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“God, having become Nature, had extended Himself into the [splendor] and the mute cycle of… more »

Charles Mudede Is thinking about Seattle and Sabzi.
Apr 13 Charles Mudede commented on Washington State Dems (Not the GOP) Unanimously Attack Transit Funding.
@6 is write: the sentence got scrambled in the edit. but it should read:
At a time when Trump is trying to destroy anything that doesn't guzzle fossil fuels, and does not look and move like a car,
Apr 12 Charles Mudede commented on Trump and the Politics of "I Live the Life You Wish You Had".
10) I meant. Or was pointing to the financialization or homeownership.
Mar 10 Charles Mudede commented on Why Samuel L. Jackson Is Wrong to Criticize the Casting of Black British Actors in Black American Roles.
@6) My feeling is you have no idea that black American culture is the dominant black culture in the world. Its images and sounds are consumed and reproduced by black Africans, black Europeans, and black Brazilians. Black America is the center of world blackness. I hope that gives a little more perspective.
Mar 7 Charles Mudede commented on New CIA Leak Reveals that Wikileaks Could Be a Department of the KGB.
@24, do not shed tears for me. i'm no lover of the CIA. and i actually think hillary lost because she was a party hack. i have said as much:…

putin could not have stopped a strong or popular candidate, which hillary wasn't.

but i was alarmed by these developments. sorry, they cannot be ignored or brushed away.