Jan 27 cdb commented on "Carnage" is Trump-Speak for "Niggers".
Trump does enough insane and hateful stuff that we really don't need to be inventing more.
Jan 26 cdb commented on An SPD Report Says Two Seattle High School Protesters Assaulted Officers. This Video Challenges That Narrative..
Imagine you are riding down the bike path, minding your business. Someone suddenly changes direction, puts their arms out and deliberately walks right into your path, wrapping their arms around you. They intentionally take you down.

I would consider that an assault and I'd probably come up swinging. Why should it be different for a cop?
Oct 9, 2015 cdb commented on Another School Shooting. Not That One From This Morning. Another Another One..
FBI doesn’t define mass shooting. They do define mass murder as 4 or more. So that label doesn't apply.

If I seem callous its because we are blowing mass murder way out of proportion. Salmonella kills more people per year than mass murders (40 in 2013 - CDC). US Mass murderers kill fewer: (9 in 2014, 35 in 2013, 72 in 2012, 19 in 2011, 9 in 2010 … average 29/year via MotherJones).

Where is the outrage on Salmonella? Or Syphilis - 49 deaths? How about the clearly preventable deaths by malnutrition? 3,224 in 2013.

The media is manipulating our attention towards things that, while horrible, are not significant unless they happened to you. Life is hard. People live and people die. It turns out that violence has always been part of human nature, and always will.
Oct 9, 2015 cdb commented on Another School Shooting. Not That One From This Morning. Another Another One..
This and the Arizona "school" shooting are clearly not mass shootings. It is disingenuous to fear monger common criminal behavior in this way. Both cases are personal disagreements/criminal activity that degraded into one person shooting another. Should we call every random shooting that happens within X miles of a school a mass shooting?

If you want to disarm america make your case but please don't do it dishonesty.
Jun 26, 2015 cdb commented on Obama's Remarks on Historic Marriage Equality Decision.
@8, no sour grapes for me. I'm all for gay marriage and rights. Today is a sweet, sweet day.

@10, I hear ya on no perfect candidate. I don't expect one, and certainly don't expect a candidate that does just what I want every time. I take offense when Obama talks big for votes, fails to act on gay marriage and then claims it. Let's honor the people who actually did the work, right?
Adults understand compromise but they also expect their leaders to honor their commitments. The sour taste in my mouth comes from Obama's two sided speech. Hillary is set to follow the same dishonest pattern. Everyone cheering Obama today gives her fuel for another faux liberal swindle.
Jun 26, 2015 cdb commented on Obama's Remarks on Historic Marriage Equality Decision.
This is a great step forward! Onto federal anti discrimination protection. Let's give credit where credit is due. Jim Obergefell and the plaintiffs that joined him are the true heros for driving this thru their state courts and up thru the federal courts. That is a long, hard road and they persistently drove it the whole way. They deserve the bulk of the credit.
Obama has been an empty vessel on gay marriage. He used gay marriage as a tool to motivate supporters during the election and promptly dropped the topic once elected. He has only had nice words on the topic, when those words suited him, and zero presidential action. Gay marriage and Bin Laden's execution happened on his watch but he had little to do with either win.
Nov 6, 2012 cdb commented on I Just Encountered a Non-Voter.
I certainly vote but either way we'll have a monster running the country. Death lists? Seriously? All monsters have death lists.
Oct 27, 2012 cdb commented on Mayor's Office Calls Police Drones "Helpful," But Supports an Ordinance Restricting Them.
We definitely need an initiative to ban drone use in Seattle. The SPD hasn't shown they can handle their current challenges without adding an expensive, risky new technology. First they need to learn how to consistently treat each and every citizen as humans. Maybe after several years of good behavior they can play with their toy helicopters.
Jul 25, 2012 cdb commented on Agent of Nazi Pope Gets Three-to-Six Years in Prison for Pedophilia Cover-Up.
Oddly enough, sexual abuse is not the primary cause of this endemic. Its likely that the population of priests that abuse is roughly the same as that of the general population. Its a study that would be beneficial to all, including the RCC, but I've never seen it. Sex abuse is a tragic component of the human condition that society attempts to dampen, as with drug abuse, violence and greed. The primary cause at hand is the abuse enabling, top down cover up and priest shuffle by the RCC.

While it is inane to say most priests abuse, it is reasonable to say that most bishops, archbishops, cardinals and popes have participated in the conspiracy to cover up serial priest sexual abuse. It always has been and still is the official church policy to not report abuse cases to state authorities. This conspiracy must be punished and stopped. This court decision is the first step in that direction.
Feb 16, 2012 cdb commented on At Least One Member of the City Council Supports an Arena....
Like any other business, private entrepreneurs who stand to gain from this venture should fund it in its entirety. Pulling from the public nipple should be an obvious non-starter for anything but core services, but especially at a time when we are cutting core public service so dramatically.
In general I just don't get how sports business gets this special position in the public funding arena. Maybe some short term tax breaks to get them started would be ok but out and out funding is simply bad public business. The return on investment for our 3 stadiums is anecdotal at best. I've never seen convincing numbers.

That said it would be fun to have a hockey team.