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Oct 29, 2014 danelaw commented on Savage Love.
There's "other girl ass history" on that belt and he gets off on wearing it. Tell him the "other girl ass history" belt is not a welcome shared experience. Don't wear it around you. If he can't deal, then find some dudes to fingerbang you with a comfortable pair of gloves and carry those everywhere. DTMFA.
Jul 24, 2014 danelaw commented on Guest Editorial: Parks Should Serve Everyone, so Vote "For" Seattle's Proposition 1.
"La Cosa Nostra Park Authority" - I love this country!
Apr 26, 2014 danelaw commented on The Majority-Backed Minimum Wage Plan Obtained by The Stranger.
Foresee 7-year raise freezes for minimum wage employees "Yer gettin yer dollar a year, so shaddup!"
Nov 7, 2013 danelaw commented on Sawant Says She Could Still Win.
@20 How many Democrats voted for Sawant? Answer: "Mostly"
Oct 17, 2013 danelaw commented on Pro-Murray PAC Uses Battered Women as Pawns in Deceptive Smear Campaign.
@29 $63,000 is a big purse for 'a community advocate who was simply trying to stay out of the mayoral race politics game.'
Oct 11, 2013 danelaw commented on Conlin's Inept Smear Campaign Is as Stupid as It Is Dishonest.
@67 Log House Republicans called. They want their troll back.
Oct 11, 2013 danelaw commented on Conlin's Inept Smear Campaign Is as Stupid as It Is Dishonest.
@53 "Publicoloa" Public aloha. Goodbye Publicola.
Jul 31, 2013 danelaw commented on City Council Candidate Kshama Sawant Arrested Defending Homeowner from Eviction.
Corporate Law and Order. Good on her.
Jul 29, 2013 danelaw commented on Council Votes to Leave Homeless Camps Unregulated.
@13 No good bum children and mommy bums. Cancer bums waiting for their disability paperwork. Schizophrenic bums. Elderly half-blind bum with his bum dog. Foreclosed bum family and the bum mobile they live in. GET THEM OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM YET?
Jul 24, 2013 danelaw commented on Why I Am Voting for Kshama Sawant.
How many Socialists are there in Seattle, much less WA State? Chuckling aloud! Last year, Sawant picked-up about 30% of the vote against House Speaker Frank Chopp. Democrats must like her. Seattle has 9 City Council seats. There's Incumbent Bozo Conlin, and unknown weirdo running against her for a single seat. Vote for the lady. I'm bored and need to see some action.

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