May 7, 2012 Kyrie commented on Socialism Wins!.
You see, that's social progress: now he'll have time to do at-home parenting for the little Gulia. You're welcome, fathers' right groups.
He's gone! Yeah, I know you know it, but it feels good to say it again: he's gooooooooooone. As he said it himself: "casse-toi, pauvre con !"

It's easier to get excited over Sarkozy's leaving than Hollande's coming in. I'm very suspicious, and time will have to show. But in the meanwhile: heeeeeeeeee's gone !!! :-)
May 7, 2012 Kyrie commented on Socialism Wins!.
He's gooooooone. I don't really know about socialism winning, but Sarko's goooooooooonnne. Yeaaaaaaaah.
Mar 13, 2012 Kyrie commented on SL Letter of the Day: Permission Slippage.
Why did these two women thought LW was a cheating husband? It might be because his profile on line isn't clear about it, which could easily push away ethical potential partners. Before lying to women and asking for trouble by helping them to cheat, how about trying it in a more honest and clear way, by stating from the beginning that you're NOT cheating?
Jan 23, 2012 Kyrie commented on Senate Vote Count on Marriage Equality.
Yeah, 25 :)
Jan 23, 2012 Kyrie commented on SL Letter of the Day: Girlfriend, Interrupted.
Weird first sentence:
"I'm a straight guy, but I met a beautiful, wonderful transwoman a year ago."
What does he thinks happened, being with a transwoman made him bi?
Jan 5, 2012 Kyrie commented on SL Letter of the Day: Monogamish Week, Day 2.
Well, on the scale of the morality of affairs, it's definitely not the worst it can get, but still..
As someone already said, all cheaters justify themselves with this kind of excuses.
And he had an other possibility, one he knew but decided not to use: asking. Which would have given the wife to possibility to chose for herself. If he respected her as a adult, he should have given her this choice. Maybe she would have said "If your were cheating I wouldn't want to know" "I'd prefer you to leave than that" or maybe she would have said yes under conditions. Hell, maybe her seeing other people would have woken up her libido! But he chose for her, so we'll never know.

Though I understand the concept that sleeping with someone else while taking care of your four children and your spouse with lock-in syndrome doesn't make you a piece of shit, the definition seems to widen with every example. She wasn't sick, LW speak of no children, no reason to think she would have gone homeless in case of divorce, one of the usual reasons you invoke to justify it. So what? Because he was very discrete it does not matter?
Nov 21, 2011 Kyrie commented on Slog Bible Study: Genesis 6:6-7.
Noah's Ark and Sodom are two very surprising stories. Forget the all-loving part, even the all-powerful and all-knowing sides of god seem not to exist.

Noah: God choose ONE good man (and his family) to spare, then destroys all other creatures out of anger, even though he created them himself (which should make him responsible). Two lines after Noah gets out of his boat, he gets drunk and naked the, get angry at a kid who walks on him. Then, I can only guess, lots of incestuous sex to repopulate the Earth.

Lot: God choose ONE good man (and his family) to spare, then destroys the rest of the inhabitants out of anger. We learn that it is possible to bargain with God, and that God does not know how many good men there are in the city. Two lines after Lot gets out of the city he gets drunks and have sex with his daughters. Twice. Even though the world is still full of humans. And that also means they had brought alcohol on the way out.

So, I'm sure there are plenty of nice ideas that could be extracted from these tales, but all that I can see is that either God is terrible judge of character or he's cool with getting drunk and incestuous sex. Or maybe both.
Nov 20, 2011 Kyrie commented on Rose Pedals Demands a Correction.
I don't like this word, "cis". I am a woman, by which I mean I was born with a uterus, a vagina and a vulva, probably am XX, I potentially can make babies, I look female, I feel concerned by feminists issues,... However, I don't feel female, or male for that matter, though I don't have a problem with the type of genitals I have or the general shape of my body (by which I mainly mean I don't mind having boobs nor any female feature)

Now, I know I would have a better argument if I could offer a better word - I very much understand why natural or bio might be offensive - but I still dislike this word very much. And it bother me a little bit that the fact that this word upset so many of the people it supposed to apply to does not matter. For which other group -oppressed or not- has it ever been the case? Of course, it is not meant as a slur (though it obviously can and has been used as one ) but it says: since your not this, you're that. As it has stated several times, the world isn't alway binary. Cis means "on this side of", Trans means "on the far side"; that leaves us with a few other sides and the whole frigging middle to cover the complexity of reality. If I can use a comparison, I would say that I would feel the same if I was told "since you're not a lesbian, you're straight".

Which means, until someone find a better word, I'm still a not-transgendered person.
Nov 2, 2011 Kyrie commented on It's Te Tougt Tat Counts.
Whatever his costume is, I guess it has glitter on it...
Oct 21, 2011 Kyrie commented on Herman Cain, Choicer.
There are plenty of evidence that (at least) many people does not choose to be gay/straight (not everybody being Kinsey 0 or 6 makes it more blurry. You can sometimes choose to round yourself up to something, straight, bi, gay, whatever)
- Bullied kids. How many would instantaneously change if they could. Most of them would, I guess. Nobody would kills themselves instead of just becoming straight.
- Women-hating men (I guess it can work the other way around, but we hear less about them) The MRA-type men (who spit on the brainless, gutless, kids stealing,... western women) would logically stop caring about women and fuck each other if they could decide to be gay.

Also, what if? What if you had chosen to be gay? That still doesn't make your relationships or marriage a threat to society.