Feb 8, 2012 lpage commented on Liveblogging the Washington State House Debate and Vote on Gay Marriage.
As someone who is in seminary I am shocked to learn that the bulk of our state representatives are theologians and ordained ministers.

Honestly though, gag. Just gag. Why do they keep talking about God and Jesus and why do they keep getting the story all wrong?
Aug 12, 2011 lpage commented on Kalebu Sentenced to Life in Prison.
So tragic. How could anyone begin to count the pain of such a series of events? I will never forget that horrifying night, I will always hold both women in my heart. I hope we can do a much better job of caring for the most vulnerable so nothing like this ever happens again. Thank you, Eli, for the excellent reporting. Thank you, Jennifer, for your honesty and bravery.
Mar 28, 2011 lpage commented on This Is Not a Road We Want to Go Down.
From what I read she ran the business from her home. Not sure that justifies the front yard protest.
Feb 24, 2011 lpage commented on Dino Rossi's New Career.
To clarify, I believe the reports have mischarcterized the events.
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Feb 24, 2011 lpage commented on Dino Rossi's New Career.
While I would never defend Dino Rossi, either the man or his politics, I do think reports of these seminars have been a bit mischaracterized.