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Oct 3, 2014 Jonathan Golob commented on Ebola Thrives on Poverty and Disparity.
@8 Emergency medicine as a culture?

The stated mission of the ER is to stabilize and triage patients. Most ERs are better at the former than the latter. A few thousand words could be written on that subject alone.
Jul 28, 2013 Jonathan Golob commented on A Needle in a Needlestack.

Agreed, overall. Hence why I quoted David Simon and not, say, Michelle Bachman. David was overheated and condescending in the post I quoted.

Even there, he acknowledges the fatal flaws in his argument--the weakness of the oversight by the secretive FISA court.
May 8, 2013 Jonathan Golob commented on The American Health Care Market.
@2: It's, sadly, more complicated than that. (While reading this, I suggest humming the Canadian National Anthem to keep calm.)

For a given diagnosis (classified into a DRG), Medicare has a base payment rate they will pay a hospital. This payment is modified based on physical location, patient factors (housing, other medical problems), if doctors-in-training are helping in the care, and other factors. The amount is supposed to, on average, have the hospital break even or make a slight profit.

After all this, the payment is what the payment is. The hospital can bill whatever it wants; the amount Medicare will pay is already set by CMS.

Physicians are paid by a completely separate system, based on CPT coding and fee-for-service.

Hence, a hospitalization in the US involves at least TWO bills and TWO separate billing systems: one for the hospital (capitated and based on DRGs), and one for the physicians (based on CPT codes and fee-for-service).
Dec 15, 2012 Jonathan Golob posted Look for the Helpers to Slog
Nov 5, 2012 Jonathan Golob commented on Why Obama is a Great President.
Jonathan Cohn, the national expert on healthcare, throws down for Obama.

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