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Sep 23, 2016 neuracnu commented on Is Someone Sabotaging Seattle Cyclists With Upholstery Tacks?.
Magnet rake fun-run, anyone?
Aug 12, 2016 neuracnu commented on Seattle Will Not Get the Chance to Vote on Whether It Wants a $149 Million Police Station.
I visited Japan a few months ago. I wonder how many Koban facilities could be built with that money:
Jul 27, 2016 neuracnu commented on The Morning News: Sanders Speaks to Washington Delegation at DNC, Charges Dropped in Freddie Gray Case.
Regarding the photos of Bill: One of those is a newspaper in Arizona; deep red territory. I could easily see that choice being partly about picking the best photo to sell more newspapers and draw more clicks.
Jul 25, 2016 neuracnu commented on “We're Going to Keep Things Exciting”: Highlights from Capitol Hill Block Party 2016.
No mention of that Wolfgang Fuck show poster that's getting all the votes on /r/seattle?…
Jun 30, 2016 neuracnu commented on Morning News: Rent Slavery on the Rise in Seattle, Paul Allen Moving Homeless into Shipping Containers.
Allen's Nickel Estates & the Chateau Bezos are pretty great starts, as well as a heathy PR boon to to the rich backers, but a real populist movement would insist that these sorts of projects are scattered throughout the city. Why should lower-income communities like Columbia City and the Rainier Valley be alone in being blessed with free housing for the homeless? If this is truly a city-wide problem, I'd expect every neighborhood to do their part. Where are the living spaces in Ballard, Fremont, Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill, the University District, Ravena, Queen Anne, Innerbay, Magnolia, Leschi, etc? Every part of town needs to pony up.
Jun 7, 2016 neuracnu commented on Associated Press Responds to Criticism Over Calling the Nomination for Clinton: "We Counted".
Alden, mfg5000 - I wouldn't expect any overt mustache-twirling, though I would like to see a few of them squirm when pressed to answer "What happened between last month, last week and right now that made you publicly commit to this position?" Ideally, they would come right out and say the sort of thing that mfg5000 described: "I waited until the last minute to curry favor with the new boss." There's nothing illegal about it, it's just vaguely slimy. Again, this is to be expected, but I'd rather have these admissions sussed out in public view than silently accepted as The Way Things Are.
Jun 7, 2016 neuracnu commented on Associated Press Responds to Criticism Over Calling the Nomination for Clinton: "We Counted".
I don't fault the AP for reporting what happened: the necessary number of super-delegates pledged to vote for Secretary Clinton allowing her to clinch the nomination. However, to play coy and argue that the timing of this announcement (the evening before the last major primary election day in the race) is pure coincidence and not deliberately intended to disrupt election results is being willfully ignorant. Again, this isn't the AP's doing, but the handful of pledged delegated who suddenly decided to choose the last few days to pledge their support. Good journalism would involve pressing those individuals and asking them "Why now?"
Apr 27, 2016 neuracnu commented on New Building at 16th & Thomas.
I don't know what it's called, but that flat-sheet siding stuff usually gets painted. Albeit they'll likely go with one of the overused cool-deep-metro color palettes that every other house in the city shaped like this is using, so it'll look like a boring sneaker rather than a cheap 90's era mid-tower PC case.
Mar 17, 2016 neuracnu commented on Bernie or Hillary: The SECB Meets at 3 PM Today.
The Stranger's endorsement should be based on the views, values and history of each candidate. It shouldn't have anything to do with strategic electoral posturing.