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Charles Mudede Is thinking about Seattle and Sabzi.
Oct 18 Charles Mudede commented on The Future of Toyota: You Stop Paying, We Shut Off Your Car.
@4, you are right. latter, capital.
Sep 30 Charles Mudede commented on Another Ugly Side of Rape Shown in Local Sighting's Film The Tree Inside.
@5, you may think you are clever but we still, in our day and age, need to make clear the status on rape. so, to leave rape unqualified in our society is still not cool.
Sep 22 Charles Mudede commented on The Morning News: Seattle Used to Have Sex, Portlanders Suffer from White Guilt.
@11, i changed it because while working with editor, i realized i miss read the PI post. i used the word slut negatively. slut is a moralistic term and i hate moralizing. particularly the sense of moralism that seattle was a better place in the past. if my reading of the PI piece had been correct, i would have kept the word. but i put up the post before edit was done.
Sep 19 Charles Mudede commented on Suspected Chelsea Bomber Arrested; Family Runs a Fried-Chicken Restaurant.
im totally confused. this was reported by new york times and ap:…
Aug 24 Charles Mudede commented on Seattle's Homeowners Will Not Save the Poor.
@8 im ignoring @ 5 because this was exactly the game played by real estate
Interests in vancouver untill it was too late (2016 tax reform on speculation). I mean to the letter. Researchers had to use innovative tactics to get a better picture of things because gov records wete useless and did not correspond with reality.