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in the past few hours Merchant Seaman commented on The Stranger Is Reporting Live From the Donald Trump Rally in Everett.
@2/3: you know (I hope) that Trump has no chance of getting Washington State's 12 electoral votes.
1:03 PM Merchant Seaman commented on The Story of that Letter from Donald Trump's Doctor Just Gets Weirder and Weirder.
Also, how is it that Trump had 1-y draft status for medical conditions but somehow now is "the healthiest person who could ever hold the oval office?
7:25 PM yesterday Merchant Seaman commented on Right On, Colin Kaepernick: America's National Anthem Celebrates Racism and Slavery.
How about This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie, it's a great song, easy to sing, celebrates our nation, Plus for a while Woody Guthrie was a Merchant Seafarer and member of the National Maritime Union.
Aug 22 Merchant Seaman commented on I Braved Scorching Heat to Talk to High People at the 25th Annual Hempfest.
@2: Um...

You don't own the city or its parks. You could always take 15TH to Elliot, or if you're trying to avoid traffic take the ship canal trail to SLU and then cut through downtown.

I hope however that this horrible experience of only being able to use a public park for 355 days a year motivates you to vote for ST3, that why when LINK makes it to Ballard you can carry your bike on the train.
Aug 18 Merchant Seaman commented on Overturned Truck Shuts Down I-5 Near Tacoma.
@6: So you believe that a truck didn't overturn on I-5 near Tacoma?
Aug 17 Merchant Seaman commented on We Saw Your Car Signs, Your Ass Crack, Your Benghazi Shirt, and Your Public Make-Out Session.
@4: Free speech doesn't mean people can't criticize what someone says, but more to the point here, no one was complaining about these people, just mentioning what they saw.
Aug 17 Merchant Seaman commented on No. Do Not Do It. Do Not Put This in Your Mouth. No Matter What..
Lentils, mushrooms, peppers, and black beans in beef stock simmered in a crock pot, just sayin'
Aug 15 Merchant Seaman commented on Here’s Some Stuff the Seattle Times Didn’t Tell You About Bill Bryant.
@3: What are you talking about? There hasn't been a strike at the Port of Seattle since 1971.
Aug 15 Merchant Seaman commented on Watch This: Why People Rioted in Milwaukee.
Good job following up on Heidi Groover's excellent reporting over the weekend.