Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Nov 6, 2012 cdb commented on I Just Encountered a Non-Voter.
I certainly vote but either way we'll have a monster running the country. Death lists? Seriously? All monsters have death lists.
Oct 27, 2012 cdb commented on Mayor's Office Calls Police Drones "Helpful," But Supports an Ordinance Restricting Them.
We definitely need an initiative to ban drone use in Seattle. The SPD hasn't shown they can handle their current challenges without adding an expensive, risky new technology. First they need to learn how to consistently treat each and every citizen as humans. Maybe after several years of good behavior they can play with their toy helicopters.
Jul 25, 2012 cdb commented on Agent of Nazi Pope Gets Three-to-Six Years in Prison for Pedophilia Cover-Up.
Oddly enough, sexual abuse is not the primary cause of this endemic. Its likely that the population of priests that abuse is roughly the same as that of the general population. Its a study that would be beneficial to all, including the RCC, but I've never seen it. Sex abuse is a tragic component of the human condition that society attempts to dampen, as with drug abuse, violence and greed. The primary cause at hand is the abuse enabling, top down cover up and priest shuffle by the RCC.

While it is inane to say most priests abuse, it is reasonable to say that most bishops, archbishops, cardinals and popes have participated in the conspiracy to cover up serial priest sexual abuse. It always has been and still is the official church policy to not report abuse cases to state authorities. This conspiracy must be punished and stopped. This court decision is the first step in that direction.
Feb 16, 2012 cdb commented on At Least One Member of the City Council Supports an Arena....
Like any other business, private entrepreneurs who stand to gain from this venture should fund it in its entirety. Pulling from the public nipple should be an obvious non-starter for anything but core services, but especially at a time when we are cutting core public service so dramatically.
In general I just don't get how sports business gets this special position in the public funding arena. Maybe some short term tax breaks to get them started would be ok but out and out funding is simply bad public business. The return on investment for our 3 stadiums is anecdotal at best. I've never seen convincing numbers.

That said it would be fun to have a hockey team.
Nov 27, 2011 cdb commented on This Is the Dog That Bit Me on Thanksgiving.
Wow, my dog is a republican too. Only, she hates muslims and bums. No biting, just growling. I make her listen to npr and socialist music radio.
Aug 11, 2011 cdb commented on Mothers With Infants on Link.
Everyone should pay.

Perhaps the transit cops should be more generous when dealing with people that are clearly having a hard time. Who knows if this mother is a repeat offender? Not us. A delay in the evader's trip and warning on the 1st offense seems reasonable to me, but how often are cops reasonable?

Regarding some suggestions of additional entitlements, its already there. The mass transit service is massively subsidized. The average bus cost per boarding is $3.92. I'll bet the Link has an even greater difference between actual cost and fare.
Aug 9, 2011 cdb commented on Michele Bachmann's Reading List Includes a Book Claiming Slavery Was Based on a "Relationship of Trust and Esteem".
@10 - I hear ya but cherry picking one controversial paragraph/page in an entire book is just not intellectually honest. That she respects Lee is a reasonable take away from the inclusion of this book in her list. It's just not very exciting or damning when presented as it should be.

Aug 9, 2011 cdb commented on Michele Bachmann's Reading List Includes a Book Claiming Slavery Was Based on a "Relationship of Trust and Esteem".
She's a freak show but this style of transitive criticism is no more valid here than it was when Obama was attacked with his pastor's words or who attends White House parties.
Feb 11, 2011 cdb commented on We Could Have Done This To Bush.
We don't have free and fair elections as there are effectively only 2 parties that collude at the party leadership level to maintain the status quo. The reality is that the dems and repubs are essentially the same
- both support these senseless, unprovoked wars
- both support repressive regimes (such as Egypt before today, Saddam ...)
- both support restriction of our rights via the Patriot Act
- both support torture as a means to an end
- both support the deprivation of legal and Geneva Conv. rights to detainees
- both support the expansion of the executive powers beyond the constitution and reason
- both collude to make the presidential debates unchallenging and predetermined
- both follow the lead and dollars of big business at the expense of the citizenry

I think Jen's comment has the right idea but is wrong to focus on Bush. We should be inspired by the citizens of Egypt to peacefully turn back the US Gov to the will of the people.
Feb 10, 2011 cdb joined My Stranger Face

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