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Jan 29, 2013 Sunny Sexkiller commented on Bobo and the Janky Ocelot.
I want to thank you, Jen, for your intrepid reporting on MOHAI, for apparently taking my comment seriously, and for updating Slog on Bobo's status.
Your description of the Innovation and Digital towers at the new MOHAI made me worry they were losing sight of what makes Seattle special*. Nearly every airport in the world has a display about the local tech prowess; devoting an entire museum to it just looks desperate.

*(the mildew)
Dec 26, 2012 Sunny Sexkiller commented on The Museum That’s a Ship.

On my last trip to MOHAI in the old location, it made me sad to search and search for my old favorite exhibit, only to finally find him at the end of a dark, narrow corridor past the restrooms; the last stop before the fire exit. It's almost as though Seattle were ashamed of him, not what was done to him.

What was best about MOHAI was that it wasn't all about Seattle's forward progress, the jets, computers and biotech, but also celebrated progress in all the other possible directions. Promotional stunts, toe trucks, and things madmen do in boats.

Everybody knows you cannot replace a soul with ones and zeroes.
Apr 3, 2011 Sunny Sexkiller joined My Stranger Face
Apr 3, 2011 Sunny Sexkiller commented on This Is A Nice Painting and Someone Is Going to Sell It.
What's a consignor? Is it like a consigliere?

"Dis is anice painting youse gots here; shame if it was to find itself too close to a candle..."