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May 12 junipero commented on State Representative Jessyn Farrell Is Running for Mayor.
I'm curious to hear how we can accelerate rail to Ballard and West Seattle when she voted to cut ST3 funding...
Apr 11 junipero commented on Potential Challengers to Mayor Ed Murray Have More Than a Month Left to File. What If....
@7 their mystery candidate is likely either Anne Levinson or Sally Jewell, with Jenny Durkan as an outside possibility.
Apr 11 junipero commented on Potential Challengers to Mayor Ed Murray Have More Than a Month Left to File. What If....
Cam here to say the same thing as @3. Sawant's already proven she can win citywide.

My bet is this plays out as it did with the 7th Congressional District - someone steps up to run against Murray, it becomes clear to Murray he is in a fight he might not be able to win, he drops out.

But I'd also bet that Murray lines up a preferred successor, drops out around 4PM on May 19, and the successor files at 4:30. It'll be a hell of a Friday news dump.
Feb 2 junipero commented on Two Major Departures Ahead of Seattle Times Layoffs on Friday.
@2 as a white male myself I'm not saying that others like me can never share my values. My point is that one reason the Seattle Times doesn't share my values is because the editorial staff lacks diversity of background.
Feb 2 junipero commented on Two Major Departures Ahead of Seattle Times Layoffs on Friday.
This is good news. One of the biggest problems at the Times is a white, largely male, staff of editors who help ensure the paper's stories are written from a position of privilege and protection of the status quo, mocking progressive efforts to achieve change. The Times does have some good reporters but their work is systematically undermined by the editors. While it would be inappropriate for Seattle residents to give their money to the Times right now, that could change if the editorial ranks - on both the newsroom and opinion sides of the wall - are replaced with people who share our values.
Jan 23 junipero commented on Newcomers! Get Up to Speed on Seattle Politics.
Good overview except for the whole Seattle Times thing. Do not under any circumstances give them a dime of your money - unless you're the type who thinks Fox News is a fair and accurate source of news. The Seattle Times hates you and everything you believe, and that's true on the news side as well as the editorial side. Don't encourage them. The longer people in Seattle refuse to subscribe, the closer the Times gets to finally cracking and realizing they can't survive as a right-wing paper in a left-wing city.
Jan 7 junipero commented on After Buyouts and Layoffs, Nearly Two Dozen People Will Leave the Seattle Times Newsroom.
No self-respecting Seattle resident should be giving their money to the Seattle Times. Their right-wing editorial page, which spits in the face of our city's values, is reason enough to not subscribe. But their news side isn't much better. Their stories are repeatedly biased, especially against progressive ideas and against social justice. Some of this comes from biased reporters, but a lot of it comes from biased news editors. It's not that the editorial page dictates news coverage, it's more that the editors on both sides of the wall share the same biases, and that's likely a deliberate result of Frank Blethen's hiring decisions.

In any case, subscribing to the Seattle Times is no different than writing a check to Fox News. Don't do it. Withhold your money until they are forced to make substantial changes in how they cover our community.
Jan 6 junipero commented on Pramila Jayapal Makes Last-Ditch Effort to Save the Country, Block Trump During Final Electoral Tally.
So, this wasn't "Biden shutting her down" - Biden was legally required to cut off these objections, which came from several women of color and others in the House, because a Senator needed to support the objection and not a single Senate Democrat would. Of course Republicans laughed: they suppressed votes and got away with it. Kudos to Rep. Jayapal and the others who stood up for voting rights when nobody else would.
Nov 6, 2016 junipero commented on Fuck This Fucking Guy: Robert Satiacum, the Washington State Democratic Elector Who Won't Vote Clinton.
This guy is a Native American leader who is watching as Hillary helps break treaties by refusing to condemn and oppose the DAPL. What the fuck does he owe Hillary? Maybe when she honors the treaties and fights back against the pipelines, Satiacum - whose family helped lead the Native American rights movement here - will decide she's earned his vote.

Seriously, calling him a BernieBro is pretty damn offensive.
Oct 17, 2016 junipero commented on Governor Jay Inslee Lands Coveted Endorsement for Re-Election from Bill Nye the Science Guy.
Jay Inslee is the classic example of a high-fiving white guy. (I mean that as a compliment.) Bill Nye should have endorsed him with that persona instead of the Science Guy.