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Nov 8, 2012 HADarryl commented on Mitt Romney Lost Because He Was Never Ahead.

In 2008, McCain led from about 10 March to 1 May 2008. And the race was tied (literally 50% to 50%) from 10th to 20th September, 2008. From: this analysis but specifically, this graph.
Aug 1, 2012 HADarryl commented on Major GOP Fuckup Could Disqualify Romney from Washington Ballot.
Action Slacks,

" I'm a bit confused by the formatting of the post. Is this all your research and material, or are you quoting someone else in the blockquote sections there?"

It's pretty clear that Goldy is quoting "a public records request that was forwarded [his] way."
Jul 27, 2012 HADarryl commented on Introducing Rob McKenna.

'Rob McKenna named his dog “W.”'

Are you sure you're not mistaking McKenna for Dino Rossi? I though Dino's dog was W. McKenna has a dog names Stella. (Clearly not as fun for us, but there is something to be said for this "truth" concept.)
Jul 18, 2012 HADarryl commented on First Tomatoes of the Season.
Wait...that pinky finger print look vaguely familiar... Oh, yeah!
Jul 13, 2012 HADarryl commented on Maybe We Should Require DNA Voter Identification?.
Ohhh...and got caught!
Aug 23, 2011 HADarryl commented on Please Turn Off Your Electronic Devices.


A couple of years ago, I was flying a small plane across Montana, over a region with very few airports. I happened to leave my cell phone on. At some point it began roaming and was causing interference to the communications radio.

Until I figured it out what was going on, it added stress to an already stressful because it was getting dark, I was unfamiliar with the area and the destination airport, and the distance between airports meant I had less fuel reserve than I would like. And now it seemed my radio was fucked up.

It turned out to be a minor nuance during a non-critical phase of flight, but it distracted the hell out of me for a few minutes while figuring out what was going on.

The last thing you want during a critical phase of flight is a pilot being distracted with, "what the fuck is going on with the radio?!?" Chances are very good the flight will be unaffected. But with tens of millions of commercial flights in a year, the "small chance" turns into an occasional incident.
Aug 23, 2011 HADarryl commented on Please Turn Off Your Electronic Devices.
Josh Bis,

"I doubt that they're consulting aeronautical navigation charts during take off or landing."

The sure as hell do!

When landing, pilots flying under instrument flight rules (including most commercial airline flights), must have approach charts available. A different chart is used for each specific type of instrument landing, and these things are updated frequently. (Here is an old one from Seatac.)

Having these available on an e-reader type device is helpful. An ipad is at least as useful during takeoff and landing as it is enroute (where navigation GPS systems are far more useful.)
Additionally, checklists are used in all phases of flight, and are another excellent use for e-readers.
Aug 23, 2011 HADarryl commented on Please Turn Off Your Electronic Devices.

It should be clear why devices with transmitters in them (cell phones, wireless devices, etc.) should not be used during critical phases of flight. But even radio receivers have oscillators in them, and they emit low level RF that can produce "heterodyne" frequencies (and frequencies at multiples of the heterodynes). Such signals can, potentially, interfere with communications and navigation systems. Computer equipment also has oscillators with the same potential for interference.

Private pilots have been using computers in the cockpit for years, as well as non-type-certified GPS equipment (that contain both receivers and computers). A common application has been for use of electronic charts. In this regard, the private pilot community is way ahead of the commercial industry. The empirical evidence suggests that interference is rare.

But electronic interference is probably less critical for private pilots than for airline transport pilots because (1) the pilot can control the use of electronic devices (even if there are a couple of passengers), (2) private pilots spend less time in "hard" instrument meteorological conditions, (3) private pilots tend to fly much simpler aircraft, (4) private pilots don't fly hundreds of people around at a time.

An airline pilot doesn't have the capacity to quickly control the hundreds of electronic devices on the plane the way a private pilot does.

The problem isn't with you using your ipad as an e-reader (very low interference potential). Rather, it is leaving the wireless transceiver on. Or leaving your Zune's FM receiver on. And so on. So rather than list a set of permissible and impermissible devices (like they do for the en-route portion of the flight), and hope everyone understands the instructions and follows them, they simply ask everyone to turn off everything. The practice has probably averted "problems" here and there.
Aug 22, 2011 HADarryl commented on Who Wants to Give Uncle Goldy a New Car?.
"I'm no journalist"

Apparently you have been reclassified by McKenna as the breakfast of champions!