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Jul 26 Merchant Seaman commented on Seattle Takes a Step Toward Banning "Pray the Gay Away" Conversion Therapy.
This crap should have been banned years ago, it belongs in the ash heap of history along with bleeding and casting out demons.

Jul 11 Merchant Seaman commented on Sakuma Brothers Farms Caves, Will Negotiate With Farmworkers' Union.
Thanks for keeping up with this Ansel, and this is much needed good news after last week
Jul 6 Merchant Seaman commented on Gretchen Carlson, Formerly of Fox News, Files Lawsuit Against Roger Ailes Alleging Sexual Harassment.
You could compromise, and just wear a nice sexy bathing suit in the fountain at Cal Anderson...
Jun 30 Merchant Seaman commented on This Asshole Again.
Instead of shipping used dildos to this asshole, why not just ship him to Guam, tie some weights around his neck and drop him into the Mariana Trench, (the real one, not the restaurant Tamuning)
Mar 16 Merchant Seaman commented on The New UW Light Rail Station May Be Beautiful, But Is It Practical?.
The 49 Metro is a better option from the Hill
Mar 16 Merchant Seaman commented on The Morning News: Sodo Arena Hearing Packs Council Chambers, Obama Nominates Judge Merrick Garland for Supreme Court.
Any new arena needs to be outside SODO, the last thing Seattle needs is more gentrification South of Downtown
Mar 15 Merchant Seaman commented on The Morning News: Help Find This Masked, Masturbating Creep in Toe Shoes.
Randy Dorn, please don't, just don't.

You'll pull votes mainly from King County, and reducing Inslee's vote total in King County only helps Bryant.

And yes I know Inslee has been terrible on Education and worse for labor, but still he will be better than Bryant.

Keep in mind, when a Koch brother calls Bryant will take the call, Inslee wont
Mar 14 Merchant Seaman commented on City Council Votes to Rescue Pronto, Seattle's Bike-Share Service.
@1: Man, Stop being such a republican.