Oct 9, 2012 kgdlg commented on Seattle Is Nigeria.
Seattle has about 600k people. The Puget Sound, much larger than Seattle alone, has the numbers Charles is talking about.

Also, please get a real camera Charles. You take the worst pics.
Sep 6, 2012 kgdlg commented on The End of Something.
Charles, will you please, please, but a decent camera-phone. Your pictures are terrible.
Sep 5, 2012 kgdlg commented on "Ambitious".
I always wish there were an analysis of how HUD is letting housing authorities die on the vine. Does anyone realize that HUD's budget is currently a FRACTION of what it was when these communities were most robust, in the 60s and 70s. This should be part of the critical analysis of the situation. Because there is not new money for fixing the current units. So housing authorities are forced to look at things like land sales to create revenue to replace units. Why is this never, ever mentioned in the criticism of SHA?
Jul 30, 2012 kgdlg commented on Re: Vote for a New Juvenile Justice Center, Vote Yes on King County Prop. 1.
Really? As Ariel has pointed out, the jailed youth are disproportionately poor and non-white. I believe that voting No here is the most racist and classist thing one can do. It sends the message that we don't give a shit about our incarcerated youth - rot away in this hell hole.
There is absolutely no evidence that he rate of incarceration is tied to number of beds built. If that were true, King County would not be a National, NATIONAL, leader in reducing rates of youths behind bars. Screw that real progress though, much easier to take an ivory tower stance against the prison industrial complex. This almost makes ms want to stop reading the SLog.
Jul 26, 2012 kgdlg commented on Treat the Youth Right.
So, in order to protest the "inhumanity" of jails, Ariel will deny youths and their families a safe and sanitary jail. Notify me when she successfully topples the prison industrial complex. In the meantime, let's help the kids and build a safer, cleaner, less toxic facility for them and all the people trying to support them through this terrible time in their lives (social workers, educators, judges, family advocates, family members).
Jul 26, 2012 kgdlg commented on Why Vote No on the Kiddie-Condo-Juvie.
I am so frustrated by how this issue if being framed and the outright lack of context that this writer displays. For a PHD candidate, she sure doesnt do much research. I worked with the Squire Park/12th Ave neighborhood for three years on this issue. It is complex and isn't all about "Juvie". Moreover, King County is on the leading edge of reducing incarceration rates for kids, hence the reduction in beds, but I guess that doesn't really matter when your position is that prisons should dissapear all together. Our system sucks, yes. Many kids of color suffer disproportionately because of this, yes. But treating the judges and social work staff that toil in this shithole daily is not the right path to transforming such system. My partner has spent hours with kids in this building, all of them and their families sitting in toxic mold infested rooms. How is that good for anyone?

I believe it is egregious that the County owns a 9 acre piece of land in the urban heart of Seattle. And it is poorly maintained and a nexus for criminal and shady behavior. If Ariel had bothered to do any research she would have contacted the neighborhood organizations who have for years wanted the county to sell it's land so it wouldn't be so blighted and a drain on the community. Why should a public entity be able to land bank in an urban area for a Parkin lot? As a tax payer I believe they should sell land to efficiently develop what they need for essential services. If you believe that constitutes a "land grab" I reLly hope you never run for office and have to manage budgets during times of limited or nonexistent revenue streams for things like services that you say you care so much about.

Secondly, king county has long worked with the neighborhood to talk about desires for family oriented affordable housing on this site. Organizations like Capitol Hill Housing and SHA have been part of those discussions demanding equity be part of the equation here. The 12th Ave neighborhood actually has an abundance of subsidized and affordable housing, particularly for the very low income. And anyone who works in neighborhoods knows that a balance of housing is good. So would some condos be a good thing here? Maybe. If Ariel had bothered to check with the neighborhood she would understand this.

Lastly, this levy will replace not only he jail but the adjacent admin buildings and facilities. These are the spaces where families and social workers sit and wait and counsel kids. I believe that these spaces should be clean and decent and safe so that kids can get services from people who care for them during these very hard times that they are experiencing. To neglect the importance of this is shortsighted at best, and outright harmful to the very kids she says she cares about. Shameful.
Jul 26, 2012 kgdlg commented on Why Vote No on the Kiddie-Condo-Juvie.
Mar 8, 2012 kgdlg commented on SL Letter of the Day: Minor Dispute.
here is a consequence that you can't get from falling off the monkey bars: pregnancy. i would say that this reality is pretty fucking damaging for a ten year old, and something that routinely results from pedophilia and incestuous relationships.

but the main answer to your question is that the innocent "games" you speak of don't have a power-dynamic in them, and sex most certainly, absolutely does. and it is this power dynamic that is used to abuse a young child. because once someone has more power than you in a sexual relationship AND YOU ARE NOT THEIR EQUAL (i.e. a small child) you lose your voice (among other things) and this is unequivocally wrong. Yup. Wrong. No. Arguing. About. It.
Apr 12, 2011 kgdlg commented on 1,801 Affordable Housing Units Proposed for Yesler Terrace.
One for one replacement on site would be great. This is important because no one else is building housing affordable to the very very poor. This is the mission of the housing authority and it is important that they keep doing this.

That being said, folks need to understand that there is no longer federal money from HUD for building the housing projects of yesteryear, which is both a good and bad thing. Good because concentrated pockets of extreme poverty are generally not the best for any neighborhood or community. Bad because there will always be folks living on less than 10k a year (Yesler's average household income) due to disability, age or other life circumstances. In the era of the eroding social safety net, where will these folks live? Likely on the street if there weren't public housing or Section 8 vouchers. So I applaud SHA for getting creative here and trying to find a way to generate income (market rate and commercial development) to offset the cost of building subsidized housing. I just hope that we get a mix of scales - low to high density - and that some of the public housing remains in townhomes and NC65 (6 stories) or below. One of the beautiful things about Yesler is the low-scale of it, and that people felt a great sense of ownership given their yard and ability to garden and watch their kids play. I hope this isn't lost all together, even though I wholeheartedly believe that this site warrants increased density more than any other in the City.
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