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Apr 15 percysowner commented on Will You Buy Google Glass Today?.
I'm not sure I need Google glasses, but even if I were convinced I'm going with the rule about cars, don't buy a new model the first year it's out. Give them a couple of years to work out the quirks. That said, I really don't see a need for Google glasses.
Oct 30, 2013 percysowner commented on Savage Love.
Just for information, 20 years ago I gave blood at a blood drive and received a letter saying I tested positive for HIV. I was in a state, mostly because I had been married for 20 years and never had a partner other than my husband. So I went to my doctor who reran the test and a more comprehensive HIV screening, and ran the HIV test on my husband. Final verdict, I threw a false positive on the HIV test in the blood drive. 10 years later, I found out my husband was seeing someone else, so I went for another STD test and I still clean, no HIV, no other STDs. The Doctor basically said that there is a certain percentage of false positives and false negatives involved with HIV (and other tests) and with blood drives, so many people get tested that statistically a few people will get that letter when there is no problem. What I'm saying is that although the sister probably is positive for HIV, she may also just have had a false positive and so there is nothing for her to tell.
Jul 25, 2013 percysowner commented on SL Letter of the Day: Chocolate City.
I had a low libido after I hit menopause. I still enjoyed giving hand jobs and blow jobs. I also enjoyed the intimacy of intercourse. I had 2 provisos the first was that after 30-45 minutes of intercourse, if he hadn't come, we had to stop because there wasn't enough lube in the world to keep my comfortable after that much time. The second was that he accept that I DID enjoy all of our sexual contact, but I didn't want to fake orgasms. I was willing to initiate sex. I told him repeatedly that my inability to orgasm had nothing to do with him, but to my own physiology. I tried to be GGG I even got a book about keeping sex alive after menopause, so we could work together to keep things good. My now ex-husband told me that my inability to come made it impossible for him to enjoy sex. Perhaps I shouldn't have been honest about my physical responses, but I was and it didn't work. I do think that if a couple can accept that sex can be more than orgasms monogamy can work even if the libidos don't match.
Jul 15, 2013 percysowner commented on SL Letter of the Day: That Sucking Sound.
Is emotional cheating really a thing? Cause doesn't seem to be cheating really.

Yes, at least for some people. When my husband and I decided to divorce he dropped the little nugget that he had been seeing another woman once a week, but he swore that they never had sex because she was a respectable woman and he wasn't a cheater. Now, I got myself tested for STDs and HIV just in case there had been a night of not so respectable or another woman he wasn't fessing up to. But all in all, I thought he was being honest about not cheating physically. What really hurt was knowing that he was going to another woman and telling her what a lousy wife I was and how misunderstood he was, while we were going to marriage counseling and I was trying to do what it took to save the marriage. Having him find emotional support in a woman he kept hidden from me was more important than whether or not he had sex with her.
Mar 14, 2013 percysowner commented on Which Is The Best Star Trek Series?.
The best part of Voyager is that it took all of Rick Berman's and Brannon Braga's attention so they left Deep Space Nine in Ira Steven Behr's hands. This allowed Deep Space Nine to have coherent story lines, well developed characters and a depth that the other Star Treks lacked. Otherwise we might have had Sisko and Dax turning into lizards and creating babies after they went through a wormhole.
Mar 4, 2013 percysowner commented on William Saletan Sends Slate Readers to a Picture of a Cock Stuck Full of Needles.
As with abortion Lord Saletan believes that if HE finds something to be icky EVERYONE should find it to be icky as well and probably the government should consider doing something about whatever makes him feel icky. He thinks the world should run on his sensibilities.
Dec 24, 2012 percysowner commented on Footage of Knife Attack at Chinese School Is Awful but not Unwatchable.
@4 Which is, BTW, EXACTLY what the school principal and the school psychiatrist did. It did no good, but they did rush him. I know at least one of those cowardly teachers put her kids in the closet and when she couldn't fit, she stayed out and instead of making a suicide run, she told the gunman that the kids were in the gym, which saved their lives and cost her hers. But hey! better a roomful of dead kids and a noble, suicidal rush the gunman than a classroom full of live kids and and a teacher making sure they stayed that way.
Dec 17, 2012 percysowner commented on Who Is the Best Character on Deep Space Nine?.
For me it was always Garak.
Nov 7, 2012 percysowner commented on Savage Love.
My daughter and ex-husbands are atheists and it works for them. I think something may be out there, but I can't think of any reason why a being that created the entire universe would care about me over anyone else, or my cat or my dog. As far as the afterlife goes, no idea if it exists or not, but Heaven sounds boring, Hell seems like if a human parent inflicted it on a child they would be convicted of child abuse and something I would never ever do to any child of mine. Since I can't imagine God being a worse parent than I am, Hell is completely out of the picture. If there is an afterlife reincarnation makes the most sense because you get to live in the world your choices created, but even then that's only fair if I come back into a world where Al Gore and John Kerry won the election. So spiritual, but not religious and don't care that much. I try to be kind to other people and do unto others as I would want them to do unto me and I don't expect to be rewarded for behaving in what I consider a moral way.

Sorry Dan, I know you don't care, but I babbled on anyway.
Oct 17, 2012 percysowner commented on Savage Love.
Miss Ann Drist/53 and Avast2006/55 You are both acting like women drop the kid in a field and walk off leaving the rest of the responsibility to the poor put upon father. The fact is feeding, clothing, educating and raising the child is the responsibility of BOTH parents.

The choice about aborting or not rests with the woman because she is the one who will gain the weight. She is the one who will bear the risks of being pregnant, including a 10% chance she will die. It is her body, not the guys. The right to make this decision rests with the one bearing the consequences of pregnancy.

Once the child is born he/she deserves to have a good life provided by both their parents. The right to support belongs to the child and is SHARED between BOTH parents.

I realize that you 2 apparently only care about the man's financial security. Society and decency says otherwise.

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