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Jun 14, 2011 sucka69 commented on Not A Review, Just A Reminder (of the MFA Show).
patronizing, irreverent, dismissive, unfair, rude, and just plain LAME.
You should be ashamed of the fact that you cannot bring yourself to give this show a fair review and chance. These are graduate students who have worked incredibly hard to complete a Masters program and your disregard for this in the form of a "smug" brush-off is grounds enough to dump your ass! "neo-'80's-dudeism?" " Friend you on Facebook"??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? So very juvenile. Get your big butt out there and do your job. First the crones at the Henry dismisses last years Master show with that tragic installation and now you follow suit (copycatting, as usual). Would you know "greatness" if it was sitting next to you? Doubt it. But maybe one of your "sources" can figure that out for you.The show really looks quite nice and presents very well. You can feature a sad Whitney rehash show at the Henry prominently but cannot bring yourself to give this some careful thought and consideration? It absolutely deserves a nod in the form of an article and it is an essential part of furthering the process of developing future art and artists locally. Shame on you Jen Graves. Help!
May 27, 2011 sucka69 commented on Currently Hanging: Gabrielle Bakker's Paintings from 2001 to 2011.
The "good taste" schtick and all of it's associations is the beginning of the end in this realm. That concept was thrown out way back in the 20th century by the cognescenti when art became a different game. "art postcards" is a tragically narrow and tellingly regional comment-as is much we are forced to mitigate around here. One must ask-did you see this show?
May 27, 2011 sucka69 commented on Currently Hanging: Hannah Wilke's Intra-Venus Tapes.
Wow! A great article, finally. Personal, authentic, and well written. Tying your experiences to art in a way that is neither didactic nor contrived. Appropriately 'removed' yet familiar and genuine. Nice.
May 25, 2011 sucka69 commented on Blart.
@3. Clearly you don't...
May 25, 2011 sucka69 commented on Blart.
Sadly-this is nothing more than a gratuitous, smarmy, commercial schmooze by gallerists who just aren't making it financially so they pander to the ridiculous 'jewelry as art' by-line(for this weekend-at least) to make a buck.
Note: Sad comment on Gallery support for working local artists.
Question Graves-wouldn't you be pissing ALLOVER this type of venue if they weren't within the hallowed halls of your anointed galleries-the very ones you've decided you can tolerate and are worthy. "Off with their heads" would be your imperious rant had this been something you were asked to consider at Facere or any other appropriate venue/gallery, but nooooo-clearly this crap is okay, right?) What's next, Jen?
Maybe this column should be titled:
"Cuz I said so...juss cuz."
May 24, 2011 sucka69 commented on I Want a Rock.
. " I beg ta diffa!!!"

And a "pun" it wasn't sorry, more like a punt!
In this self-serious pseudo intellectual hippodrome of critical comedy that swirls here your comment is pure irony...
May 24, 2011 sucka69 commented on There He Goes.
"Okay Grandpa!, what-ever Grandpa!, yes Grandpa!...."

...btw, were we reading the same article, Gramps?
May 21, 2011 sucka69 commented on Relationship Advice From An Art Critic.
Ummm lets see...the chance that YOU will hate the art? Well since you are a gal critic who spends her waking life hating on art and artists in that charmingly small town, uniformed, gratuitous, usually unfounded and unresearched, rude, and almost unfailingly annoying way of yours, gosh, is that really true, Jen. Seems to me it might really get ya juiced. Hmmmm
May 20, 2011 sucka69 commented on I Want a Rock.
why didn't this post as a comment under the title page???
May 19, 2011 sucka69 commented on There He Goes.
@4 ...ah come on go know ya want to...just a nibble. Jen won't care, I know she forbade you out of the allegiance to a falsely propped up charade of intellectualism and scenery, but go ahead.