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May 10, 2013 marilynwann commented on Ban Fat Marriage.
Not that judging health based on weight in any way accurate or beneficial to anyone.a
May 10, 2013 marilynwann commented on Ban Fat Marriage.
Also, obviously, using any sort of health argument to justify bigotry just doesn't work. Duh. Stop it!
May 10, 2013 marilynwann commented on Ban Fat Marriage.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Fuck you, Dan Savage, you fat-hating bigot. (Fat people are not safe from discrimination. Except for a handful of jurisdictions, no laws protect fat people from weight discrimination in employment, public accommodations, education, housing, and medical care. CPS officials sometimes take fat children from loving families who have done nothing wrong. China prohibits fat Americans from adopting children there. In New Zealand, people can be prohibited from immigrating for being fat. And as Chris Christie makes perfectly clear: no fat presidents allowed.)
Mar 8, 2011 marilynwann commented on Hello, I'm Not the Enemy.
According to all sorts of research studies, people who exercise regularly (in ways that aren't physically damaging, obviously) are healthier than people who don't. My friend Linda Bacon, PhD, a nutrition professor and Health At Every Size expert, tells me the difference in weight between groups of people who exercise regularly and those who don't is about 10 pounds. Exercise is a magic pill for fitness and health, not for weight conformity or thin supremacism.

I notice personals ads have a common refrain: No BBWs. No offense, it's just my preference. I disagree. I don't think it's a preference, I think it's a prejudice. When lots of people find it impossible to imagine that even one member of an entire demographic might be hot, then that's not about attraction, that's about prejudice (literally, pre-judging). The answer is for fat people to screen out bigots and reward the cool kids who can see hotness in all shapes and sizes with lots of yummy, mutually enjoyable sex.
Feb 26, 2011 marilynwann commented on Hello, I'm Not the Enemy.
Dan, back in 2004 when you proudly made fat-hating statements in your column, I responded with these words and you printed them:

"FAT!SO? says fuck you! It saddens me to know that you continue to cling to your fat-hating prejudice. The same attempts were made to stuff queers back in the closet, just as you are now attempting to stuff proud fat rebels (and our low-rise jeans) back in our closet. Fuck you! You're not required to like us or look at us or fuck us, but you are required to stay the hell out of the way of our liberation! My health is not in danger from my weight. (I eat right, exercise, and enjoy excellent health.) However, your health may be endangered if you persist in promoting weight-based prejudice. (Really, all that stress every time you step on the scale... it can't be good for you!)"

You have written nothing in the intervening years to make me view you differently. From what you've written here, you clearly carry a heavy burden of fat shame. (Not surprising. In my travels around the world giving weight diversity talks, I find that people of all sizes carry incredible amounts of the stuff. Also, gay men's culture can be especially fat-hating.)

You also completely fail to understand that your weight/health views are not at all uncontested or even particularly accurate. Here's the primary, science-101-style critique that Health At Every Size medical experts apply to the "obesity" epidemic and fat=doom beliefs: correlation does not prove causation. The obvious insight from this fact is that there could be any number of confounding variables that could explain the rather weak correlations between weight and morbidity/mortality. (If we assume that correlation proves causation, then we believe cold weather causes turkey deaths in November despite the confounding, even causal variable: Thanksgiving.) The CDC's lead statistician on weight/health data, Katherine Flegal, makes this point in a recent paper published in JAMA — that confounding variables like stress, discrimination, dieting history, and fitness level could explain weight-based correlations with morbidity/mortality. Flegal also published in JAMA in 2006 the news that rates of so-called "obesity" have stopped increasing. (…) I don't imagine such data will diminish your eagerness to hate-monger about the "obesity" epidemic. I don't imagine data, in general, can undo prejudice. Your statements about health are stereotype, not science. (And yes, it's a prevalent stereotype, even among so-called scientists — you've noticed how the "obesity" scientists are well-paid consultants of the $59.7 billion/year weight-loss industry.)

Dan, I have met you in person and discussed these points with you. (Remember, you tried to research gluttony at a fat pride gathering? And if that isn't proof of your deeply held weight prejudices, what is!?!) If I were Lindy, I would not enjoy having you as a coworker. I dislike being around people who insist on carrying fatphobia and prejudice, as you do. (Kinda like I dislike being around homophobes, racists, sexists...) Because of your beliefs and statements, you're the sort of person I would never socialize with or share a meal with or publicly link to in a social network or, I only engage with you because I hope it serves my purpose of confronting and ending weight-based stereotype, prejudice, and discrimination (in your readers, if not in you).

I applaud Lindy for publicly and proudly and effectively raising the argument for weight diversity and Health At Every Size.
Feb 13, 2011 marilynwann commented on Hello, I Am Fat.
The midpoint between two opposing views is not the correct answer.…
Feb 11, 2011 marilynwann joined My Stranger Face
Feb 11, 2011 marilynwann commented on Hello, I Am Fat.
Hi, this is Marilyn Wann. I've been a rad fatty since the mid-90s. I say: Wonderful, awesome rant, Lindy! I am so grateful to you because I have gone around and around and around the Dan Savage fat-hate mulberry bush—in person and by email and in print—more than enough times for one life and I am thoroughly delighted to see someone else enjoy a few righteous reels. And in such fabulous style. (Not that I expect any of us freedom-thinking free-range fatties will inspire Dan to diminish his deeply held prejudice.)

Here's one argument that works for me, even if I weren't a rad fatty who has a heartfelt stake in liberating ALL of our asses, fat and thin, from this stupid and needless and seriously unhealthy and unsexy worry about weight:

Even if weight-loss goals work for a very few, rare people for a while (or even for a long time)...there will still ALWAYS be fat people. Even before HFCS, there were fat people! Ever seen those prehistoric carvings? They're all of fat people. (Not pregnant, fat!) In the future...wait for it...there will still be fat people!!!

If you, Dan, or anyone else here, argues that people are not worthy of respect, health, love or lives until we lose weight and become thin, then you are by definition denying the satisfaction of necessary human desires to a significant portion of the people you meet.

What does that make YOU? As I've heard a fjillion times. It's all about choices.