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"We know there is no Heaven, but only atmosphere."

Jan 7, 2016 chaseacross commented on Last Night in Magnolia, Mike O'Brien Got Shouted at for Suggesting It's Wrong to Punish People for Being Homeless.
@raindrop Um, government can solve homelessness by housing the homeless. Period. It's that simple. No, really: just housing the homeless is the cheapest, most ethical solution to the housing crisis.…
Dec 23, 2015 chaseacross commented on I, Anonymous.
Utterly believable. Tip: Unless there is literally a crime happening, don't yell in public. Just don't. Full stop. If you are yelling at a service person and they are not stealing your baby/assaulting your person/calling you a racial slur, you are failing as an adult.
Dec 21, 2015 chaseacross commented on SL Letter of the Day: High Hopes.
Being a short fellow means a rough ride in the dating world. But so is literally every physical deviation from being... I don't know... Tom Hardy. Pretty people have it easier finding romantic partners (and higher incomes). But you also live in America, which is pretty great relative to some other places, and it seems like you have Internet access, which means things must be going okay. You want to overcome being altitude-challenged? Get really goddamn good at something. I mean, look at Danny Strong (…). 'Guy went from being a bit player on Buffy the Vampire Slayer to being a Hollywood impresario. Some people will say "You're compensating." Just say: "Yep, and that's why I drive a Pagani." Get good at something, find a passion, and people will be drawn to you regardless of your height.
Dec 17, 2015 chaseacross commented on Martin Shkreli Bails Out for $5M and Other Reasons to Hate Him.
Thanks, Obama.

(Like, for real, I just know Obama read about this guy and said "Jimmy, put this guy UNDER the jail.")
Dec 3, 2015 chaseacross commented on Congressman Jim McDermott Responds to Brady Walkinshaw's Plans to Run Against Him in 2016.
I think what Jim meant to say was "Who is Brady Walkinshaw? I have socks older than that shortpants."
Oct 12, 2015 chaseacross commented on Jonathan Franzen Isn't a Regular Rich Person, He's a Cool Rich Person.
If you don't have to worry about money, constantly, every hour, like it's a sick relative who could die at any moment, you are not poor.
Oct 1, 2015 chaseacross commented on Sicario Refuses to Evaporate from Your Memory.
I saw this movie with a friend. During one scene she grabbed my arm so hard it bruised. That's how good it is. It's not a realistic picture of the Drug War as such, or even the cartels, but what is absolutely realistic is what the Drug War has wrought in existential terms, how far it has stretched the capacities of modern states to order, condone, and witness private cruelty under the aegis of public service. Where Black Mass was a leaden, self-important, Oscar-bait opportunity for Johnny Depp to play the creep, Sicario is a genuine question being posed (indirectly) for posterity: How much are we willing to sell of ourselves to keep the cheap labor of the Americas at bay? That is why, after all, there is a border, and it's because there is a border that drugs are hard to move, and it's because the drugs are hard to move that are worth enough to kill for.
Sep 28, 2015 chaseacross commented on Tonight: Trevor Noah's First Daily Show As Host.
I think Trevor Noah's jokes would be funnier if he were funny. As it stands, he's just so smarmy and smug that it's hard to empathize with him. He has the misfortune of looking like an underwear model; bland good looks always seem to stunt comedians.
Sep 23, 2015 chaseacross commented on Seattle Police Union’s Newspaper Continues Streak of Anti-Reform Rhetoric and Racism.
@4 I find it inexplicable that Seattle's political class seems inclined to take guff from an organization that has no local constituency. Fewer than 20% of SPD officers live in the city! If the Mayor wanted to take the hammer to the SPD unions and extract concessions on use of force and civilian oversight, the unions would have no constituency to appeal to.
Sep 16, 2015 chaseacross commented on Liveslogging the Second 2016 Republican Debates with Trump, Carson, and Nine Candidates Polling in the Single Digits.
I don't think Ted Cruz could snort a line, since he's too talking through his nose.

"Nyyaahhhh myaaaahhh, nyaahhh -- myaaaahnn-dyaaahh... khaaaay-myaa-neee...." -Sen. Ted Cruz