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Jun 4, 2014 Pete Holmes commented on In Defense of Maureen Dowd Getting Too High and Writing About It.
Nice commentary, Dominic; thanks for taking the time to counter the attacks on Dowd's column. By being honest about potential problems, we not only avoid needless misery (or worse), we help secure the incredible advance in basic liberties voters in Washington and Colorado staked by substituting regulation for prohibition in the failed war on drugs.
Jan 26, 2013 Pete Holmes commented on Under I-502, Pot Stores Banned Almost Everywhere in Seattle.
Relax, Dominic--after Iran successfully locates pot stores near their schools, Washingtonians will see the light and loosen up here, too:…
Dec 7, 2011 Pete Holmes commented on Goodbye, Slog!!!.
Thanks, Paul--you're paying your own tuition next semester, and Scooter--the squirrel, not the Buddy 125--gets your room.
P.S. I am running for reelection as City Attorney, NOT for Mayor, in 2013.
Feb 25, 2011 Pete Holmes joined My Stranger Face
Feb 25, 2011 Pete Holmes joined My Stranger Face
Feb 24, 2011 Pete Holmes commented on Man, I Love Pete Holmes..
I love you too, Dominic.