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Sep 25, 2014 JensR commented on We Live in the Future, Where Technology Is About Everything but What the Customer Wants.
Its so weird that a lot of people keep saying "no one is on G+" when its one of the most active communities I've ever used. At first I thought you guys where drunk or something and then I realized it must feel about the same as it did when I tried Twitter once. No one to talk to, a desolate wasteland because I started following one or two friends...

Anyway, shame about some people not using g+.
(oh oh add my ass on G+ if you need someone to talk to btw "Jens Reuterberg" (consider this some kind of social service thing :) ))
Sep 15, 2014 JensR commented on This Is an IKEA Ad.
It's not Swedish it's Norwegian and I read both (since I'm Swedish) :)
Sep 15, 2014 JensR commented on This Is an IKEA Ad.
It says "About time you moved away from home" in Norwegian so I guess furniture for teens planning to move out from their parents flats?
Aug 2, 2014 JensR commented on Obama: "We tortured some folks.".
@6 ... not sure if sarcasm or stupidity ...
Jul 12, 2014 JensR commented on In Love with Girls and Afraid of Spiders.
Oh kinda sounds like "Randy the Band" although a bit more twee :)
Jul 11, 2014 JensR commented on Claiborne Richardson and the Manassas City Police Department Suddenly Have Second Thoughts About Making Child Porn.
@9 What? You say you want adults who don't send naughty pics to each other? You do know that the two kids involved where both fine with it, right?

@10 well how will they be able to send images to their boy/girlfriends then? Wont that be awkward walking in on your teenager trying to use the "den computers" webcam to take photo's of his/her crotch...
Jun 8, 2014 JensR commented on The Sunday Morning News.
"Jacobin Magazine"? Wth...? Seriously whyyy?

I'd love to read the historical articles: "Robespierre got a bum deal" or "Nechayev - misunderstood genius". Maybe a short recap called "Why all our dudes tend to get killed in the end by their own people".
Apr 17, 2014 JensR commented on In Germany, Amazon Warehouse Workers Are Striking Today.
@5 are you a tad daft?

You are aware that here in Sweden there isn't a legal minimum wage either? The reason it works is because of unions rights to negotiate and strike rights and we got that through the threat of revolution in 1917 and a powerful workers movement that formed a solid union base today.
Germany like Sweden has a strong union movement meaning that something isn't needed to be presented in law but instead by the bargaining done by the employers unions and the worker unions and while you can work for less whats considered "minimum" chances are restaurants that employ people will less will find solidarity strikes hitting their supply chains happening constantly.

Thats why Merkel is the one that's working for Minimum Wage in Germany now (she's right wing) because she wants to weaken the unions power and make minimum wage a political issue far away from union influence and as such lower it.

If on the other hand you suggest building a large and mainly militant union movement in the US that could one day replace minimum wage laws with that form of bargaining - go you! But I kinda doubt it.
Feb 22, 2014 JensR commented on Another Dispatch from Kiev.
... o.O
The neonazi's that are hanging up images of Hitler who are a large section of the militant groups in the uprising not worthy a mention? The fact that Ukrainian rabbis are suggesting jews leave the country, not a word?
The fact that gays, lesbians and unionists who tried to take part in the process where beaten up and threatened that "they where next"? None of that?

Why is it that the entirety of Europe and the US is hellbent on taking whatever side is slightly against Russia and white washing it?
I mean yes, there are a lot of great people in the protest but don't ignore the fact that a large group of it are waving neonazi flags, that Svoboda is a large extreme-right party.

It's not this black and white... (like the Venezuela thing. Its just not as simple as it's presented)
Feb 19, 2014 JensR commented on Slate Insults the Intelligence of LGBT Voters.
@Vanessa Vitiello - You better be a troll because this is the saddest thing I've seen in years if that's the REAL VV. First homophobia, then missing the main idea of representative democracy and then go all huffy and sadz when people don't like that so you play the "But I'm the real victim" card.