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Charles Mudede Is thinking about Seattle and Sabzi.
Feb 16 Charles Mudede commented on Why Do Spies Love Poison So Much?.
everyone, there are posts that only matter because the comments are amazing. this was such a post. i was entertained. so entertained.
Feb 10 Charles Mudede commented on The Morning News: State GOP Wants Seattle To Pay For Good Schools In Areas That Voted for Trump and Betsy DeVos.
@25, the way the law is looking now, many latino's will have to move to sanctuary cities they hope to stay in the US.
Feb 3 Charles Mudede commented on The Morning News: Nordstrom Drops Ivanka Trump Like a Hot Potato, Why Tacoma Is Not the Solution to Seattle's Housing Crisis.
@2, as some who once worked in Tacoma, I know that train is not all that. it's very limited, in terms of service.
Jan 30 Charles Mudede commented on The Morning News: Big Protest in Downtown Seattle, Unconstitutional Muslim Ban Is An Attack on Urban America.
@7, my bad. i was bombarded on twitter about this. but it did not checkout after I looked into it.
Jan 20 Charles Mudede commented on Then and Now: The Rent Of a Central District Apartment.
Sorry @1), I have owned a home since 2001. My mortgaged back then? $1100. My mortgaged today? $1500. you can't bullshit a homeowner. and I did not bullshit my renters when i did not live in the house.
Jan 14 Charles Mudede commented on Angle Lake Station Is Another Huge Link Success.
@1 shows exactly why comments are so important. at their best, comments are the general intellect in action.
Jan 9 Charles Mudede commented on Why Are the Suburbs Becoming More Blue?.
@3 is right. also, it is not "word for word." and it has a new link.
Jan 5 Charles Mudede commented on In Fences, Denzel Washington Takes a Break from Making Crap.
@5, best comment in the film section.