Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Dec 7, 2014 Asbel commented on Comic.
Why does finding lots of money cause the protagonist to throw away their cane? Was the cane just an affection, or does the mere presence of money heal all physical afflictions?
Aug 3, 2014 Asbel commented on The Sunday Morning News.
@4 So if you've had direct contact with bodily fluids but aren't worried about it, then there is no need to do anything?
Apr 25, 2014 Asbel commented on The Majority-Backed Minimum Wage Plan Obtained by The Stranger.
So the inflationary adjustments would begin after phase in, but which phase in? There are 3,4,5, and 7 year phase ins for different businesses. Would there be four different minimum wages in perpetuity?

If the health care credit remains, I predict a new market will arise for insurance plans that have a high nominal premium but provide rebates or perks to the business owner.
Apr 4, 2014 Asbel commented on Amazon Web Services Are Apparently Brought To You By Dirty, Dirty Coal.
@9 Very few of Amazon's servers are in their corporate offices. The largest concentrations are in the regions listed here:…
Jan 2, 2014 Asbel commented on SPD Investigating New Year's Eve Arson at Packed Neighbours Nightclub.
"Someone pulled the fire alarm and caused the fire sprinkler system to activate."

Either this was a very unusual sprinkler system, or someone at SPD is confused about how sprinklers work. I am not an expert, but I'm fairly sure that sprinklers are triggered by heat, not by alarms.
Nov 18, 2013 Asbel commented on Amazon Didn't Need Your Stinky Bookstore Anyway.
How is it "dotcom arrogance" to think that local bookstores would want to carry their books? Did Amazon's labels publish trash?
Oct 11, 2013 Asbel commented on With No Irony.
So, no irony, but obnoxious photo filters instead.
Sep 24, 2013 Asbel commented on WA Is Number One! (At Taxing the Poor!).
Some day I'd like to see a breakdown of these numbers. If poor people spend half of their money on rent and half on other goods, and half of those other goods are food, then 2-3% of their income is going to sales tax. So are we then to assume that almost a third of their rent is attributed to property tax? That seem high, since the landlord also needs to cover mortgage, maintenance, and profit.
Aug 19, 2013 Asbel commented on Morning News: Hometown Flashers, Mayoral Gropers, and Deceased Tassel Twirlers.
@5 That's great for the downtown core, but there's a significant number of crossings between the north tunnel mouth and Myrtle Edwards Park.
Aug 16, 2013 Asbel commented on Here's What Conservatives Say When They Talk About Gay People Behind Closed Doors.
I'm glad to know that conservatives like this are so concerned about what is natural and what is not. I presume that after they take care of the gay problem they'll move on to regulating GMO food?

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