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Mar 19, 2014 PoliGeek commented on Scott, the Millennial Republican, Has Opinions About Things.
You've kind of answered your own question: this ad is pretty much designed to go after white millennial males who hate the moralizing of the GOP but are also not especially sympathetic to the economic views of someone like Kshama Sawant for example. The target demo for this ad is an agnostic tech worker who probably considers himself a libertarian but hates the obvious disregard Republicans have for facts and science and so voted Obama. These are the same people contacted the council advocating for Uber. Most of the guys I know who fit this profile are more on the bro side of the equation though, as opposed to this whiny hipster.
Mar 19, 2014 PoliGeek commented on GOP Base Forced to Choose Between an Anti-Gay/Anti-Choice Nutjob and a Straight Dude With Anger Issues.
@6: this is a congressional race. It mentions the winner will face congresswoman jan Schakowsky. Not to unduly aid the GOP here, but Schakowsky's district is the Illinois equivalent of Jim McDermott's district. No republican candidate has any hope of ever winning it. I'm not so sure this says "Republicans are crazy" as much as "weak political parties can't prevent wackos from winning primaries". For the Democratic counter weight, see the 2012 Dem primary winner for US Senator from Tennessee.
Feb 24, 2014 PoliGeek commented on Bookstores Are Not Charities.
I think we all underestimate the lengths most people will now go to in order to avoid interacting with a clerk or store employee. There will always be a niche for people who want this interaction.
Feb 24, 2014 PoliGeek commented on No Place for Cars in a World that Lives in Cities.
If the car industry wants to survive they'll have to get behind self-driving cars. People would get the comfort and convenience of a car with the hands off "let someone else worry about the details" attitude of public transportation. You don't have to drive yourself but you also have access to this vehicle 24 hrs a day at a moments notice without having to cram into it with strangers is a pretty compelling pitch.
Nov 4, 2013 PoliGeek commented on How to Come Out in Politics, 2013 Edition.
Michaud is a US Representative from Maine's 2nd district, so it's a much bigger deal than just a state rep. Also, his district is the 2nd most rural in the whole United States, according to the US Census and the biggest district by area east of the Mississippi. Good to pols coming out outside of large metro areas.
Aug 28, 2013 PoliGeek commented on Seattle Has the Worst Drivers.
Not at all surprised. After moving out here from the east coast I couldn't believe the shit I saw on the roads here: coming to a full stop before turning right on a green light (no pedestrians in the crosswalk), the inability to merge, the vague drift and slowdown to change lanes and finally worst of all, the sloooooow driving, especially on the interstate. I can't believe we ranked as high as 160.
Aug 20, 2013 PoliGeek commented on More Bad News for Barnes & Noble.
Bookstores will last a little longer than video stores because people have a tough time letting physical books go. It's the reason that you'll see someone haul in a 1950's era encyclopedia Brittanica set to Half Price Books. They hate to throw away even useless books. My parents refuse to use an ATM and my grandparents refuse to use the supermarket self-check. But millennials? They don't really want to talk to anyone to complete a transaction if they can help it. It's the way of things, for better or worse.
Jun 27, 2013 PoliGeek commented on ‘Other Desert Cities’.
Was not a huge fan of this. Not to pan the show entirely, as the actors do a good job and it was cool seeing Kevin Tighe (Locke's dad from Lost) and Pamela Reed in stage. But the writing is extremely trite: it's set in 2004 so think Internet jokes and ham fisted references to 9/11. The "zingers" are things that your elderly parents who cut out newspaper stories would find funny ("Palm Springs isn't a refuge, it's King Tut's Tomb! Whole town is filled with mummies with tans"; huge laughs from the 65 yr olds next to us).

Another thing: good luck trying to figure out the timeline here. For those who have seen it: I was under the impression the parents were in sort of self imposed exile in Palm Springs because of their older son, only to find out later that those events took place something like 35 years earlier. It's all very muddled. Again, the actors do their best but this material is already badly dated.
May 28, 2013 PoliGeek commented on Slog Poll: Arrested Development, Season 4.
Not many laughs for me so far (up to ep 7). Focusing on one or two characters per episode just doesn't work, and the patches they used are blatant: doubles, constant phone conversations, bad dubbing and green screen. The fun of the first three seasons was having 2-3 plots going on at once.
Apr 11, 2013 PoliGeek commented on A Few Random Thoughts About Watching The Shining Projected in Reverse Over The Shining.
@2 has it right. Went with my bf to see 237 expecting a sort of behind the scenes look at the making of the movie. Instead, they went out and found the biggest screwballs on the internet to share their theories about The Shining. We wondered before the movie why the trailer was so sparse, and after seeing the film it was obvious they couldn't come out and actually say what it was about and still get people in the theater.