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Jul 7 junipero commented on Duwamish Tribe Vows to Keep Fighting for Recognition, Despite Last Week's Decision.
There's also longstanding reports that the Muckleshoots do not accept the distinctness of the Duwamish and see the Duwamish as a subtribe of the Muckleshoot nation. Whether or not this is related to the Muckleshoots' desire to not have a casino open in Seattle and compete with their facility in Auburn is of course for you all to decide...
Jun 4 junipero commented on District Date: Riding Bikes With Mike O'Brien + Standing on a Street Corner with His Challenger!.
I wasn't there so obviously you have a better sense of what O'Brien said. But based on how it's written here I don't think it's such an odd argument. I didn't get that he was saying we should stop investing in SE Seattle - but that NW Seattle is a great neighborhood that deserves investment as well. Maybe he was trying out a line, but it is reflective of how he actually thinks. He likes Ballard, a lot, thinks it's fantastic, and wants to give more people the opportunity to come share in that awesomeness by building more transit and more affordable housing.

Maybe it sounded better in his head, but I think I can see what he's getting at, and it's good.
May 21 junipero commented on Foo Fighters Were the Final Guest on David Letterman’s Farewell to TV. Does This Sound Right to Anyone?.
It's his show, they have sentimental value to him. He's earned the right to go out on his own terms.

So yeah, it sounds just right to me.
May 14 junipero commented on Bill Bryant, Who Backed Bringing Shell's Arctic Drilling Fleet to Seattle, Announces Run for Governor.
@1 precisely - he thinks that picking a fight with Seattle plays well for him.
May 11 junipero commented on John Roderick Raised More Money Than Tim Burgess Last Month—Plus, Fundraising Tallies in Other City Council Races.
@1 while you are technically correct, in practice the current Councilmembers will still benefit from the usual advantages of incumbency even in a district system. Most are already outpacing their challengers in terms of fundraising, and unfortunately some of the strongest candidates have chosen to not run or are running only in seats where there is no incumbent, making the incumbents' path to re-election easier.
May 6 junipero commented on Sierra Club Endorses Mike O'Brien and Kshama Sawant for Reelection.
@2 perhaps, but can you imagine the Sierra Club endorsing anyone over O'Brien and Sawant? Maybe if John Muir rose from the dead and filed to run in District 6, but otherwise this is a logical move for the Sierra Club to make.
Mar 12 junipero commented on Leaked E-mail: Republican Senator Andy Hill Is Considering a Run for Governor.
Andy Hill is Washington State's Scott Walker. Which means Democrats should take him as a very serious threat, though he is beatable. (So was Walker, but the utterly incompetent Wisconsin Democrats blew it three times against him. Sadly, the Washington Democrats aren't much more effective.)
Feb 9 junipero commented on Your Post-Super Bowl Doldrums Seattle Sports Update.
Spring training games are *great* - but only if you're actually there in Arizona to take it all in live. The players there hoping for a roster spot are going all-out. All kinds of crazy things can and do happen as a result. You see pitching decisions and hitting plays that you don't always see during the regular season. It's not so great on TV but after being there in person in 2012 and 2013 I'm a convert to the joy that is spring training.

Plus it's time spent in sunny Arizona, which in February is a welcome change of pace.
Feb 5 junipero commented on Officer Cynthia Whitlatch's Conduct Shows SPD Needs Systemic Reform.
SPOG endorsed Ed Murray and he has bent over backward to give them everything they have demanded. The police reform process in Seattle is fake - the DOJ isn't watching this closely, Jenny Durkan and Ed Murray never cared about the issue and only saw it as a weapon against the previous mayor, and the City Council doesn't give a shit and never has.
Feb 3 junipero commented on What Mike O’Brien’s Challenger Tells Us About the New City Council District Elections.
These NIMBYs can delude themselves as much as they want to: the evidence from around the country is clear that in City Council elections, it's the broader issues that matter more than rain gardens and rezones. O'Brien is on solid ground here in District 6 and this NIMBY yahoo is going to have her hands full trying to defeat a widely popular and well-liked incumbent.

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