If they're not thinking I'm a bitch, I must have done something wrong.

in the past few hours Madge commented on Can Someone Remind Bernie Sanders That Abortion is an Economic Issue?.
Bernie Sanders has embraced his own press and has come to believe that he must be the next Democratic messiah. He believes he has special insight that I guess can only come from not participating in the Democratic party. But he is not a subtle guy. He is neither a subtle speaker nor was he able to recognize the chauvinistic dog whistle of his own "Bernie Bros" - not that he cared. Young people are attracted to his simpatico elderly, white man persona who recognizes and rejects the culture's economic and cultural contradictions. Ultimately Bernie has nothing to offer the Democrats because deep down in his little heart-of-hearts he believes one day we will all join the Socialists. He will never be a Democrat and I know this because he still makes reference to the "Democrat" party, which was a needle cooked up by the Republicans. Just too subtle for him I guess.
Apr 20 Madge commented on I, Anonymous: File Under: If I Were Single.
@3 Made me spit my coffee!
Oct 8, 2016 Madge commented on Unsolicited Advice for Hillary Clinton.
Why does everyone assume that Donald Trump's wife would be hurt if her husband cheated? If I were her it would be a relief to have a night or two off. Just the thought of those stubby little fingers pawing at me, and that pile of straw hanging over his pumpkinesque face makes me shudder.
Sep 6, 2016 Madge commented on Some of Phyllis Schlafly's Greatest Hits, for People Too Young to Know.
I was just telling someone that I wished she'd go to Hell and...well I guess wishes really do come true!
Aug 31, 2016 Madge commented on See Nate Gowdy's Photos From the Donald Trump Rally in Everett Last Night.
Are you certain that Diane Arbus didn't rise from the dead and take these photos? (That's a compliment by the way.)
Jun 20, 2016 Madge commented on Bernie Supporters Plan to Disrupt Acceptance Speech by First Woman Nominated by a Major Party With "Fart-In Protest".
Gas from Bernie supporters will now emanate from a secondary orifice.
May 11, 2016 Madge commented on Women of Seattle City Council on Sexist Arena Backlash: "We Will Not Be Silenced".
I love this! A group of adult men throw a tantrum because the majority council choose to protect existing, family-wage jobs over the pipe dream of an imaginary basketball team. When council members object to the use of bigotry and pejoratives they are admonished to "toughen up". Toughen up ladies, but don't forget to smile!
Mar 24, 2016 Madge commented on Support the Real Progressive.
@95 northender - "I see a world of difference: corporatist vs. main street; foreign intrigue vs. domestic agenda; a legislator with accomplishments that benefited people without needing fanfare or publicity and who crossed the aisle to get it - couldn't find anything for Hillary: Absence of focus on inequality vs. focus on inequality - Did Hillary ever mention inequality before Bernie brought it up?"
Life would be so much easier if it were as black and white as corporatist vs. main street, etc. Unfortunately such is not the case. Bernie is receiving donation from all kinds of people - some of whom are no doubt bankers and others are no doubt CEOs and stockbrokers. Should he turn that money away? What if spouse of a Fortune 500 makes a sizable donation? Does that taint or compromise him? Regarding Hillary's resumeĀ“, it is hard for me to believe that you were unable find a multitude of examples of her work on behalf of the most vulnerable citizens. As a young woman she worked (and has continued to work) shoulder to shoulder with Marion Wright Edelman to build the Children's Defense Fund into the primary lobby on behalf of children. This may not seem so remarkable, but at the time no organized entity was advocating for the best interests of children - after all, they have no money. I really recommend that you check out her website to read her platform regarding people with disabilities (an area that Bernie has been slow to address and vague in his proposals). As far as inequality is concerned - are you kidding! (That is a rhetorical question.) Hillary is the first female candidate for President who has ever come this close to being the party nominee. Do you think she needs an aged, white male to remind her of inequality? Despite decades of thinly veiled misogynistic attacks on her character she has remained in the game. Despite vicious, hateful, misogynistic comments like many of those in this comments section (@101) she has remained a staunch advocate for women and all who are faced with discrimination. Despite being vilified, dismissed and under the scrutiny of those who wished to see her fail as Secretary of State, she has remained an international voice of reason. I have often wondered how she manages to retain her compassion. Is she the pure-as-the-driven-snow, leftist candidate of my dreams? Nope, and I happen to think that is a good thing. Is she able to work effectively with opponents in order to achieve the best outcomes possible? Yes, without a doubt and I happen to think that is the best we can ask of any leader. During the next debate I would ask that you watch the candidates non-verbal behavior. What I have seen is Bernie persistently interrupting by thrusting his hand in the air and impatiently contorting his face in a grimace. How does one listen to the other speaker if they are wrapped up in challenging what they have said? Then I want you to watch Hillary while Bernie speaks. She turns her body and her focus in order to listen and consider what he is saying. That ability to focus and listen carefully and demonstrate respect are the skills that prevent conflict. They are the skills of a leader.
Mar 24, 2016 Madge commented on Support the Real Progressive.
@66 Mark it's time to ditch the anarchist wardrobe and reclaim a sense of humor. It has been my experience that angry Bernie supporters who equate support of Hillary with being an "asshole" usually have little personal insight and a problem with female leadership.