Apr 28, 2016 Antinet commented on Some Unimaginative Anarchists Think the May Day Smashfest Is Going to Be Awesome.
I watched the May Day march on May 1 2012 come down sixth avenue past the Sheraton, and then a group of 5 PREPARED and fully clad in black AND MASKED RIOTERS (not stopped by police) broke off the parade to break windows at Niketown and American Apparel. At the center of the group of the masked attackers were three caucasian young men in the center, one of which was wearing a Skipper hat like in Gilligan's Island - hardly the attire of the far left. I immediately thought frat party, not multicultural or organic economic protest, like Occupy started out. Let's not forget that May Day mini-riot put an end to the warmth and happy nature of Occupy. 'You won't get anywhere breaking things' the couch jockeys all yarned on...

One of these clowns took his wooden dowel (sp?) and shoved me back out of the way with it, like he was well-versed in its use. These so-called 'anarchists' are as likely to be infiltrators and provocateurs employed or freelancing for some shadow groups in the govt/corporate power structure, than actual protesters. Young people need to brush up on the history of the Black Panthers and other 60-70s political groups as to how this breed of phonies are used to dilute the organizations and sully the image of true protest, as well as drag newbies into stupid criminal acts like smashing car windows.
The media immediately brand them as anarchists as well, since most people find the concept of anarchy laughable, and the brand changes the topic and ends the conversation about why the protest is happening in the first place.
Apr 28, 2016 Antinet commented on Thank You for a Funky Time.
Savage doesn't like the music of Bowie and Prince, but deigns to tell us about his boring sex dreams yet again? Thanks for letting us know that sex politics are more important than music. Almost everyone has had sex. Prince and Bowie were one of a kinds. Just a slight difference there, Dan.

Checking out to take care of little besides our own sexual needs gives us....what? Interesting that our nation now has so many gay rights, and yet so few labor and child rights. I'm so glad urban Seattle can pat itself on the back while kids live in squalor across this state, due in no small part to sell-out and apathetic democrat elites. Now that you've got your rights, care to start working on some economic equality in this nation with EVERYONE ELSE?

You're an elitist, just like your adversaries. This is proven by your inability to understand that Bowie and Prince both inspired people to revolt against norms, far more than most culture columnists ever do. To not appreciate the music of Bowie in particular just proves you're a lot narrower culturally than I thought.
Nov 5, 2015 Antinet commented on Survival Tips for the Cold, Dark, Horrible Next Few Months in Seattle.
I've lived here my entire life, and I'm middle-aged and I've had to stake out a winter retreat far away. We had an extra sunny summer, almost scary, but we had a terrible October to make up for it. Usually, October is a gorgeous if a bit cool month. Seattle always equalizes out anything food that happens. The Seahawks win, then they are crusehd. The weather's extra nice, and you lose it somewhere else. Face it, this place sucks. I'm laughing my guts out at all the newbies who come here, and have no idea what they're in for. Of course, people who can afford million dollar real estate can afford trips out, and that's what it takes.

Honestly, the band from Bellevue who released the song 'I guess I'm just not cool enough for Seattle' had it right. This place is barely tolerable in the summer, but there ARE a lot of festivals, and outdoor activities, but in the winter, it ain't NYC, or LA, or Miami, or London (also overrated in my opinion, with even grayer weather) or Paris. Face it, you've been had. You're going to be sorry you moved here. It's 3 months good, 3 months ok, and 6 months terrible, and Seattle does almost nothing meaningful for Christmas, a holiday made rotten in the US anyway. Go back to the place you came from that had personality.
Nov 6, 2014 Antinet commented on President Obama Acknowledges That Bipartisanship Doesn't Exist Anymore.
As much as I can say about conservatives who once again prove that they are manipulated idiots who love to vote for people who routinely abuse them, I must say to the young and lazy who can't even get out to vote, you're pathetic. Since the US sets global climate policy, you're wrecking your own future, so don't come whining to anyone older about it. Stay home and let troglodytes like Karl Rove, the Koch Bros, and Mitch McConnell rule you for two years. ENJOY!
Mar 26, 2014 Antinet commented on Death Toll Rises in Snohomish County Mudslide.
As bad as hipsters are, they are no worse than people that whine and moan their entire lives about how rotten the government is, and weaken it to the point it has no teeth whatsoever to regulate the corporate monsters destroying the earth. These include the profiteers that have been clearcutting this particular valley and the entire northwest like maniacs since the 1980s when their hero Ronald junk-bond Reagan threw the national forests open to liquidation.

Mudslides happen all over this clearcut state, just usually not where a suburb has crept in. I drive this road ten times a year and have noticed plenty of new cuts just in the last two years. Google Earth clearly shows the mountaintop above this shelf was clearcut bald. An entire mountaintop no less! The shelf behind this slide clearly shows a tree farm with trees that might be about 25 years old, right on schedule for the rah-rah late 80s. The slide area itself was also obviously clearcut, after almost certainly having been cut for its biggest trees one at a time in the old days, when men were no less base, but at least didn't have the capacity to clearcut, and had to cut one tree at a time.

I hope there are hipster environmentalists out there, although hipster is innacurate anyway, because none of you are Ginsburg or Burroughs. Just pay attention to the world you're in, unless all you want to be doing in the future is combat and gardening.

I hope the Stranger hires a geologist and a forestry expert, and someone blows the lid off of all the timber lease history in this area, and what the glorious WA Dept of Natural Resources did in this area. DId you know they've been successfully sued in the past for the results of slides from clearcuts, just for the loss of a restaurant? Think what the state could end up paying here?

Republicans, do you care where this tax money goes now, or is the payoff for the profit AOK with you after all, just like defense?
Mar 25, 2014 Antinet commented on Photos from the Snohomish County Mudslide.
Just remember that NO coverage of the criminal timber industry is allowed in local or national media. There has been gearing up across the nation for more forest slaughter, with zero concern for the effect on fisheries, highways and tragedies like this, let alone the health of the forests themselves.

I drive through this area regularly. A range that extends to Mt HIggins (4800 ft) begins above this slide area, and the first non-granite round mountaintop has been CLEARCUT BALD. It's so obvious. There were clearcuts directly to the west of the row of trees that came down with the slide, and where is the history of this area predating 2003? All the media covering the story just start at 2003, explaining its a slide prone area. Why is that? Probably because all the riverfront trees were large and juicy, and were clearcut in the 1980s, after having been selectively logged for the last century. But will anyone even bother to research or cover that history? THe lawyers will, because WA DNR is going to be paying up BIGTIME for this one. They've paid before, but this one will be a doozy, so get ready taxpayers to pay for the greed of the logging criminals.
May 9, 2012 Antinet commented on Never Heard of 'Em: Beastie Boys.
The Beasties couldn't totally suck because Sabotage was genius. The first record was good as well, but Public Enemy left them in the dust. There had to be some white rappers, and the Beasties were the most acceptable, though only Ad Rock was truly a great rapper. Still, they definitely caught the zeitgeist of the 80s, and then ran away from it promptly, which was both good and bad, because it sapped their early ability to offend and stir the pot.

I admire Mr Yauch's commitment to his causes more than his music, and I'm sure he felt the same. I really really wish they had stuck to playing instruments like they did on Sabotage but it was not to be. Rap/hip hop (the same, sorry) is a form that starts out at a disadvantage, so it takes serious ability and talent to rise above the ubiquitous mediocrity caused by easy entry into the genre. The Beasties had the right look, and the right producers, but I never really bought it as long as they were watering down music presented better by Public Enemy, NWA, EPMD, Rakim and others.

The Beasties did bring the music to a wider audience, though, and their interest was genuine, and their skill (because of Ad Rock) good enough, if not sublime. It was better than Beck's two turntables and a microphone, that's for sure.
Apr 20, 2012 Antinet commented on Another One Bites the Dust.
If you just moved to Seattle, you might have a hard time understanding why it used to be cool to live here, before the satanic new federal bldg destroyed the summer sunset light that used to hit Broadway around SCCC, and when the Doghouse was a nearly complete 50s diner, complete with piano bar and waitresses with beehive hairdos. They could take tourists there by the busload today if it hadn't been stripped out and turned into the Hurricane, a soulless, ugly drug haven.

Belltown used to be affordable, you could rent rooms in houses across Capitol Hill for under $200. The city that produced the last big rock music of USA is no longer, and it is no longer friendly to artists, which it never was, but at least it was cheaper than LA and NYC. You'll never know what a party the OK Hotel was before they turned it into overpriced art studios and condos. Bumbershoot was once enjoyable. The list goes on.

This city blows, and the mayor is a clown for moneyed interests. Amazon is about to implode traffic in the soon to be unliveable S Lake Union 'neighborhood' by throwing up one million sq ft of office space for what is basically a monopoly destroying every other retailer around, run by a CEO who thinks giving back to the community isn't his concern. Occupy isnt done by a long shot. Developers need private visits from the population.

Viva Argentina for nationalizing their own oil. Americans are still too indoctrinated to raise a hand in their own defense.
Feb 2, 2012 Antinet commented on Light Therapy.
The event was ok. As an ex-rave VJ, I've seen far better projection work. a couple of the installations were good. The internal beer garden was awesome. The school van was the best touch, although it was the kind of school bus anyone would actually want to own. It was a piece of art because it was cool to begin with.

The space itself is incredible, and artist/band's wet dream. I hope a lot more events happen there, as in this weekend.
Nov 22, 2011 Antinet commented on Pregnant Woman Blasted with Pepper Spray by SPD Says She Miscarried (Updated).
Pictures of Jennifer from that evening.


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