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Nov 10, 2011 ChazRI63 commented on Feeling Feverish.
Peter is hot but I don't know if he personifies Asian tops. He does blow away the twink sterotype of asian guys that's for sure. But slim asian guys are tops as well so let's not get into muscle means top and slim means bottom. That is part of the problem
Oct 20, 2011 ChazRI63 commented on SL Letter of the Day: My Husband's Collection.
My two cents is that she is putting out all the demands. She knows he's into dudes, she knows he likes gay porn, she knows he cheated all this before they married. So she drags him to a counselor gets him to promise to give all that up so that she will marry him. No compromise. No consideration. It's all about what will make her happy and live a "normal" life. Obviously he is not completely sexually satisfied in the relationship and seeks other outlets. I just think Dan should have given more of a nod towrads talking about where they stand and are his needs being met. Doesn't mean the husband wants a pass but a good partner should at least ask about their spouse's needs. Guess Dan is getting tired of being bashed by monagamists.
Aug 31, 2011 ChazRI63 commented on American Family Association Calls for the Re-Criminalization of Gay Sex.
@14 yup and we need to bring back bans on interracial marriage, equal rights for women, end sufferage and a whole host of other changes to our laws over time.

Let's go back to when wealthy white male anglos control everything including the right to own and rape their slaves, would save them the embaressment of Craigslist.

I really think we need another counter culture revolution to combat this idiocy from the right wing nuts
Aug 29, 2011 ChazRI63 commented on Psssssst! Hey, You! You There, Reading Slog at Work on Monday Morning! Wanna See an Anti-Gay Republican Senator's Butthole? Sure Ya Do....
Let's make it Arango Diet Plan as I wouldn't want to disparage all Puerto Ricans.
Jun 29, 2011 ChazRI63 commented on President Asked About New York and Marriage Equality at Press Conference.
@20 I agree with you for the most part but I think there is one assumption that can be argued against. The fact that conservatives are for state's rights and small government does not sway them when they can legislate their morality or agenda federally. They will continue to support DOMA at the federal level because in their minds it is what all AMERICANS believe in and if you don't you should or go back to the country you came from. They just aren't rational thinkers. Conservatives are forever going against their own mantra based on some lame excuse.
Jun 24, 2011 ChazRI63 commented on Does That Go For Lunchcounters Too, Nicole?.
@11 thanks for reprinting this comment. Basically, he hates the sin and not the sinner so if you are a dude who wants to do dudes keep it in the bedroom and you will burn in hell. But I won't print a flier that says you are a dude who wants to do dudes because that is immoral. But hey I love gay people. LOL What a twisted frame of reference. I really feel for this guy actually because his religon has got him so twisted emotionally and morally that he can't reconcile his bigotry with his desire not to be a bigot. And why because that bigotry was taught to him in church which makes it ok. Just sad and damaging.
Jun 16, 2011 ChazRI63 commented on O They Will Know We Are Christians....
You're kidding right Dan? NALTs aren't going to actually state an objection they will just whine that they are being unfairly judged. Meanwhile the wacko fringe Christians dominate the conversation. Sound familiar? I think the NALTs need to take a look at their Islamic brothers and realize that when the fringe is recognized as the mainstream your religion then becomes marginalized. If you want to save your religion then you need to speak up and speak out.
Jun 9, 2011 ChazRI63 commented on GOP State Rep: Let's Legalize Rape For Guys Who Are Careful To Rape Illegals.
I pledge to Google Santorum and click the link once a day while he is a candidate!
May 26, 2011 ChazRI63 commented on Rule of Law Restored in Wisconsin.
"Christ, judges! It's like they think they're a third and co-equal branch of government or something" LOL, nope just a bunch of activists unless their ruling supports my position then they are responsible jurists.
May 24, 2011 ChazRI63 commented on Savage Love.
Im confused, Stephen Colbert the person or the persona? Did I miss something. Do I have to stop watching the Cobert Report?