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Mar 21 Merchant Seaman commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Tale of Two Colleagues (She's Humping).
I normally agree with everything Dan says, but I need to make one small correction, there's actually a lot of people on Antarctica and they do a lot of hooking up.
Mar 21 Merchant Seaman commented on Six Questions for the Girl With the Blue Green Hair Who Walked Around Our Block 100 Times.
A short, but interesting walk would be from the locks to Fishermen's Terminal, and then the Ship Canal Trail to Mohai.

Seattle to Lynnwood along Aurora Ave is also pretty cool

Then if you hike down Greenwood to the golf course you can drop down into Woodway and walk the back way into Edmonds.
Mar 6 Merchant Seaman commented on The Morning News: Update on Shooting of a Kent Sikh, Millennials Are Considering Leaving Expensive Seattle.
First off most of the "working class" did not vote for cheeto-jesus jsut like most of the country didn't vote for this dangerous vindictive child.

And the people who did, did so not for any economic reasons, they voted for cheeto-jesus for their bigotry plain and simple.
Mar 1 Merchant Seaman commented on The Morning News: Trump's Speech and a Local Effort to "Trump-Proof" Seattle with an Income Tax.
@1:Don't let the "prefect" be the enemy of the good would you rather have this trail, or 20 more years of lawsuits and delays?

Feb 24 Merchant Seaman commented on The Morning News: Brace Yourself for the Washington State/White House Collision, Brown Man Shot by Alleged White Racist Not a National Story.

Also this project would have replaced aging diesel engines with electric ones, and made this major commuter corridor far more efficient.
Feb 10 Merchant Seaman commented on Every Single Republican Member of Congress from Washington State Is Hiding From His or Her Constituents.
@7: So you can't answer, that's pretty much what I thought.

Interesting to note that Democrats were tough enough to speak with the t-bag loons and republicans are too cowardly to even show their little faces