languishing in the backwaters of puget sound, unfortunately...namely, south tacoma "tackyma" i'd really rather be HOME, in seattle
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Aug 10, 2011 ladybelle commented on I Would Like You to Know My Name.
Jen. I love you and admire you more than I can say with mere words. I am so happy you are finding life and love again. I hope your new sweetie understands her important role in all of this and how much we love her too, for making you whole again. You will always live in my heart through your courage, bravery and YOUR heart. Peace to you.

Katie xxxx
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Feb 17, 2011 ladybelle commented on The Video: The Shooting of John T. Williams.
Look at all those cop cars, pointed towards the murder scene. Why haven't they released THOSE dashcam vids??? I don't relish the fact to see Mr. Williams' dead body, but I'd like to see what they were doing throughout this vid that we can only hear, not see.

Also, who and WHERE is this young lady that witnessed this act? I certainly understand how she is shook up and scared and maybe laying low, but she really needs (needed?) to step forward with her version of the events, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, is she ok? If I were her I would be TERRIFIED to be on SPD radar in this context.

Lots of rumors swirling, but Mr. Williams WAS known to SPD, and I wonder if Officer Birk had previous contact with him and when he saw him crossing the street, took that opportunity to settle some kind of score?

We all know now that Officer Birk will not be brought to justice for this vile act, and he has resigned. So, what does that mean? He got away with murder (manslaughter?), with only losing his job/career as a consequence??!!! (Small price to pay.) He deserves to stand trial and do time.

People, watch your backs, ESPECIALLY if you are of color. SPD is gunnin' for you. And remember to vote responsibly.

RIP Mr. John. T. Williams

PS - To the Williams family, take them and break them ($$$$$$$$$$$)