Dec 31, 2015 Lassie commented on Savage Love.
What horsesh*t people dream up for themselves. All of these poor wretches make me SO SO glad I'm old, married, and won't ever have to put up with the idiocy expressed so earnestly here. Vomit!
Dec 11, 2015 Lassie commented on As an Austrian, I Am Baffled by America's Love for The Sound of Music.
I don't care for The Sound of Music much, but this article seems awfully nitpicky about their 'national costumes' and liberties taken in musical motion pictures in general. Seems embarrassed to think 'Muricans assume Austrians stride about in leather lederhosen today, not unlike yokels from the 16th century? Uh, no, I doubt many of us do if we think about it at all.... The musical number jump-cuts from one location to another? DUH. How very peculiar to complain about THIS! No one wants to watch a group standing in one spot singing, this is the way a movie is done to make it,maybe interesting? Fit in some movement, show some scenery? The author seems puzzled by the movie-making process....and as for Austrians loving the Nazis, I'm not at all surprised. (just as 'Muricans seem to love the politics of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and other third-world-nation type states. Why wouldn't they?)
Dec 11, 2015 Lassie commented on Savage Love.
I'm a little concerned with the potential rent boy's statement that he's done other, more humiliating things for money.
Aug 8, 2015 Lassie commented on Drunk of the Week: The 25 Best-Dressed at the 2015 Montana Testicle Fest (NSFW).
Eh. I bet it was a good time for all. I don't think I would fit in there, but I hope a good time was had. The older I get, the more I realize we are all walking over an abyss, the ground is an illusion, and it will all come crashing down someday. Make your mark in the world, do no harm, enjoy.
Jun 25, 2015 Lassie commented on What Is Puppy Play and Why Is It So Popular?.
Appears to me some people have too much money, drugs, boredom, and time on their hands. I look forward to kitten play, 'oink oink I'm a piggy' and 'cheep cheep I'm a birdie' in years to come. Displaying a rubber ball in the bar to attract suitors is the funniest thing I've read all week!
Dec 4, 2014 Lassie commented on I, Anonymous.
Stop shopping at a grocery store on A Big Fat Holiday?.....well, isn't the store open, and employees manning the cash registers? Would they all be happier if there were no customers at all and they stood there in the empty store till the closing time? I understand how people forced to work on A Big Fat Holiday feel, wishing they were home in the close comforting bosom of their families, but .... the store is open, and if the store is open for business, it's unrealistic to think customers are not going to shop that day. I certainly wouldn't fill up my cart as if it was a typical Saturday morning, but if the grocery store is open, I would run in for a six-pack or that can of cranberries or a package of diapers. Because that's what a store is FOR. (and I do think people should be able to take the day off, not working. The stores should be closed. But they aren't.)
Oct 16, 2014 Lassie commented on I Love Television.
Welp, the zombies on TWD haven't gone away and are more popular than EVER (at least the show is). The humans are more loathsome and brutal than the Amy-Winehouse-smelling-zombies.
Oct 16, 2014 Lassie commented on Savage Love.
middle aged fat happy guy: I picture him looking/sounding exactly like Newman on Seinfeld.
Aug 21, 2014 Lassie commented on I Love Television.
I'm relieved to hear BoJack Horseman is an animated show! not that I would ever watch it
Jul 31, 2014 Lassie commented on Savage Love.
Dear B.E.S.T.S : U.R. gay. Or possibly what you think of as "Bi". embrace it and stop fooling yourself. its not the end of the world.

To me, "Bi" is gay gay gay. Until you reach the age you aren't attractive to young guys any more and you find some woman to marry, maybe have kids with, so you don't die alone. Or be murdered by some guy you find on the internet. There's nothing wrong with this, after a certain age. You will want a woman to take care of you in your declining year. She will want security, she will want a husband. Just be honest. You two can work out a deal and be very happy ever after. Just make sure you are financially secure, that will get you partners of any sex hassle-free.