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  • Wildrose or Staying Home (Lesbians only)
  • Presse or Pichet
  • God is: better with cream sauce.
  • Jesus or Santa (sexually)?
  • What song do you want played at your funeral?: As by Stevie Wonder

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Dominic Holden is sharing belated holiday cheer.
9:47 AM yesterday Dominic Holden commented on The Tuesday Morning News: Russian Ruse, Dope Hope, Blue Base, and a Red Satellite.
@3) You claim that "the majority of Americans don't care that much about the issues you listed." But that's not the point: The question is whether those key Dem blocs care--and they do.

Young voters in particular, by a 60 to 34 point divide, support the NSA leak. In contrast, Americans also disapprove of the NSA's spying. Meanwhile, 59 percent of Hispanic people oppose Obama's immigration practices while only 27 percent approve.
Apr 10 Dominic Holden commented on Restaurant Guy David Meinert Urges Staff to Lobby for Tip Deduction from $15 Wage or "Tips Will Probably Go Away" and Overall Wages Will Drop.
Hey, David @ 111: From your comment and the text messages you sent yesterday, you seem to believe I'm lying. I offered to correct any errors. Your point, I inferred from your reply, was that you were not behind the effort to contact restaurant staff. However, you confirmed that you sent the message to these business owners with the goal of them distributing it to restaurant staff. Perhaps someone else instructed you to send that letter and you are suggesting that they, not you, are behind the effort? I'm not clear. Again, if there is something wrong in my post, I am happy to run a correction.

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