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Raul filling my belly with food stuffs unimaginable.
Apr 2, 2012 Raul commented on Literature Got Drunk and Crawled.
this sounds awesome! I don't understand how it was organized though. i would have loved to be there, or at least seen a drunken poet shouting obscenities from a wagon.
Nov 27, 2011 Raul commented on The Cloud Appreciation Society.
Ok ok ok. I was really about to bash this because this article made no sense to me at all. I mean. Old fuck head is getting bj's from Ms Barely Legal whilst sending her HUGE sums of money that she can use to fuck other guys whilst ruining his wifes life..... THEN: Clouds? What kind of boring bull shit is that? I dont care how eerie Mt Rainier looks. It will look even creepier when it turns Seattle into a pool of lava. Then, ye olde Hentai?
Why did I even read this far? This was a waste of my already poor eye sight.
But you close it with that last little bit about letting things go. About leaving them to go as they are. That was beautiful. That ought to be in a short story somewhere. Not The Stranger (no offense).
Jul 8, 2011 Raul commented on Hey, Give Me Back My Fucking Dog.
its too bad its a fox terrier and not a mean ugly dog with a big wanger. otherwise i would never have read this story. at least not in the same context.
Jul 8, 2011 Raul commented on Drunk of the Week.
vomit, barf barf. Why? WHy would anyone post something as grotesque as this? WHAT IS THE POINT!?
May 19, 2011 Raul commented on SIFF Notes 2011.
SIFF sounds like an STD. Plus, this article mentions Obi Wan Kenobi's penis, and three way donkey sex, so I'm pretty sure SIFF is an STD.
May 17, 2011 Raul commented on You Are Here.
You think Seattle would be have a stronger idea of poetry, since everyone dresses like they write poetry and the cities biggest claim to fame is probably Starbucks. Yum.
May 17, 2011 Raul commented on Savage Love.
I'm not gay, and I live in Kansas, plus I'm active duty military, but I HAVE lived in Bellingham, and although this post is probably pointless, I think your probably pretty good off being gay in Bham. Imagine being a homo where I'm at. Gay's are so suppressed here. They may lynch you for listening to European techno with your headphones in.
May 17, 2011 Raul commented on HUMP! 7.
Can I just film myself pole dancing and send that in? I'm not HUMPing anyone, but I mean, people could definitely get off on it. I'm pretty.
May 17, 2011 Raul commented on Cash Cows.
At first, I was just going to write about how dumb and unimportant elephants are and that their captivity is irrelevant to anything. But now, after reading about the psychology of these big fuckers, I find the Woodland Park Zoo a sad place to visit.
I could care less about most animals, because I like to eat most animals. There ought to be a little more respect shown to these elephants though. We should care about something like this, shit. But do we? And what will happen to the Woodland Park Zoo? (The questions are both rhetorical: No and Nothing.)
May 17, 2011 Raul updated his or her location.