May 10, 2016 bradl commented on Um, Budweiser Is Changing Its Name to "America" This Summer.
I'm with raindrop on the pairing of bud with a hot summer day. I used to be a beer snob, but then I realized that light lagers are like champagne (the champagne of beers!). I don't drink champagne for the taste, I drink it when it fits an occasion.

Also, light lagers with spicy asian food is the best!!
Apr 7, 2016 bradl commented on Jessica Williams' Brilliant Daily Show Segment on Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills.
When I was a kid (and had no idea that I would grow up and turn out to be trans) I nevertheless really wanted to be a girl and was abnormally preoccupied with trans stuff. It never crossed my mind that I might ever transition because I didn't want to turn out to be a prostitute or in porn. So even as a gender-conflicted person I had negative views of trans people. It was only though seeing and meeting real life trans people with mainstream jobs that I started to shed those fears and see trans people as benign, often boring, regular people.

I hope that society as a whole goes through that shift, in part due to things like this, and in part due to people like me being open about our trans-ness as boring ol professionals
Apr 6, 2016 bradl commented on Have an Opinion About Bernie Sanders? Or Hillary Clinton? Or Donald Trump? Just Shut Up..
@3 I enjoyed reading the piece because of the funny turns of phrase, but I'm not clear on what the joke is actually sposed to be. Feeling kinda dense at the moment!
Jan 27, 2016 bradl commented on Anti-Trans Bathroom Bill Hearing Under Way in Olympia.
@11 Yeah, the actual letter of the law is totally unrealistic. What *is* realistic is the law being used solely on trans people who don't 'pass' as the gender they're presenting as. This is I think is the most insidious part. It's not even really about all trans people, just those people (trans or not) who don't clearly look like a man or a woman
Dec 17, 2015 bradl commented on Can We Talk, Bernie Sanders Supporters?.
I don't understand this post. Should it at least compare the Sanders/Clinton disparity with the disparity at the analogous point of the Obama/Clinton race.

If that is done, you can see how silly this post is. Obama had been behind by more at a later stage in the race…

Dec 17, 2015 bradl commented on Martin Shkreli Defrauds Investors, Loves Emo.
maybe I'm being a wet blanket or whatever, and I've yet to totally work out my thoughts on this, but here it goes.

So people seem to be getting really happy about this bit of news, but is there any result of this arrest that could truly do the sort of damage to this guy that people seem to wish for? In real world terms it's not gonna affect his lifestyle given the income level that he's at. Any punishment that would endanger that (death or rendering him poverty-stricken) would be really heavy-handed and probably unfair.

I just don't see the moral catharsis in this that others appear to. They seem to think that our laws have the ability to ruin him the way they can ruin poor people

Dec 7, 2015 bradl commented on A Memo to My Fellow Homos.
@6 yeah, I remember either just shrugging your posts off or getting annoyed by them back in the day. But I've found your posts to be pretty dang sensible the last couple months to a year. I always like to think that I am the consistent one, but I'm sure it's a mix
Nov 16, 2015 bradl commented on 31 Restaurants to Visit In Honor of National Fast Food Day.
@1 I've enjoyed this craziness out around maryland:

It's an absurd mix of mexican and indian with naan as the tortilla, but great!
Nov 9, 2015 bradl commented on Is the Right-Wing Media Killing White Americans?.
@9 I want to see the comment sections from the articles about cost of living, housing increases in places like seattle to talk with the comment sections of these articles.

My tendentious reading: if you can't handle the high cost of living in Seattle, move to where it's cheaper. If you can't handle the fact that low wages of Nebraska, move to where there are higher paying jobs. This basically reads to me like: if you are not wealthy, you're screwed but let's absolve/delude ourselves by offering futile advice
Nov 6, 2015 bradl commented on People Love the Gum Wall Because It's "Quirky," Which Is What Disgusts Me.
@1 ugh, I can never understand this sort of anti-Mudede sentiment. This guy's basically the best thing about the stranger and so much more actually interesting that so much else on the internet