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Mar 7 The Third Rail commented on House Republicans Unveil Their Obamacare Replacement Plan.
Can we start using #Republicare ? Time to put them on the hook for this shit stew.
Jun 23, 2016 The Third Rail commented on Mayor Involves FBI in Hunt for Source in Stranger Police Union Story.
Murray seems to have a bit of a hard on for Wisconsin and Scott Walker...

Oh, and playing hardball with a police department which is failing to reform despite being under a federal consent decree? Not really comparable to stripping all state workers of their collective bargaining rights...
Feb 10, 2016 The Third Rail updated his or her location.
Aug 5, 2015 The Third Rail commented on What Happened After an Undercover Cop Elbowed Me at a Protest and Lied About It.
The comparison of peaceful protestors to drug dealers is seriously disturbing.
Apr 2, 2015 The Third Rail commented on A Few Political Notes.
Isn't the Menendez case exactly the kind of thing the Supreme Court has said is not actually corruption? I highly doubt anyone can point to a direct quid-pro-quo link between the money and the favors, in which case, it's not corruption. No doubt he's wrong on the ethics, but hard to see how he could be wrong on the law under the current Court.
Feb 12, 2015 The Third Rail commented on Spokane Councilman Blames Contagious Diseases on Illegal Immigrants.
Pretty sure he's just mad that someone took his stapler...
Jan 16, 2015 The Third Rail commented on Women's College Cancels Annual Production of The Vagina Monologues....
Just. Fuck. This. I can't even.
Dec 24, 2014 The Third Rail commented on Seattle Police Union President Vows to Fight for Discredited Disciplinary Process.
So it's naïve to think that people selected by the mayor and/or the chief can be objective, but not naïve to think that an officers colleagues can be objective?

Should have nailed Ron to the wall with that question.
Dec 4, 2014 The Third Rail commented on I, Anonymous.
@10 ftw