Oct 14 Xian-Qi commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Cockyboys, Shymoms, Armpits.
Like @3, I was just gonna say ... How much did Cockboys pay you and/or The Stranger for that "letter"? And isn't it unethical to run advertorials without marking it as "sponsored content"?
Sep 30 Xian-Qi commented on Savage Love.
Something else for CPOS to consider ... Marriage is the commitment. Engagement is for figuring out if marriage is a good idea. You have not made the lifetime commitment yet. Now is the time for making mistakes, figuring out your feelings, and seeing how you handle them ... which you're doing. It doesn't mean you can keep on cheating until you're married. It does mean you should not be so hard on yourself. If you feel you've figured this one out and you're ready for marriage, go for it. If you haven't figured it out and you want to cheat again, you're not ready for marriage.
Sep 27 Xian-Qi commented on Unsolicited Advice for Hillary Clinton.
Wow, very well written. I could totally hear Hillary's voice saying those words. Hope one of her staffers puts this into her next prep debate -- verbatim!
Sep 22 Xian-Qi commented on Hillary's Poll Numbers Are Improving (But There's No Improving the Electoral College).
"We've got millions of petulant Millennials to pound sense into."

You want the left to vote for Clinton? Stop shitting on them. Stop referring to them as petulant children who need a pounding. When someone writes to you about a partner who is unsupportive and haranguing, you say DTMFA. Well, when you and the editor of Mother Jones ("I hate millennials") show no empathy to the people whose votes you want, well, they DTMFA. You want millennial votes? Put the pressure on Clinton to take Elizabeth Warren onto the campaign trail and court their votes. But no, Clinton doesn't want to be "upstaged." And it will never be her fault for not courting and wooing the millennial vote, it will be millennials at fault because they didn't respond to your hatred and contempt.
Sep 15 Xian-Qi commented on Clinton Counterfactual From '08 Disproved by Clinton Nomination In '16.
I'm a Sanders supporter who is (was?) going to vote for Clinton because I'm generally on your side, and I buy the arguments that you and Bill Maher and others put forward... and yet... AND YET... YOU STILL FIND A WAY TO BULLY US AND BEAT US UP.


Your candidate won. MOST of the Sanders people he sheep-dogged into the Democratic party are voting for Clinton. But that's not good enough for you. You can't blame your own candidate for running a lousy campaign. How she always jumps to the convenient lie FIRST (it's allergies, no, it's heat exhaustion, but oh now there's a video of me collapsing, okay it's pneumonia). How she always plays to the audience that's in front of her ("Reagan was a hero in the fight against AIDS, Wall Street money corrupts everybody except me.")

If Clinton loses, would Sanders have done better? Who the fuck knows. But you're already playing counter-factual, assuming that if Hillary loses, Sanders supporters are going to act like assholes, so you're pre-emptively assholing against us. Please, please, please, please, FUCKING STOP IT. It's your candidate. If she blows it blame her, not Bernie, not the people who would have preferred him. Because you make me want to vote for Jill Stein out of spite. I probably won't. But you're really pushing me...

Also take a cue from Bill Maher who puts forward the same argument for voting Clinton, but who is being super classy toward Bernie and his supporters. That is how you win people over ... you charm them and show empathy. You don't bully them into submission.
Sep 9 Xian-Qi commented on "Come On, Man!" Gary Johnson, Gun Nut, On Guns (He's Nuts).
He doesn't know where Allepo is because it's a place he has no interest on invading. Johnson has a policy of non-intervention. The world would have been a lot better of if Bush didn't know what Iraq was.
Sep 8 Xian-Qi commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
@75 -- Actually, I'm voting for Clinton. The fact that you assumed I'm voting for Stein only proves my point. You represent the Clintonite thinking that anyone with a different view of the world must be on somebody else's side. You say you are "building the world" but you are doing the opposite if you don't include the people whose votes you want. You say the world is complicated, which means you do the complicated work of building coalitions. You don't win trust in those coalitions by saying their views are bullshit or putting their "concerns" in quotation marks. I believe that Sanders has built that coalition with Clinton and I'm going to trust her. But I see Dems like you and Dan push the extreme left away from the Clinton by insulting them and saying they don't have a choice. Actually, the do have a choice -- it's what democracy is about. When I deal with Stein supporters, I present those people with compelling reasons to vote for Clinton. You calling them names and putting a gun to their head really doesn't help the cause.
Sep 8 Xian-Qi commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
@71 -- Right on!

@70 -- As 71 indicated, saying my words are "drivel" show just what's wrong with Dems today. A complete inability to empathize with the reasons some leftists refuse to vote for Clinton. You say the Dems are fighting a conservative movement, but that's obviously failed. The Dems are now further to the right than Republicans of the 70s. At some point the Dems have to stop fighting the conservatives by caving to their agenda. If you're a college graduate with $50,000 in debt and your best option is living with that debt for the rest of your life, it probably doesn't matter if the president is a racist asshole or a Wall Street lackey who will keep shipping jobs overseas (via the TPP). On that note, Clinton isn't fighting Citizens United, as you say -- she says she is, but you can't say "money corrupts the GOP, but it doesn't corrupt me, so I'll keep taking the cash via Citizens United." Money corrupts the process, and she has participated in allowing that.

I'm no fan of Stein herself and your criticisms are right in many regards. But if you want her voters, the Clintonites have to stop calling them stupid and demanding their votes. Empathize with them, understand their concerns, and EARN their votes.
Sep 7 Xian-Qi commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
66, Catalina ... I totally agree with you. I don't entirely support the Greens or Stein. You and Dan are right when you both say that the Greens must build their organization from the ground rather than run a president and do nothing else. I personally support Clinton over the other candidates. But my point wasn't to support or criticize the Greens. All I'm saying is they have a support base, and they have it for a reason. We can't scapegoat people who vote their conscience when there are so many unconscionable things happening in US democracy. The same way the Greens only run a president every four years and do nothing, critics such as Dan (who I love, but I'll be hard here) are not much different -- they do/say nothing for four years about real democratic injustice, then instead of facing difficult realities, blame voters who don't share their values when their candidate loses. If Trump wins, there will be lots of blame on the left to go around.
Sep 7 Xian-Qi commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
Gore lost to Bush for a variety of reasons, but the Clintonites like to solely blame Ralph Nader for that one. Okay, fine, cite that as a factor if you want. But there were a host of other reasons. Now we have another "Nader" situation on the horizon Again, blame is being readied at that 4.5% of the electorate. Fine. But why have Democrats done NOTHING in the past sixteen years -- not even a voice in the wilderness -- to call out for electoral reform, to make sure that a situation like Florida can't happen again, that every vote gets counted, that the electoral college cannot elect a president who doesn't receive a majority of votes, that people in poor neighborhoods don't have to wait in line for 10 hours to cast a ballot.

No, you're happy with a banana republic-style democracy that favors Republicans. Then when Republicans win, you marginalize those who exercise their democratic right to vote for the candidate they support. You don't get to have it both ways.

So if Clinton wins the election -- and I hope she does -- you don't get to sit on your asses for 4, 8, 12, 16 years and not fight for electoral reform and then blame the next Nader or Stein for losing to the next Republican (Dems won't govern forever). You also don't get to sit on your asses and not examine why your party played roulette by nominating the least popular candidate at the convention. Or why the party roundly criticized free education for Americans, something that would create educated, informed voters (it's the uneducated class that's voting for Trump, and yet the Dems don't see the value for themselves in educating the children of the bigots).

I get it -- Clinton and Trump are the only two choices on the menu. This is not the time to criticize things that cannot be changed before the election. The only thing that can potentially be changed are the minds of the hard left. Okay, fine. But where was your voice in the past 16 years fighting against a broken election system that favors Republicans? I guess it's easier to raise your voice against marginalized voters who don't support your candidate.

This is why we have candidates like Stein. Prominent Dems such as yourself, Dan, have seemed to have no problem with your party when the Republicans pull it to the right. It just keeps going and going, throwing a bone to gay rights and saying nice things to minorities to mask their drift rightwards. Why shouldn't it be the other way? The Stain supporters want the Dems to pull the Republicans leftward. But that fight has been abandoned.

So you want to win over the Stain voters before the next election? Fight for electoral reform and reform within the Democratic party. Don't just sit back and be happy with a system that screws the left. You can't keep caving to every neo-liberal idea and expect everyone in the left to follow. So blame the Stein voters this time if Trump wins, just as long as you're willing to share the blame for creating that constituency. .