Joshua Friedes
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Apr 12, 2012 Joshua Friedes commented on St. Mary's Is Next Catholic Church to Balk at Seattle Archbishop's R-74 Campaign.
Catholics for Marriage Equality Washington State now has a Facebook page. Like the page if you want to support the effort of faithful Catholics who are living by their values and working to promote loving stable families in Washington state by trying to preserve the marriage equality law in Washington State.…

Also Catholics for Marriage Equality Washington state are urging Catholics to contact their pastors and urge them to prohibit the gathering of signatures at Church. You can see their letter that they sent to Equal Rights Washington advocates at the link below:…
Apr 12, 2012 Joshua Friedes commented on Father Ryan Refuses Anti-Gay Petitions, Calling Them "Hurtful and Seriously Divisive".
I am not surprised by this story. The Catholic laity has long been supportive of LGBT civil rights including marriage equality. While the Bishop may be taking a hard line, it is increasingly clear that parishioners—LGBT and straight—are talking to their parish priests and their priests are listening. We must encourage people to share their stories about why marriage equality is important with their clergy. And we must recognize that many faith traditions are already leaders in support of marriage equality, others are in transition and still others are deeply divided but increasingly are showing sensitivity to the reality that there are LGBT people among their faithful.
Feb 25, 2011 Joshua Friedes joined My Stranger Face
Feb 25, 2011 Joshua Friedes commented on Murray, Speaking to a Seattle Gay Business Group, Says It's Time to End DOMA (Which, By the Way, She Helped Begin).
This Statement from Senator Murray who was a strong supporter of the Approve 71 Campaign--to keep the domestic partnership law--shows how people evolve over time. Now is the time for increased activism in support of marriage equality in Washington State. I urge people to sign the marriage equality petition and share your personal stories. Gay or straight we all have stories about why marriage matters.