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I'm sorry for your loss.
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Ok Lindy and fat people everywhere, among who I used to count myself. Here's my two cents. It's not ok to be fat because you suffer needlessly. You spent the first part of your article discussing the shame that you feel. You mentioned the health argument. This is MY experience. I'm a health care provider, an acupuncturist, to be clear. What I see every day, are people who are fat who can't get pregnant, or can't get out of a chair due to knee pain, people who are yoked to high blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, metphormin for diabetes, pain killers for their pain, CPCP machines for sleep apnea, AND the shame you speak of. They have a lot of excuses, why they can't quit drinking soda (which by the way, I honestly do believe has an addictive quality), why they can't walk their dogs, why they can't hit the gym, even though they pay for the membership. I see people who suffer from the side effects of said drugs, diarrhea, breathlessness, insomnia, constipation, depression. If they lost the weight, they could get off the drugs, a half hour walk per day has been shown to reduce depression, 30 grams of fiber a day could resolve their constipation. And THAT is the reason I don't think it's just ok to be fat. It's not ok. When you start to lose your vision from retinal neuropathy from years of high blood sugar, or start to see your friends die from heart attacks in their 50s, and when YOU get nerve pain in your in your feet and start looking for a cure, you'll be sorry you didn't address is sooner. And this isn't coming from a place of judgement or concern about my insurance premiums, it's honestly coming from a place of compassion. I tell all of my patients, every day, 'unless you WANT to pay for my summer home, stop drinking soda today". It's not ok Lindy, becuase you are the person that's going to suffer, not me.