Dec 8, 2011 PBIM commented on Pregnant Woman Blasted with Pepper Spray by SPD Says She Miscarried (Updated).
@348. learn to read news. dominic didn't come out and tell her to get those records in that later update. he was quoting a different reporter. News read fail. He's just doing the fair news act and showing all sides of a story.
Oct 3, 2011 PBIM commented on Phone Phishing?.
yeah a lot of people are saying it's happened at odd hours and mostly on the weekend. i think they're hoping to get someone who's hung over and too distracted to realize it's a scam.
Oct 3, 2011 PBIM commented on Phone Phishing?.
I can verify for sure that WF has their own external fraud investigation going on. the fraudsters are using disposable phones, so any number you get has probably been wiped already. i work at the bank and you wouldn't believe how many people have fallen for this.
Sep 16, 2011 PBIM commented on Let's Just Name Mitt Romney President Now.
I may be watching too much TNG but TPAW sounds like a klingon warrior name. T'Paw the Horrible! T'Paw the Mighty!
Jun 17, 2011 PBIM commented on It Is Unspeakable: UPDATED: It Is a Hoax!.
Totally fake. The Japanese characters next to SHIT BURGER read Unko baaga, which is directly translated as shit burger, lol. That would not be something a Japanese person would label a fridge with. It's obviously fake and I'm with Bethany on this one.
Jun 13, 2011 PBIM commented on The New Past of Giselle at PNB and What Makes An Art Form Dead Or Alive.
This would have been lovely to know...before it closed and I might have had a chance to see it.
Jun 9, 2011 PBIM commented on Jean Godden Wants the Fucking Pride Flag on the Goddamn Space Needle.
I seriously could care less if the space needle flies the flag. It's a private business, and they have the right as to what political message it wants to send. The issue at hand is that since it's such an iconic part of Seattle, the people of this gay, gay, oh so gay city feel like they own it and can tell them how to operate. I'm gay and don't think we should focus on such trivial things when we still have that whole marraige debacle going on.
May 31, 2011 PBIM commented on Today Only: Free Plants Vs. Zombies for Android on Amazon Android Market.
Thanks for this. Totally enjoying a new high end app game for my android as well as the Amazon app store. A little worried about the security change on my phone, but we'll see.
May 31, 2011 PBIM commented on They're Not Really Smokers.
I've never seen a scientific article about the actual hazards of hookah smoke. Give me the deets. I want numbers. Till then, it's second hand smoke for you when I get off work, mister Holden.
May 27, 2011 PBIM commented on AIDS and the New Humans.
I just want to point out the fallacy your statement on evolution. Genetic drift determines the speed at which mutations occur, speeding or slowing evolution. The environment does not actually create a new species. It merely creates the favorable or unfavorable conditions for a particular genetic group. Allowing or prohibiting them from reproducing.

The immunity that is being discussed is the lack of the CCR5 protein in the cellular membrane, halting HIV from entering it. This immunity is difficult to spread since both parents need to have the gene. This immunity occurs naturally, not as a result of the virus proliferating. Just saying. It's not likely that this mutation will result in the next level of human evolution, but there could be one that does, and it could mean a world free of AIDS.