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Mar 3, 2011 TskTskonU joined My Stranger Face
Mar 3, 2011 TskTskonU commented on School Board Terminates Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson From School District, Appoints Susan Enfield As Interim Superintendent.
Education remains the last frontier of Institutionalized Racism. I think the school board, parents and (perhaps) teachers wanted MGJ gone because they coveted Dr. Enfield. Harvard, Stanford and Cal-Berkeley???? Does anyone else find it slightly ironic that so many people are thrilled with the selection of this woman, who is a recent employee?? Washington is full of conservative liberals who like to pat themselves on the back for tolerating "others". Sadly, I watched the news coverage of individuals (all white) clapping and singing at the school board meeting regarding the decision to dismiss Dr. MGJ. These are the same type of people who advocate for their child's removal from one class to another depending on where the teacher went to college. I wonder if they teach their children to behave the same way if something displeases them? Hopefully, Dr. MGJ learned a valuable lesson in Washington. People of Color can not succeed without the validation of whites. Hopefully, she will be more successful in a state that does not expect her to be a "model minority".