identities. Maybe he doesn't see or hear it happen because he hangs with his own gay clique--but those kind of coming out stories are pretty common in the bi community. It goes both ways, Dan.

Then there are those who engage in breeder sex after they come out gay/lesbian and they still identify as gay/lesbian. Who knows why--maybe the sexual attraction is there but not the emotional/romantic element. Or maybe the stigma of making their fluid sexuality visible through using another identity is too scary and complicated for them. Maybe dealing with the biphobia of the gay community, on top of the homophobia of the straight community, is just too darn much. So they shut up about it. Certainly, gay identified men who engage in a bit of breeder sex are not going to tell any biphobic gay friend like Dan about their feelings, because they already know how Dan feels about bisexuals. And they probably also know that Dan thinks pussy is gross--like a split open can of ham.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was no more fear and shame over who was fucking who? Wasn't that the original intention of Gay Liberation? Wouldn't it be great if gays, lesbians and bisexuals could share their stories with each other, to realize our diversity but also help each other get over the fear and shame? And then we could all take some time to listen to transgender and genderqueer people and learn from their struggles. We could finally stop fearing each other. And we could develop really enlightened leaders and spokespersons for the LGBTQ.

Then things would really get better.
Feb 5, 2011 MaxtheCommunist commented on Bisexual Reluctant to Date Bisexuals.
Bi the way, Dan, you are a "genocidal biphobic monster asshole bigot asshole monster"--because that's your schtick.
Feb 5, 2011 MaxtheCommunist joined My Stranger Face
Feb 5, 2011 MaxtheCommunist commented on Bisexual Reluctant to Date Bisexuals.
I'm a bisexual woman and I would definitely date a bi guy. The bi guys I meet tend to be the politically active ones because I'm politically active. If a bi guy marches in the streets fighting for marriage equality, ENDA, the repeal of DOMA, hate crimes against LGBTQ, etc., chances are he is pretty secure with his sexual identity and has had enough sexual experience to tell where he is on the Kinsey scale.

Plus, it's great to be with someone you don't have to explain yourself to. And he might be more open to the idea of polyamory or open relationships--or at least discussing the subject.