Dec 4, 2012 Teagan commented on Savage Love.
When I read the initial letter last week, my reaction was "oh, terminology confusion". I agree a person can be 'wired' for poly/monogamy. The trouble is, 'sexual orientation' is a very, very narrow definition---of what physical sex you're attracted to. That's it, game over. Trouble is, I have no idea what to call the poly/monogamy thing, since obviously for a significant amount of people there's not a whole lot of choice involved. Thoughts, anybody? Or am I totally incorrect and babbling like a moron?
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Mar 5, 2011 Teagan commented on No Signature Fraud in Washington? It's Hard to Find What You Don't Look For.
It's anecdotal, I realize, but when I worked as a signature-gatherer we were required to follow strict rules of conduct, every two out of ten of our signatures were independently verified, and in the process I got to involve more people in the voting system. I realize there's a lot of potential for abuse, but it can be done correctly, too.