Feb 27, 2016 Endash commented on Human Rights Commission: Guy Entering Women's Bathroom in Seattle Was "Absolutely Not Protected Under the Law".
So a cis-gendered man opposed to protecting trans people from discrimination entered a womens' restroom in order to stir shit up, and this is supposed to demonstrate that trans people shouldn't be allowed to use the appropriate bathroom. Yeah, that's complete horse shit, for the simple and undeniable reason that __this was not a trans person trying to use the bathroom and his inappropriate conduct was his alone__. No amount of mental gymnastics trying to use this to poke holes in non-discrimination law can avoid that completely insurmountable fact.

Lying about being trains, for what it's worth, would not be a magic talisman, and only in the warped, feverish, logical-positivist mind of a Redditer do we need absolute ironclad incontrovertible proof that someone is lying before we can call them on their shit. Luckily, the rest of us somehow manage to navigate a universe that's 99% gray areas without losing our minds.
Feb 16, 2016 Endash commented on Bernie's More Popular than Ever, So Why Is He Still Losing So Badly?.
Man, you really got it out for Bernie. I don't even have to check the byline anymore when I see a headline trying ineffectually to twist a knife into him while wearing a grotesque approximation of neutrality.
Jan 28, 2016 Endash commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Debt and the Maiden.
Eventually "decide whether you are willing to ignore this, and set it aside, or not" starts to fall flat, as advice goes. These sound like two very different people and whether or not they'll ever "sync up" given 10 more years of grinding away at debt or whatever seems to be a very open question. My hunch is that it's less the debt itself and what that entails lifestyle-wise — I don't get the impression LW would have called things off years ago if all that red ink had been on the prospectus from the beginning — and more a sudden vision of how the relationship works when it starts to 'get real.' It takes a LOT of flakiness to completely lose track of $90k in debt, especially when one's life partner is trying to get on top of the finances in order to *buy a frickin' house.*

"Decide whether you love them enough to put up with their crap" is terrible advice when, in the first place, human beings "in love" are terrible at evaluating pros and cons of a relationship. There are a lot of warning signs in the letter (that's a lot of debt for someone not to have the earning potential to pay it off, long term—and that doesn't sound like a temporary situation), and IMO it doesn't really compare to the usual quirks, annoyances, and drawbacks that fall under the 'price of admission' rule.
Jan 25, 2016 Endash commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Friends In Deed.
It could easily be anxiety. It could also be physical: medications can be a problem (Adderall is a bitch), or a cock ring might help. I suggest making sure the bottom is nice and loose, as well... if the bottom's too tight then a little anxiety-induced softening can quickly turn into full-on deflation when he has trouble overcoming the resistance. Basically, make sure everything is in your favor: super clean, super loose, everyone super relaxed (spend a while making out and jerking off to porn).
Jan 14, 2016 Endash commented on Savage Love.
MOL cheats on his boyfriend who he says he loves, and the sex is objectively bad, but instead of regretting it he wants to do it again? I mean, I can see if it was a "wow I forgot how awesome great PIV sex can be" and that got the sex drive amped up... but even bad sex wasn't enough to be regretful? IMO, he's hitting the eject button this relationship, subconsciously or not.
Dec 18, 2015 Endash commented on A Bernie Sanders Staffer May Have Just Fucked the Whole Campaign.
Er, a bit late to the party, but this is clearly a case where the datafile's vendor pushed out buggy code, which exposed data that should have been sequestered by campaign account to other campaigns. Then the Sanders data director investigated how badly data was compromised, since any compromise ALSO implicated Sanders data. This is just a bit more complicated than if you started seeing other peoples' email in your email account and clicked on one to see if it was actually viewable or if you were just seeing subject lines. Sure, if you start going whole-hog downloading the emails you've crossed over into malfeasance. It does not appear that there was anything more at play than simple probing to discover the extent of the breach—information which is critically important not just for fixing the bug, but for determining how exposed the Sanders data was in turn.
Dec 17, 2015 Endash commented on Can We Talk, Bernie Sanders Supporters?.
@7 You don't have to ask that, because the answer is obvious: we have a two-party system, there are very real structural reasons behind that reality, and no third party candidate has a chance in hell of being elected president. That's also why he's running as a Democrat despite having avoided joining the party for almost his entire career. American political parties are loose electoral coalitions, not ideological, platform-based parties like one would find in a parliamentary democracy. It's sort of an electoral anthropic principle—he's running in the Democratic primary because if he weren't in the Democratic primary he wouldn't actually be running for anything at all.
Dec 17, 2015 Endash commented on Can We Talk, Bernie Sanders Supporters?.
Why even bother holding the vote, if everyone is so willing to call the election based on early polling? Here's how he wins: a surprisingly strong showing in Iowa (Iowa can turn on a dime—Howard Dean collapsed in 2004 when his predicted lead in Iowa disappeared when it came time for voters to actually show up to the caucuses), a win New Hampshire, and by riding that momentum into a long, drawn out primary fight a la 2008. Hillary's support is soft, and Bernie just needs to stay in this long enough to keep from getting buried right out of the gate.
Sep 30, 2015 Endash commented on The Woman on CNN Making $7.50 an Hour Received an Outpouring of Help—and Then Was Accused of Being a Gold-Digger.
Point 1 - 120 dollars after taxes works out to about 18 or 19 hours a week, not 16. It's possible it's even 20 hours, depending on the specifics, and almost certainly fluctuates week-to-week. That's still half-time, but right around what most service jobs will give you. Employers WANT a surfeit of employees barely scraping by on meager schedules. They're not handing out 40 hour schedules to anyone who asks.

Point 2 - It's no easy feat to find and secure two half-time jobs, both with a stable schedule, and where there are no conflicts. It'd be hard enough to find even a single job that gave you a set schedule for part-time hours.

Point 3 - In a system that allows for only a handful of winners, the problem can't always be the losers not exerting themselves enough. If you want to blame this woman for not being absolutely perfect, for not having opportunities and realities carefully arrange themselves to allow her to be as perfect as you think she should be, then you're both inhumane and innumerate.

Point 4 - She actually writes fairly well. Other than some vernacular, her post is far more readable than a lot of facebook posts written by supposedly "educated" people. I'm so used to word salad facebook rants written by university graduates that it's refreshing to see someone NOT butcher the English language as a matter of course.
Jun 17, 2015 Endash commented on Savage Love.
@BiDanFan agreed that's definitely a consideration which both evens the odds and should quell some of the anxiety. It's also the sort of uncomfortable truth that one hates to rely on as something in your favour, but the world is what it is: having been in a SS relationship (and remaining in one) for 15 years will definitely cut down on the number of interested women.