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Dec 10, 2014 MarkA commented on You Think the City Is Changing Rapidly?.
I remember the used needles in the gutters and the used condoms (hey, at least they were using condoms) in the on the park grass and on the parking lot pavement in Cap Hill and in the U District, and I've only been here since 1999.

Yes, the city has been changing. For the better.

You just have to look back in the history of the city...

Belltown was ****ing terrifying up until the mid 1990s. Not just to the suburbanites that many of the commentariat here sneer at, but to everyone. If you had anywhere else you could be other than Belltown, you went there.

Or let's look back to when the CD was known as [REDACTED FOR BEING RACIALLY OFFENSIVE], or before that, when the ID neighborhood had literal sex slavery rings, or to when before that, when the whorehouses raised money themselves to pave the streets, while grinding up and spitting out the working women, and the downtown was the original "Skid Row", of which all the others in all the other cities were named.

Seattle was a historically a ****hole that lucked into being awesome in spite of itself.

I laugh at the artists and bohemians who complain about being priced out by the gentrification process, as if somehow they were there before gentrification started. They were not here before. Artists and bohemians moving into a blight *causes* gentrification. They themselves drive out the blight inhabitants that occupied the neighborhood before them. (Artists and bohemians who don't complain, but actually understand and accept their role in the process, I do respect.)
Dec 10, 2014 MarkA commented on You Think the City Is Changing Rapidly?.
I look at the the buildings being scheduled for demolition, being made of brick with crumbling-to-sand poorly made mortar, dried beetle-rotten timbers, and grey iron that shatters when hit hard by a hammer in the cold, and I remember that we live on the Ring of Fire, on top of a live and overdue fault line, on a deep ground structure that is literally nothing more than a couple of piles of compressed damp glacial silt, and looming over us all is one of the largest active volcanos on the continent.

I want those old buildings gone, as soon as possible. We can keep the facades, but their guts and bones have to go.
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Jul 26, 2011 MarkA commented on Good Reality Check for White People.
Using median instead of mean is an example of a technique in rhetoric called "lying with statistics". It implies that white people are rich, when instead the very very different truth is that most very very very rich people are white. These are completely different things, and not understanding the difference is a sign of malice or stupidity. Most likely both.
Jun 28, 2011 MarkA commented on AR-15 Left Sitting On Trunk of Seattle Police Car.
Dan, when you are right, you are right. And when you're insulting ignorant prick, you're an insulting ignorant prick. I am not a fan of anarchists, but I know them well enough that they're not inclined to grab such a gun. And I do know a lot of gun collectors, and they wouldn't touch that. First of all, they have more and better, and second, because they are more law abiding than the average cop, or the average newspaper editor.
Feb 26, 2011 MarkA commented on White House Requests Meeting with Seattle Times to Bully Against Pro-Pot Editorials.
Hello Seattle! How is that Hope And Change that y'all voted for a couple of years ago working out for you?
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