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Mar 22 GuyFawkes commented on City of Seattle Offers Video Help for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure, But Little Else.
The City of Seattle is right now conducting a land record audit. This will provide information regarding how the banks continue to corrupt the land records. This data will assist the legislature in understanding that there continues to be severe problems.

The Deed of Trust Act was enacted to benefit three things: 1) the non-judicial process would be easy and efficient; 2) the non-judicial process would prevent unlawful foreclosure; and 3) the non-judicial process would protect the integrity of the land records.

Once the City's audit of the land records exposes that the Deed of Trust Act is failing on the third "benefit" the legislature must act.
Mar 12 GuyFawkes commented on How a Bill to Roll Back Payday Lending Reforms Got One Step Closer to Being Law.
Oops, forgot to add Senator Brian Hatfield to that Democrat list above.
Mar 12 GuyFawkes commented on How a Bill to Roll Back Payday Lending Reforms Got One Step Closer to Being Law.
There are SIX Democrat Senators that supported this bill in the Senate they are:
Senator Steve Hobbs,
Senator Karen Keiser,
Senator Marko Liias,
Senator Tim Sheldon,
Senator Kevin Ranker.

There is ONE lone Republican Senator that voted no:
Senator Kirk Pearson.

We need to vote out these SIX Democrats and send a "thank you" to the lone courageous Republican who stood against his own party to vote for his constituents.
Mar 7 GuyFawkes commented on #HoneyfordResign: Students Call on Republican Senator to Step Down After "Racist" Comments.
Senator Jim Honeyford in TWO legislative sessions has tried to stop unlawful foreclosures. Latinos have been targeted by the bankers with subprime loans and have also been the target of the landslide of unlawful foreclosures in WA State. Honeyford realizes this and understands his community has been suffering because of the continued foreclosure crisis.

It saddens me that the Latino community cannot accept his apology, especially in light of what he has been trying to do to the financial community because of how they are targeting the people in his district.

It also saddens me that The Stranger does not publish that the DEMOCRATS, on the other hand.......with Senator Steve Hobbs and Senator Mark Mullett submitted a bill this session that would have allowed the bankers to foreclose on a home without clear evidence that they own the underlying debt.

Democrats, Hobbs & Mullett were bowing down to the bankers, while some Republicans Honeyford & Roach seem to be standing up to them. I might add that Rep Hudgins (D) has been a champion for the homeowner also.
Sep 3, 2014 GuyFawkes commented on US Attorney Jenny Durkan Stepping Down—to Work for Hillary?.
LOL...."kick the butts of rotten organized crime rings" just like she showed WaMu, eh Holden? Jesus. She couldn't kick the butts of organized crime if you held them still and in front of her. She made sure that Kerry Killinger story came out on a Friday and that the story was only three sentences long in the Times. What a fucking bunch of bullshit this Stranger story is. Who's now paying your bill? The fucking Democrat party? Jesus.
Sep 3, 2014 GuyFawkes commented on US Attorney Jenny Durkan Stepping Down—to Work for Hillary?.
The douchebag, Durkan, is the DOJ attorney who acquitted Kerry Killinger from all criminal charges. It will be fitting to have this douchebag go work for a bigger douchebag, Hillary.

Aug 15, 2014 GuyFawkes commented on King County Sheriff Removes Barton Family from West Seattle House.
This excerpt for a Federal District court case TODAY:
"From its inception, Mr. Knecht’s deed of trust ran afoul of the Deed of Trust Act by designating MERS as its beneficiary. The Act declares that the beneficiary of a deed of trust is “the holder of the instrument or document evidencing the obligations secured by the deed of trust . . . .” RCW 61.24.005(2). Banks and other well-heeled financial interests, in an effort to facilitate the easy transfer of mortgage obligations, created MERS in the mid 1990s. Bain, 285 P.3d at 39-40. MERS is, in essence, a database for tracking mortgage rights that permits MERS’s member institutions to transfer mortgage obligations without publicly recording the transfers. Id. In Washington, lenders hoping to take advantage of the MERS system designated MERS as the beneficiary of deeds of trust, just as ABC did in Mr. Knecht’s deed of trust. But it is now clear that Washington law does not permit MERS to act as a beneficiary unless it is also the “holder” of the note secured by the deed of trust. Bain, 285 P.2d at 47.

There is no suggestion that MERS ever held Mr. Knecht’s note, and yet it purported in April 2010 to assign to DB “the Promissory Note secured by [the Knecht] deed of trust and also all rights accrued or to accrue under said Deed of Trust.” The assignment, which is recorded in King County, was executed by “MERS as nominee for [ABC],” but there is no evidence that ABC actually authorized MERS to effect the transfer. See Bavand v. OneWest Bank, FSB, 309 P.3d 636, 649 (Wash. Ct. App. 2013) (noting MERS’s failure to establish its agency relationship with a noteholder).

There is no dispute in this case that MERS lacked the power to transfer anything to DB. DB does not rest its claim to be the beneficiary of Mr. Knecht’s deed of trust on the MERS assignment, or at least it does not do so in these motions. Indeed, DB consistently refuses to acknowledge that MERS purported to assign not only the deed of trust, but Mr. Knecht’s note as well. DB avoids the MERS assignment, it appears, because it prefers that the court not focus on that apparently void transfer of the deed of trust and note. DB prefers that the court conclude that it acquired its interest in the deed of trust and note without MERS’s assistance.

Even assuming that Mr. Knecht bears the burden to prove that DB is not the beneficiary of his deed of trust, an issue the court does not decide,3the evidence he has provided is sufficient to create a genuine issue of material fact that only a trial can resolve. Mr. Knecht has offered two pieces of evidence: his original note and deed of trust, in which DB held no interest; and the MERS assignment, which was a legal nullity. A trier of fact could determine that this evidence makes it more likely than not that DB has no valid interest in Mr. Knecht’s note or deed of trust."

We Homeowners are winning! RealPropertyResolutions dot com.
Aug 15, 2014 GuyFawkes commented on King County Sheriff Removes Barton Family from West Seattle House.
I have a request into Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata's office to pressure the King County Council so that King County may undertake an audit of the King County Recording Office. Without an audit of the forgeries, back-dated documents, counterfeited documents filed in this office, the State Legislature does not have DATA to understand how massive the fraud is.

I wish all of you: those of you concerned about these homeowners; sellers and buyers of real estate; and homeowners who *believe* wrongly that these crimes do not affect them (THEY DO!) would contact CM Nick Licata's office and support this effort for an audit. I have shown a County Councilmember that one of his own documents was forged. I have shown a State Senator that their "Deed of Satisfaction" was forged. Both of those people were not in default. So, these crimes affect ALL property owners in the State of Washington and frankly in this nation.

Perhaps if we have a full accounting of what is recorded in King County and provide real DATA, the State Legislature will finally pass the FOUR homeowner bills that they totally ignored last session. These four bills were HB 2656, HB 2657, HB 2658, and HB 2659. Stealing a home in the State of Washington should be a felony, don't you think?

If you are a homeowner in distress, please go to RealPropertyResolutions dot com (website coming soon). We will assist you with the mediation program offered by the WA State Foreclosure Fairness Act and help you achieve a successful resolution.
Jul 22, 2014 GuyFawkes commented on Mayor Murray Instructs SPD Not to Evict Disabled Veteran from West Seattle Home.
Please read:…

That case involved a man who simply wanted to PAY OFF HIS MORTGAGE. When he asked to whom he owed, the bank (servicer) would not provide proper evidence of to whom he should pay. So, this man was not in default, had enough cash to pay off his loan, wanted to pay the proper party, but the entity he was paying wouldn't provide the accounting evidence of to whom he owed the debt!

You all believe in the world of George Bailey, we are not living in that world any longer.

Can any one of you tell me why you are supporting the bank crooks when even our government has shown that they are crooks? Someone answer that question please. Especially you, Sarah.
Jul 21, 2014 GuyFawkes commented on Mayor Murray Instructs SPD Not to Evict Disabled Veteran from West Seattle Home.
I am going to make another call out to Attorney General Ferguson-

Mr. Bob Ferguson,
You have the power of the Court and the will of the people behind your decision regarding unlawful trustees. You can stop one of the largest unlawful entities doing business in our State: Quality Loan Service Corporation of Washington.

In the Klem v. Washington Mutual case, Judge Barbara Mack issued an Injunction and Stipulation Order allowing for your office to act should Quality Loan Service Corporation of WA violate their duty of good faith after the injunction was put in place.

On June 13, 2014, in Snohomish County Superior Court, Judge George Bowden signed a Findings of Fact ruling in the Brevick case that specifically found that Quality Loan Service Corporation of WA violated their duty of good faith.

The populace is waiting for you to uphold your campaign rhetoric which was you would "hold powerful interests accountable who don't play by the rules. The average person can't hire an attorney to fight those banks. They have the attorney general." Yet, this unlawful behavior was brought to your attention on June 13th, and your office has done nothing.

Talk is cheap, Mr. Ferguson. Talk is cheap.

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