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Apr 10 junipero commented on Restaurateurs Had a Minimum-Wage Lunch Chat at City Hall Yesterday, and the Crowd Raged.
@18 sounds to me like you just want Councilmembers to agree with you completely on everything, and are both offended and threatened when they dare hold a different opinion and perspective.
Apr 10 junipero commented on Restaurateurs Had a Minimum-Wage Lunch Chat at City Hall Yesterday, and the Crowd Raged.
How did Sawant come off as "a bit severe" for being the only one to put this debate where it belongs - on workers who are in poverty? The whole hearing reminded me a *lot* of the Congressional town halls in the summer of 2009, where teabaggers showed up to yell and scream about Obamacare. They had their facts wrong, but instead took the approach of trying to shout down and bully people trying to help low-income folks escape poverty.

That's what I saw at yesterday's hearing: bullying. Bullying of Sawant, bullying of workers. These businesses do not want to pay a $15 wage and are looking for any option they can find to get out of it. We cannot let them succeed.
Apr 9 junipero commented on Council Member Sawant, Can We Talk?.
@10, @12, exactly, their approach is to try and force Sawant to concede further than she already has. Notice that these small business, who we now know are merely shills for big corporations, have not actually agreed to raise their workers' wages to $15. They demand we concede yet offer nothing in return. That's one reason to ignore them. The other is that all the evidence we have from 100 years of minimum wage increases is that it doesn't hurt businesses. These small businesses have no evidence - none whatsoever - to justify their claims. Until they produce actual evidence, we can safely ignore these whiny pleas to be allowed to keep paying their workers poverty wages.
Apr 9 junipero commented on Council Member Sawant, Can We Talk?.
"I and many other local, small, independent businesses have come together to create many grassroots organizations that stand for a responsible approach to income inequality while ensuring the very nature of Seattle's truly small, independent businesses are preserved for all to enjoy in the future."

What you meant to say was "we have come together to not actually do much to lift our workers out of poverty while ensuring we still make a lot of money." Sorry, we're not buying it. We can phase in a $15/hr wage over a few years but no exemptions, no tip penalties, no "total compensation" nonsense. Those things mean workers don't actually get a $15/hr wage and therefore those policies are simply not acceptable.
Apr 8 junipero commented on Leaked E-Mail Shows Big Business Trying to Use Small Businesses to Weaken $15 Minimum Wage.
Tipping is fine, but a worker's ability to make ends meet shouldn't be dependent on it. Tips should be extra, not base. Seattle voters agree and that's why a tip credit will never pass.

But this leak is utterly damning. Now we know David Meinert, Mr. 99%, is now a shill for big business. We need never take him seriously again.
Apr 4 junipero commented on SPD Auditor Slams Bungled Misconduct Cases.
If this had happened while McGinn was mayor people would have called for his head. Instead Murray thinks he can just skate on by while reform falls apart in order for him to please SPOG. Appalling.
Apr 2 junipero commented on Your Favorite Indie Shop Is Out of Business if $15-an-Hour Happens.
So why didn't this prediction of doom and gloom come to pass when WA raised its minimum wage in the late 1990s? Why hasn't it come to pass when San Jose raised its minimum wage to $10 a year or two ago? In fact the evidence shows local businesses do just fine.
Mar 19 junipero commented on Scott, the Millennial Republican, Has Opinions About Things.
Yes, this is ridiculous, but at least they are trying to do outreach to younger voters. Eventually they will figure it out through trial and error. Meanwhile, Democrats continue to ignore younger voters. I had an FB discussion with a local political consultant whose name rhymes with "Dean Nielsen" who tried to argue that it didn't make sense for Dems to do any outreach to younger voters because they won't show up anyway so who cares.

Mar 19 junipero commented on Sawant Actually Takes Risks With Her Press Statements.
This is one of the many reasons I voted for her. She cuts through the usual Council bullshit and says something true and meaningful. We need more open and honest debate in this city, we're too scared of it, and her presence has already made politics and government in this city much better.
Mar 13 junipero commented on After Worthless Regular Session, Legislature Unlikely to Hold Even More Worthless Special Session.
Disappointed, but not surprised, that Dems did not make more of a stand on sick leave and raising the wage. Huge missed opportunities. They also gave up too easily on the Reproductive Parity Act.

About the only good thing to come from this session, and it will be a huge, national news making win, is if the Legislature refuses to cave to Arne Duncan and link teacher evaluations to test scores. That will be a legitimate progressive win and one that took some guts for the Legislature to do.

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