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Aug 27 Merchant Seaman commented on The Morning News: ISIS, Russia, Cherish.
@15: Just think, the time #8 took to write that is time he'll never get back, and then there is of course the time he takes to read Slog, and presumably Horsesass, all time that he happily gives to you and the Slog staff.

You all should be kind of flattered.
Jul 29 Merchant Seaman commented on Wine Not Wine.
The White Wine Spritzer are mostly enjoyed by former working class turned yupoie-hipster-suburban, guys from Alameda
Jul 25 Merchant Seaman commented on What I’m Packing for My Great Horror Campout.
I have an underwater flash light, morr than one in fact. On the subject of horror I've crossed every oven in the world, most of the seas, scuba dived all over the world, and I have never once seen a giant squid, or massive Tokyo destroying lizard.

I kind of feel cheated.

Jul 21 Merchant Seaman commented on Mayor Murray Instructs SPD Not to Evict Disabled Veteran from West Seattle Home.
I thought the Sherrif`s Department did evictions.
Jul 14 Merchant Seaman commented on No Dive Bar is Safe: Bye Bye 2 Bit Saloon.
@2: NO!! The PI is terrible, no person who doesn't hang there already, should never go there, go to Murphy's a few blocks away.
Jul 14 Merchant Seaman commented on No Dive Bar is Safe: Bye Bye 2 Bit Saloon.
I hate to sound like a scold but,
in order to have "dive bars" you need the blue collar clientele that's been largely priced out of the city.
Jul 6 Merchant Seaman commented on The Sunday Morning News.
How is Oscar Perez-Giron all that different than Cliven Bundy?

Of course Bundy is alive, and Perez-Giron is not, but they both refused to pay a government mandated fee for a government service, of course Bundy's theft of taxpayer money was around one million dollars and Perez-Girdon's was 2.50$, and Bundy has owed for over twenty years, and Perez-Girdon only for about an hour.

But when each was told to pay, each threatened law enforcement officers with firearms, of course Bundy had over a hundred supporters who created a human shield of women and children, and Perez-Girdon was man enough to stand on his own.

And yet the right-wing hails Bundy as a "patriot" and a "hero" and claims that Perez-Girdon "got what he deserved"

While the left says that Bundy should have to pay back the money he stole from the taxpayers, and Bundy and his gang of thugs who threatened to murder law enforcement officers should be held accountable, and that the death of Perez-Girdon should be investigated as required by law.

Sad in a way that the right wing is so unpatriotic and has so little respect for the law.
Jun 27 Merchant Seaman commented on Liberals And Progressives Draw Battle Lines Over How We Fund Metro Bus Service.
Wouldn't the off-campus private lots also ahve to pay the new tax?
Jun 23 Merchant Seaman commented on Mark Your Calendars.
@4: Oh come on. Where's your sense of adventure? Sword waving lunatics, the occasional appearance of six legged wildlife in your food, risking serious illness or even death from unsanitary food, that's all the spice of life(and in the cases of six legged wildlife, sometimes the spice in your food)
Jun 22 Merchant Seaman commented on Catholic Archbishop Asks Holy Spirit to Cure Gay People.
Perhaps he misspoke, and meant to say that, "he hopes the Holly Spirit will take all Gay People to The Cure."

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