Feb 3, 2016 Anti-m commented on Tell Us What to Do with a Sad Misogynist Who Wants Us to Pay Attention to His Misogyny and Homophobia.
Some sort of flash mob rendition of West End Girls?
Feb 20, 2015 Anti-m commented on Seattle's Three Biggest Earthquake Hazards, Reviewed.
I thought the subduction zone quake was the biggest threat of the three? (9.0 versus 7.0? And remember that scale is logarithmic!)
Aug 25, 2014 Anti-m commented on Henry Rollins Apologizes for His Comments on Suicide.
I would go with a "Yes, I forgive him, as this apology sounds sincere, but I still think he's a nitwit."
Aug 22, 2014 Anti-m commented on The Walrus Accuses Me of Saying Something I've Never Said and Refuses to Run a Correction.
504 Error. It seems the added bandwidth has crashed their enterprise!
Aug 12, 2014 Anti-m commented on What's Your Favorite Haruki Murakami Novel?.
Wind Up Bird, but HBWATEOTW, Kafka, and even the Sheep Chase duo are all runners up.

I found both After Dark and 10Q84 tremendously unsatisfying.

Seconding the love for his playlists... I'd also like to add love for the foodstuffs. I'd buy a Murakami cookbook!
Jun 24, 2014 Anti-m commented on Tumblr of the Day....
Poof! You're a sandwich!
Mar 17, 2014 Anti-m commented on Did the Missing Malaysia Airliner Fly in the Shadow of Another Plane, Thereby Avoiding Radar Detection?.
I came to make the Reamde reference, but #3 beat me to it.
Apr 10, 2013 Anti-m commented on The American Movie Theater Business Isn't Looking Good.
Ok, I did some research RE: the inflation question as it pertains to movies.

First, what did movies cost "back in the day?"

A cursory Google image search of old theater advertisements indicates that movies in the depression era cost a quarter.

The bureau of labor statistics inflation calculator indicates that a quarter would be the equivalent of about 4.25 today. (I used 1935 as the baseline.)

So yes. Movies are a good deal more expensive now, and I really do think that that fact is a huge contributor to declining admission.

Fixes I'd make if I were queen of the movies include the already mentioned assigned seats, good snacks, alcohol, no ads, and climate control that is not set at the "meat locker" notch.

It seems a lot of second-run theaters in Portland are doing OK with that modified business model (including the lower price point)
Mar 5, 2013 Anti-m commented on What Do You Think Wealth Distribution Looks Like in America?.
I still think it's a pretty nifty graphic representation of the comprehension gap.

That said, if you're going to grade on a Tufte scale, it also would have been nice to cite the paper (which is short and worth checking out):

Feb 5, 2013 Anti-m commented on Karen Carpenter.
@23 beat me to it. I had always been medium on the Carpenters until someone turned me on to those pared-down tracks, which are ridiculously lovely. Well, those, and that Sonic Youth cover of Superstar, which is also fantastic.