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Nov 12 moretent commented on KUOW Plans to Purchase KPLU and Make It an All Jazz Station. What Happens to Their Reporters?.
@5. Sydney and Heidi have been doing a bang-up job covering local issues lately. Disappointing to lose constant and holden, but Rich Smith has been a worthy replacement so far, and they've still got the estimable Eli.
Nov 12 moretent commented on KUOW Plans to Purchase KPLU and Make It an All Jazz Station. What Happens to Their Reporters?.
There must be an argument that this conflicts with some sort of charter for providing local services. As above, I've largely switched to KPLU for ME and ATC: They run it more or less straight from national, and use the breaks for local news. KUOW uses the breaks to run snippets of other programs they'll run later, which is kind of useless. Even KUOW's one lonely local program, The Record, is usually at least 40% BBC or other national NPR programs.

At least there are podcasts. But this is just horrible, horrible news.

I trust the stranger's fine reporters can get the backstory for us.
Nov 4 moretent commented on What Do Last Night's Election Results Mean for the Future of Seattle?.
Nice election reporting throughout, Heidi. Glad you're writing for The Stranger.
Nov 3 moretent commented on Election Night 2015: We're Voting on Everything! Reports from All the Parties as We Pick a New City Council and More!.
I love this picture. It's going to be used to illustrate the upcoming definition of "mansplaining" in the OED.
Oct 13 moretent commented on Arts Leaders and Restaurateurs for Burgess? Why Wouldn't They Be?.
+1 @1. A fine piece of writing and thinking on the subject. And welcome back to The Stranger.

I was also disappointed to see folks I like endorsing the guy who will continue to let SPOG get away with its accountability free contract with the city. Mr. Grant could have a winner if he focused his campaign on that for a week or two.
Oct 9 moretent commented on Blabbermouth: Our Week-in-Review Podcast Talks About the Upcoming Election (Ballots Arrive Next Week!).
There seems to be some problem. This episode is short by about 40 minutes.
Oct 8 moretent commented on New Anti-Jon-Grant PAC Launches to Buy Ads Ahead of General Election.
Sure be nice to see Grant start talking about the police contract. With Burgess, it's likely SPOG will continue to enjoy its blue-only discipline panel. There has never been a better time to renegotiate the fundamentals of the Police<>City agreement. Grant is running against a former cop. Perfect optics for channeling change.

Got to it.
Oct 5 moretent commented on Hillary Clinton on SNL.
Nice analysis -- particularly on rarity of access ups the stakes in a way that tilts against her. Having any notoriety these days must be a nightmare -- having 20+ years of it must do scalding things to the psyche.
Sep 15 moretent commented on The Seattle Police Department Fires Officer Cynthia Whitlatch.
The union should take the POV that it's looking out for its members by letting obvious losers like this go. Whether or not the process was followed to the letter of the union contract is less material than the damage it will do to the union and the cops that remain to put effort into keeping her.

Probably not going to happen, but it would be nice to see SPOG play the long game.
Sep 15 moretent commented on US Debt Has Not Grown At All This Year.
Actually, the debt (total cumulative annual deficits) has grown, as it does ever year that there is *deficit*. What you wanted to say was that there was a Y/Y decrease in the size of the annual deficit this year.

The really great number is that as % of GDP, the deficit is going to be just over 2%, which is on the low side of the last 30 years and very healthy when compared against other advanced economies.

But, you're absolutely right, don't expect to hear that from the GOP.