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Sep 1, 2016 moretent commented on The Morning News: Washington State Ferries Seeing More Forgotten Cars, Bill Nye Gets Science Show on Netflix.
@3 etc. Stop it! Stop giving us a reasonable explanation for abandoned cars. Don't contradict Charles' opportunity to turn everything into a meta-historical/economic/literary narrative that leads us to a radical solution and puts the bros in their leased luxury cars in their place once and for all.

Meanwhile, for the rest of humanity....

There's a practical narrative around this. Doesn't spark references to the syllabus of 200 level 'intro to modern thought' courses, but its practical:

As other commenters have noted, its probably b/c of "routine".

And maybe the solution, absent a Hegal via Barthes with a detour through Chomsky and a reference to Nabokov, is just folks being a bit more mindful and willing to mix up their routine.

I sometimes walk to transit to light rail to work. Sometimes I bike to light rail to work. Sometimes I drive b/c I have to be a variety of places that walk/bike/transit won't get me. It would be nice if more folks were more mindful, and didn't slip into the routine of *always* using their car when they need to go more than 1/3 of a mile from their house. That would probably have a bigger impact on traffic, pollution, how much folks are even willing to spend on their cars, public health than any economic diatribe.

Just saying'.

Jul 26, 2016 moretent commented on Why the Black Mainstream Has Embraced Black Lives Matter but Ignored the Destruction of Public Housing.
Wow, a Charles piece without a 'deep cut' literary or economics reference. Kinda doesn't seem real without an obscure name drop.
Jun 6, 2016 moretent commented on 79 Percent Increase in Link's Boardings.
@2. We shouldn't have to wait. 5 *more* years, when the y're almost done with drilling, is a-b-s-u-r-d. At the very least they could consider staging the openings (UD>Roosevelt>Northgate) b/c every incremental stop will a) bring more users b) reduce car traffic meaningfully.

Would love to see a journalist compare the project schedule with similar projects elsewhere in the world. Even Bertha will be, start to finish, faster than the five years from now to Northlink opening.

Hoping ST has an "October surprise" of a big schedule breakthrough in the offing right before the election. Otherwise this schedule is nuts.
May 27, 2016 moretent commented on Do You Still Trust Hillary Clinton?.
I think I can see the peach-fuzz around his byline.
May 19, 2016 moretent commented on University of Washington Used "Fight Club" Rule to Conceal KPLU Acquisition Plan from Public.
HW3. I'd reverse your equation. Far harder to raise $7m in 5.5 months (while still raising $ for operations) than for a crew of experienced public radio folks to fund and run a (now even more popular) station. I imagine that when this is successful, they'll benefit from a tailwind of goodwill from both individual donors and institutional sponsors for a year or so, giving them some runway. Matt Martinez is a super smart guy and has run the drive well. Stephen Tan, the "Friends" board chair is an extremely able attorney and seems to have managed the legal/structural side beautifully so far.

KUOW's board, if it's operating as it should, may have some governance questions for the station. Curious that KUOW made a six figure investment in a streaming jazz service to 'learn what the public wants' when they were theoretically just months from taking ownership of a jazz service that already has decades of data on that topic. Best use of station funds?
May 16, 2016 moretent commented on Does Not Look Good: Sinéad O'Connor Is Missing Found Alive.
C'mon, Erok. Have some compassion.
Apr 8, 2016 moretent commented on The Morning News: Sea-Tac Airport Considers Getting Rid of the TSA, Two Dead in West Seattle Crash After Police Chase.
There is method to Inslee's decision to pocket-sign the Charter law. It allows the courts, via the WEA suit, to have another crack at invalidating it, which, given the GOP senate, is what we really need.
Jan 26, 2016 moretent commented on Light Rail to Capitol Hill and the U-District Opens March 19.
And, #3, B/R/N is FIVE YEARS away. The 1,900 mile transcontinental railroad was built in 7 years. London just added 23 miles of tube station in 6 years.

By the tie B/R/N opens, its only impact will be to absorb *some* of the growth between now and then, which means that traffic will look as it does now.

I'm very in favor of light rail and mass transit, I just question the efficiency with which this project is('nt) being run.