It's not very popular.

Mar 7 drjones commented on Savage Love.
We have some friends who believe that peeing as well as pooping with the door open is a sign of a more 'intimate' relationship. I could not agree less. If you are going to stay sexy for the long haul there needs to be some mystery especially about the gross stuff that happens with the bits we want our lovers to put their mouths on. You may both find it funny to fart on each other but it's a great way to turn a lover into just another gross roommate.
Feb 6 drjones commented on Savage Love.
Just wanted to say @21 is a much better answer than Dan got from the dildo salesperson. It is possible for a couple to reinfect each other with yeast infections because one has a raging case while the other is treated. If both are treated they still have yeast living in their junk, but it is not so overwhelming that natural cleaning and basic hygiene can't fight it off so it does not matter.
Jan 20 drjones commented on TIME Magazine Concern Trolls LGBT Civil Rights Movement On MLK Day.
I still remember when anyone who was out of the closet was labeled a militant homosexual, because it was so offensive to poor straights to have to admit that gay people existed or might want to be treated like human beings. As Dan notes, gay rights have come along very nicely thank you, and the combination of rabble-rousers on one end and nice polite gay neighbors/coworkers/relatives on the other made that happen.

tl;dr: Fuck em.
Jan 2 drjones commented on Savage Love.
Calling BBW fans fetishists is a huge over-generalization of a large, disparate group. Not that Dan is doing that, but some of the commenters have. If you can only get off to a hugely huge lady shoving pizza in her mouth then yes you have a fetish but the majority of chubby chasers like myself just want to fuck women (like the majority of male humans) and in particular like more boobs/butts than is currently fashionable. I have dated skinny girls just fine but I prefer my plump, fit wife thank you very much.

If you avoid well adjusted zaftig-loving guys like me because you think it's a 'fetish' then you are only hurting yourself.

That said, the fat activist thing can be weird too. Physical fitness has huge rewards beyond social acceptance. There is no reason not to enjoy your body and love yourself as it is but that does not mean completely giving up on eating well and getting exercise. My wife and I are both overweight but we can also hike, bike, camp etc. Some of the FA stuff I hear seems to say suggesting exercise will make your life better is shaming somehow. Don't throw out the fitness baby with the body-image bathwater.
Oct 21, 2013 drjones commented on Asexuality Conquers Japan!.
The article in full points to the real overarching problem with Japanese lovelives, the extreme pressures to conform to one single mode of operation. If you don't want to be a workaholic salaryman/baby factory couple you can expect nothing but trouble. I know a very bright exchange student who after years of study was told by her parents she had no choice but to forget her career and marry a man she did not find appealing to begin producing children. This is not uncommon, and is the antithesis of the sort of good sex life Dan promotes.

Even in young people dating expectations are all supposed to point in the same direction, if that or wacking off to hentai were my only choices I might go without as well. Sex is the best thing in life when it goes just right, but when you have not experienced that in your life it is not hard to write off as inconsequential.
May 15, 2013 drjones commented on Savage Love.
Anti porn mom is as dumb as the crazy christians who try to beat the love of porn out of their sons. All it does is make the normal thing their normal kid wants (looking at pussies) into a naughty thing all twisted up with kinky embarrassment and self loathing. Giving your son an old-school feminist scolding about their desires is no better than telling them rubbing their dicks makes baby Jesus cry.

She wants to let him see Playboy; full of airbrushed, bleached, silicone bimbos instead of the internet where it is at least possible to see real people having real sex? Dan has given much better advice on this subject in the past: speak to your son about how porno sex can be different than real person sex and that not many real women will be interested in lots that you see on the internet. That porn is private and should not be viewed in public. Then give him back his damn phone and pretend not to hear him beating off in his room like a good mom.
Apr 24, 2013 drjones commented on Savage Love.
Nothing like having something important to do to make you suddenly realize you have a bunch of other less important stuff that must be done first.
Jan 2, 2013 drjones commented on Savage Love.
I was at that show. It was great. Carry on.
Dec 5, 2012 drjones commented on Savage Love.
Apparently Pholyamorous is long for Pedant.
Nov 28, 2012 drjones commented on Savage Love.
You guys are all assuming that 'naturally nonmonogamous' means that everyone wants to screw as many people as possible at all times. I believe when Dan uses the phrase he means that our minds and libidos are not irreparably attached to one partner for all time. You don't have to be having sex with more than one person to be non monogomous by nature, you just have to look at a passerby and think they look hot.

But more importantly, all this slicing and dicing of words is pointless pedantry. It's an advice column in a weird newspaper not a contract with the devil.

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