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May 16, 2015 labman57 commented on Guest Editorial: Historic Ruling Sends a Clear Message to Schools—Abstinence-Only Education Isn’t Sex Ed.
"Abstinence only" is to sex ed as "take the bus" is to driver's ed.
Feb 15, 2014 labman57 commented on Valentine's Day Troll Returns, Tells College Women Finding a Husband Is the Most Important Thing.
You would think that by now fiscal conservatives would realize that they really cannot relate to the inner psyche of the vast majority of modern American women -- not their wants, their needs, their values, their goals or their ambitions.

And yet these self-absorbed Wall Street social neanderthals can't help but put both feet in their mouths and share their antediluvian views and arcane advise.
Dec 1, 2013 labman57 commented on Group That Fought to Keep Racism Alive Praises Rosa Parks for Ending Racism.
Racism expresses itself in a variety of ways.

Some knuckle-walkers are blatant and unabashed racists, as has been observed on numerous occasions throughout American history.

Other folks indignantly proclaim that "some of my best friends are (fill in the blank)." One may behave in an extremely civil manner -- or even be friendly -- toward someone of a different ethnicity ... so long as that person does not offend one's sensibilities or disagree with one's political ideology.

It is often when confronting someone with whom one has a conflict that race suddenly becomes an issue and ethnic bigotry rises to the surface, such as when a person of color is the butt of a racially-insensitive joke delivered via email, tweet, or at a political event …. or even when someone fantasizes about blacks role-playing as slaves of the old South while waiting upon white folks at a plantation-themed wedding.

And for others, their racism is expressed by their tendency to apply stereotypical character traits to an entire ethnic demographic group of people, followed by a haughty disdain for these character traits and by their arrogant suggestion that they -- as an outsider to the culture -- understand the challenges facing people of said demographic group better than members of the group themselves.
Aug 5, 2013 labman57 commented on RNC Threatens to Take Its Primary Debate Ball and Go Home.
No network coverage of the primary debates?

No problem. SNL will most likely provide their own recap of these right wing hug fests that will be just as insightful and a whole lot more entertaining.
Apr 6, 2013 labman57 commented on School Makes Weeping Hungry Kids Throw Away Food Because It Wasn't Paid For.
Corporate profiteer: Someone who, if given the means and opportunity, would take control of the global atmospheric oxygen supply … and then charge humanity usage fees for breathing.
Feb 11, 2013 labman57 commented on Anti-Gay Bigots at High School In Indiana Can't Ban Gay Kids From Prom....
I always have to heave a sigh and roll my eyes whenever self-proclaimed Christians indignantly declare that homosexuality defies "the word of God". This argument is both cowardly and disingenuous -- using biased interpretations of cherry-picked biblical passages to justify their brand of social intolerance and religious self-righteousness.

Once again we see the direct correlation between the extent of a religion's orthodoxy and the magnitude of its members' intolerance of those with differing points of view or who do not share their tenets, politics, mores, or lifestyle choices.

Yet another reason why religious dogma and public policy make poor bedfellows, and why people who promote religion-based intolerance, discrimination, and bigotry have no business working at a public school.
Jan 23, 2013 labman57 commented on Barack Obama Hates Guns Because of Daddy Issues, Fox News Shrink Says.
Practicing psychiatrists across the nation just uttered a collective "Shut the f*ck up!" to this clown.
Aug 15, 2012 labman57 commented on Anti-Gay Cheerios Arsonist Dies.
He was no doubt a "God-fearing" man, and as they say, the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Apparently, "karma" is one of those ways.
Aug 10, 2012 labman57 commented on Mitt Romney Begs President Obama to Stop Talking About Bain and Taxes.
Romney says that he is highly qualified to be POTUS based on his extensive experience as a "job creator" while at Bain ... however we should not be allowed to analyze or critique said business experience.

Mitt to news media and Obama campaign:
"Don't discuss my personal finances, don't discuss my business practices, don't discuss my recent overseas trip, and most of all, don't discuss my policies and programs while Governor of Massachusetts."

Okay, let's talk about something totally benign ... "Mitt, how's Seamus? What? Don't talk about the dog either?"
Jul 22, 2012 labman57 commented on Where Did Little Tripp Learn to Say "Faggot"?.
This is what happens when -- while searching for quality educational programs for preschoolers -- you routinely switch the channel from Sesame Street to another Ann Coulter diatribe on FOX News.

Or more likely, the kid has been hanging around Sarah too much.  
"Grandma taught me a new word today!"