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Mar 28 Troy from IN commented on Savage Love.
Know most don't really care but I wrote a longer response…
Mar 28 Troy from IN commented on New Tourism Campaign for Hate State of Indiana.
It's worth noting that many of us Hoosiers are fighting this, check out Freedom Indiana for more information.
Mar 26 Troy from IN commented on Savage Love.
"and this is a lot likelier than straight or forced bi—he's a gay guy who pretends to be a straight guy online"
Answers like this is why people continue to call Dan Savage biphobic, his answer up to that point was great, but he couldn't resist the suggestion that any male that wants any type of sex with another man is actually gay, and goes out of his way to say that.
Mar 4, 2014 Troy from IN commented on SL Letters & Tweets of the Day: An Enemy of the Bi People.
Thanks for reminding me why I quit reading your column, you refuse to understand what it's like to be bisexual and continue to blame us for biphobia.
Even here it's not about what works for some bisexuals, it's one bisexual and one parent saying you helped and one bisexual asking you a question, which of course you don't really answer.
Your more concerned about people thinking your a bigot then proving you're not one.
My advice to COG is to get out there and get involved in your local LGBT community, and let it be known you're single. You'll find someone.
My advice to Dan Savage, either quit talking about bisexuals, or actually apologize for things you've said that at least sounded biphobic. Don't try to explain, just say "I'm sorry, I was wrong"
Mar 1, 2014 Troy from IN commented on Imploring Bi People to Come Out is Biphobic.
@97 strange how many people were quick to label Tom Daley gay until bisexual people spoke up. Dan points out Harvey Milk calling on people to come out, did he not count as a celebrity?
I just think it's amazing how many times I hear gays talk about how hard it was for them yet they show no interest in helping bisexuals
Mar 1, 2014 Troy from IN commented on Imploring Bi People to Come Out is Biphobic.
I'm the one who wrote that comment, and once again Dan Savage completely misses the point.
Nobody is saying that bisexuals shouldn't come out, but when you respond to an out bisexual writing an article wishing that more bisexual celebrities would come out by claiming she's in the closet you are not encouraging anyone to come out.
Let's just for a moment look at what happens when a celebrity comes out as bisexual, Tom Daley describes his sexuality in a way that sound bisexual, nobody will call him bisexual.
Lady Gaga comes out multiple times, people claim she's faking it
Alan Cumming comes out as bisexual (even lending his face to the "I Am Visible" campaign) people interviewing him are shocked when he talks about his ex wife.
Maria Ospina writes an post about how coming out would be easier with role models, Dan Savage calls her a closet case.
Feb 28, 2014 Troy from IN commented on Closeted Bisexual Complains About Bisexual Invisibility.
@60 You will never convince bisexual people to come out as long as you keep telling them that they aren't bisexual, and look through the comments here and you'll find lots of people saying that bisexuals are not real.
Honestly Dan, just shut up about bisexuality, we are better off with you saying nothing about us than you saying it's our fault that neither straights or gays accept us. (and not matter what you claim, that is how you sound)
Feb 26, 2014 Troy from IN commented on Closeted Bisexual Complains About Bisexual Invisibility.
And to everyone who keeps telling me that Dan Savage is no longer biphobic, I give you this post where he again blames bisexuals for people erasing bisexuality.
Yes, more out bisexuals would make it easier for currently closeted bisexuals to come out, but let's face facts, whenever a celebrity comes out as bisexual the press (including places like The Stranger, The Advocate, and OUT) says that either they are really gay (see Alan Cumming) or that they are just pretending (see Lady Gaga)
Instead of blaming us, why not try helping us?
Apr 3, 2013 Troy from IN commented on Savage Love.
Just remembered this, been over two months and I still haven't heard from Dan's bisexual friend.
So, Eric, if your reading this contact me at
I really want to know what we aren't hearing about Dan Savage.
Apr 3, 2013 Troy from IN commented on Savage Love.
Did you really suggest to WIMP that she withhold sex until the BF gets rid of his bike?
Withholding sex is never a good idea, you'll either end up with him leaving you for someone who a) likes his bike and/or b) will put out.