Dec 2, 2015 JFP commented on Fuck You, Spike Lee.
Bad ass soundtrack? Even my Idaho butt wanted more PE than the chorus of Fight The Power. I bet the Soundtrack all the shelf was probably dope, this one might be as well? But from the movie itself, Do The Right Thing had like ten of Chuck's words.

Came to say what #1 said.

All gimmick then, probably the same now. Maybe it is just my shoes.
Sep 22, 2015 JFP commented on Walking Through Downtown Seattle's Temporary Security Zone Is Really Weird.
That canine was an explosive sniffer, they were letting a few cars through heading west on Stewart but only after the dog sweeped the car. I wish you had seen the mustache on the German Shepherd's handlers partner.
Jul 31, 2015 JFP commented on I, Anonymous.
@8 Are you a teetotaler, or the one person who never had alcohol sneak up on them while in college, creating a greater drunk then was expected? Remember, while your buds may have made it there goal to sneak the amount you were actually drinking passed you, Arthur, they tried harder to do the same to women.
Nov 13, 2014 JFP commented on Nine Employees Speak Out in Defense of Paseo Owners as Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy.
@21 Actually this article changes nothing. Just that some of the employees have affection for the owners.
Aug 25, 2014 JFP commented on OH NO! The Erotic Bakery Is Closing.
@29 Don't be ridiculous. No minimum wage has increased yet and even then The Erotic Bakery and Louie's Cuisine would only be increased to $10 on April 5, 2015. Which I bet you they already had, since McDonalds currently pays $9.32. You appear quite out of touch.
Jul 24, 2014 JFP commented on No, No, NO: Seattle's Hurricane Cafe Is Closing.
If anyone actually went to the Hurricane, it wouldn't be closed. (well maybe it would). None the less that place is always empty.
Jul 18, 2014 JFP commented on Could You Get Blown Up by an Oil Train Crash in Seattle? Check This Map.
@2 Not if you came to it via Facebook.
Jul 15, 2014 JFP commented on Performing Race and a Dangerously White Production of The Mikado.
Just another response of how this author judged a book by it's cover. Now about a piece of literature before you speak on it. The complaints in the article are what G&S were trying to speak on when they wrote it. Take a look at the opening number, it's not disguised. Hack writing here.
Nov 20, 2012 JFP commented on Anonymous Claims to Have Helped Barack O'Fraudo Win the Election: What Do You Think?.
@8 Do we know that he isn't ding that? I only get my Fox News second hand.

@10 If you were going to vote fiddle, why make it as obvious as 100%? Specially when 4% difference wouldn't sway the overall winner. Even third grade answer sheet grabbers know to miss a question or two.
Sep 5, 2012 JFP commented on Sentenced to a Life of Unemployment?.
A DUI kept me from an accounting position at a law firm.