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Charles Mudede Is thinking about Seattle and Sabzi.
Jan 14 Charles Mudede commented on Angle Lake Station Is Another Huge Link Success.
@1 shows exactly why comments are so important. at their best, comments are the general intellect in action.
Jan 9 Charles Mudede commented on Why Are the Suburbs Becoming More Blue?.
@3 is right. also, it is not "word for word." and it has a new link.
Jan 5 Charles Mudede commented on In Fences, Denzel Washington Takes a Break from Making Crap.
@5, best comment in the film section.
Dec 23, 2016 Charles Mudede commented on The Real Reason Trump Wants To Go Nuclear: Increase Government Spending.
8). the question is scale. obamacare is huge. air force one is not. F-35 is also small and old hat. politicians have been kicking that dead donkey for years. trump needs something huge, and it's not going to be a war or infrastructure.
Dec 22, 2016 Charles Mudede commented on The Morning News: Law Enforcement Officers Booted From Cheesecake Factory for Carrying Guns, Boeing Promises Trump Cheaper Air Force One.
@2, only the last sentence points to irony. and i missed that point. i would not say DRIPPING. but in the age of fake news and hyper flipflopping, it's hard to detect even DRIPPING irony. nevertheless, im taking it down because there is doubt. here it is for others who want to read what i wrote:

NYMAG to the Left: Be Civil With Trump Because GOP Was Civil With Obama: Read this and and see the putty that our times can make of even recent history...

[A]ny Democratic activists or legislators who have been contemplating total intransigence would do well to heed Kellyanne Conway’s call for bipartisan comity. Whatever one thinks of Trump, giving him reflexive and unyielding respect — while helping him accomplish his most popular policy goals — is simply good politics.
Recall how the Republican Party responded to Barack Obama’s victory in 2008. Instead of forming a “permanent opposition” that would have corroded our democratic institutions, the GOP framed the election of the first black president as a source of pride for all Americans — and then rallied behind that president, to help the nation battle its way back from financial crisis.
Recall how the GOP rallied behind Obama?!? How they helped him end the financial crisis!?! This kind of rewriting of history is not only obnoxious, it's dangerous.
Dec 15, 2016 Charles Mudede commented on The Morning News: It's Going to Get Colder, After-School Satan Club Has First Meeting in Tacoma.
I mean @11, not @8, concerning satan school thing.
Dec 15, 2016 Charles Mudede commented on The Morning News: It's Going to Get Colder, After-School Satan Club Has First Meeting in Tacoma.
8, when you write it that way (don't believe in satan), which I finally did, all of the fun is lost. @2 and @8, my daughter, who is 15 and reads my work, shares the same opinion. she likes my late and longer stuff much more and even said to my face: your morning news is boring. @13, granted. but there is so much that the government in these place must do to make driving in such conditions possible.
Nov 30, 2016 Charles Mudede commented on Why Full Employment Is Socialism for the Rich.
@9, missing two letters. fixed.
Oct 26, 2016 Charles Mudede commented on Seattle's Gridlock and Why the Seattle Times Is Trying to Buy Time on ST3.
SR99 would not be built for trucks. not in a million years.